Headlined, Ask Kadian, June 5, 2016

Mark Levine, self publishing, Hillcrest Media
Broadcast Date: 
June 5, 2016

Mark Levine is the CEO of Hillcrest Media Group, in Minneapolis, Minnesota, which he founded in 2006.  Hillcrest provides book publishing, marketing, printing and distribution services for authors and independent presses. Hillcrest also licenses its publishing workflow technology software to other publishers.

Mark was one of the founders of Click Industries, an online company that provides products and services for small business owners, writers, musicians, and other artists.  The company was sold in 2009.

Mark’s background is rare for an executive in self-publishing because he was a published author before getting into the industry. His first novel, released in 2000, was published by a small press. This piqued his interest and subsequent investigation into publishing, which eventually led to the first edition of The Fine Print of Self-Publishing in 2004. His second novel was then the first book ever published by what is now Hillcrest Media Group. This unique experience gives Mark exceptional insight into what authors want and need, which translates directly into how he runs his author-centric publishing company. When he is not working or writing, Mark enjoys running, cooking, and investing in domain names.

The Fine Print of Self-Publishing is in its 6th edition.  In addition to The Fine Print, Mark has published scholarly works and two novels.

To learn more about Hillcrest Media Group visit the website.