Headlined, Angel Answers, August 14, 2017

Cheryl Melody Baskin
Broadcast Date: 
August 14, 2017

Cheryl Melody Baskin is the author of the popular Amazon motivational self-help book, “Shift of Heart: Paths to Healing and Love.”  This inspirational book is jam packed with personal and professional life experiences, and offers the reader a huge dose of unconditional love, encouragement, reflections. meditations, learning to listen to the whispers and signs of life, ways to open creativity, acknowledge moments of serendipity, inspirational stories of shifting our heart, as well as inner growth tools that she uses to balance herself in the midst of life’s challenges.  Cheryl Melody is also a performing artist, singer and sound healer, composer and an independent recording artist of 10 albums.  Some of her albums are for children, and some for adults.

 Her healing albums for adults are entitled: “Voice of the Angels: A Healing Journey”  “Lullabies of Love: Nurturing the Heart of the Inner Child” and “Celebrate Peace.” 

All of her albums are under the name “Cheryl Melody,” and all are available on iTunes, CD Baby

Exciting news is that she is about to release a new album… with content from her inner growth workshops and concerts,  filled with motivational chants and songs, reflective meditations and positive affirmations, and the name of the album is LISTEN TO THE WHISPERS. It will soon be released on CD Baby and on iTunes, and to pre-order, please e-mail her for an advanced copy at  melody@shiftofheart.com.

Melody’s focus has always been her use of consciously-written words in every song and book, no matter what age the song or book is for:  Words that uplift the spirit, help people feel less alone and more loved, and words that advocate for self-esteem, inner and outer peace, healing, inclusion, respect, unity, kindness, compassion and  forgiveness

 From the time that she was young, "Melody" has been a creative dreamer, quietly listening to life's whispers and signs to help guide her next steps.  She believes in a balance of quiet contemplation, meaningful social interaction, and the healing power of nature, reflective open listening, positive words, music and creativity. Most of all, she is passionate that peace is possible, one loving person at a time, and that we are all connected.

She proclaims herself “a work in process,” believing that the answers to our questions in life are inside each of us if we are silent and willing to listen. Most of all, Melody feels that every small moment of personal healing, compassion, love and forgiveness helps to create positive resonance that actively vibrates love into our beautiful planet.


Shift of Heart