Guest Name, Constance Wells, MS, PMP, Conference Organizer

Constance Wells, MS, PMP, Conference Organizer
Expert hardboiled paranormal supernatural speakers in 2018
Conference Organizer

Event organizer, Denver Near Death Studies, and owner of Paranormal Supernatural Conference Constance Wells declares that this May 2018 time-of-awakening corresponds with our springtime. This is the best time to blossom into new supernatural discoveries. “We usually have conferences that are siloed around various paranormal or supernatural phenomenon, not knowing that our human consciousness spans all of them and can definitely penetrate and traverse all of them to give us the whole picture about ourselves and our world.”  Psychics, CRVers, Between-life hypnotherapy regressionist, anomaly investigators, Extra-Terrestrials (ET) investigators all tell us this, in their own way. Energy healers and UFO CE-5 contactors demonstrate that our spirit energy inhabits the flesh then surges out of the body to a different dimension, rather, inter-dimensionally. Psychics, death experiencers, and mediums bridge these material and non-material dimensions. Moreover, ETs inhabit the inter-dimensions where our spirit can interact with them as well as with other beings who mostly seem to care deeply for us.