Guest Name, Jane Barthelemy

Jane Barthelemy
Jane Barthelemy
American author and health entrepreneur

Jane Barthelemy is an American author and health entrepreneur. She has authored two books  – ‘Paleo Desserts' and ‘Good Morning Paleo’ – and has recently appeared on The Morning Brew and KVSF 101.5 The Voice Of Santa Fe, spreading health awareness. After winning a battle with cancer and navigating her own journey towards ultimate health, she has been dedicated to food education. Today’s food products remain latent with carcinogenic chemicals and addictive additives, which continue to operate under the radar due to corporate interceptions and lack of education. Jane would love the opportunity to speak on your show, and together, spread awareness about these important issues.

Please find attached Jane's EPK, which includes links to all of her previous television appearances along with social media presence. 

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