Zio-Web - Promoting Zionism and Israel on the Internet

Zio-Web - Promoting Zionism and Israel on the Internet
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Jack Dancer
Saturday, February 05, 2011 03:51 pm

one of many ways to recruit combatants for zionism

Zio-Web - Promoting Zionism and Israel on the Internet

Zio-Web is for active supporters of Israel.
It is open to members of any creed and people of any ethnic origin. It is not identified with any Zionist political group, government or other agency.
[believe us, we don\'t do \'social networking\' with Mossad, JIDF, Hasbarat et al, you must trust us on this]
If you are not active on the Web (or elsewhere) and want to be, we will help you learn how.

Zio-Web is not a political discussion group. It is for pro-Israel activists of almost all persuasions to discuss defending Zionism and to learn how to popularize their Web sites and exchange information and links.

If you are a Zionist active on the Internet (or want to be), have a site/blog that promotes Zionism and Israel, or if you belong to a Zionist organization this group is definitely for you.

Use zio-web to tell people about new materials at your Web sites, interesting articles, activism initiatives. Use Message tags please: Activism |Info |Resource|Tech|Discuss |Help|Admin

Note - Members are expected to be active participants and to join and promote our public sister list - ZNN - which you can use to promote your Web materials as well.

Zionist News Network
Defending Zionism and Israel
Fighting anti-semitism
Popularizing web sites, forums and articles about Zionism and Israel advocacy

Zio-web does not promote racism or racist Web sites. [we only spread love]

To join: - Subscribe first to ZNN - ZNN-subscribe@yahoogroups.com. Then send a subscription request AND send us a message with your full name, city and country of residence and explaining how you have been, or plan to be, active in promoting Zionism and Israel, [submit the forums and a list of postings to proof your pro-zionistic groundwork] and in advocacy on the Web.[ 1)] This can be in the subscription request sent to zio-web-subscribe@yahoogroups.com

[1) for example, register as L*neSt*r at RM* or as M**nSh*d*w at TNT, try to collect emails for us from Israel critics and other gullible sheeple so that we can lure them into our vile traps of porn and fast money making, spread our prepared zio propaganda material just-in-time and attack everybody who disagrees to our NAational ZIonist activities with all means suggested including defamation, ridicule, libel and sexual slurs according to our special guidelines]

You will need to repeat the above information in an introduction to the group, when you are accepted. Thank You.

[] online comments

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