Zeitgeist----Federal Reserve (Part 1-5) And, Videos of the Philippine Treasures, things we were told do not exist!

Zeitgeist----Federal Reserve (Part 1-5) And, Videos of the Philippine Treasures, things we were told do not exist!
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Cosmic Observer
Wednesday, July 01, 2009 08:20 am


After watching these videos...here is some more information from Raye from Rumor Mill News, which she swears by as the truth. I do believe this courageous lady and here below you will see the article she has written with videos.

Check this out. Rayealan from Rumor Mill News swears by this. Here you will see where she writes she saw this treasure. She did a whole 3 hour show on this a few weeks ago and had a guest that also says this is all true. The good guys are trying to get this released to the World and it\'s a real battle going on with this. The greedy ones in control and power does not want this to happen.

This would completely destroy their NWO plan on the masses and cause their loss of power over the World domination and control.Article below.....

Videos of the Philippine Treasures - Things I\'ve Been Told DON\'T Exist

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Wednesday, 1-Jul-2009 03:17:31 Many people have told me I was crazy for believing the stories about the treasures in the Phillipines. Here are some of the things I have seen... and MORE!!

Ordinary people can\'t even begin to conceive of what is over there, or the engineering that went into the \"vaults\" that were dug in the mountains by the Japanese... in the 30s.

I do NOT know the people who \"own\" these items. The description of what is in the videos was written by the people who control these items.

I would also say that their use of the word \"lost\" is not quite right. To certain people these items have never been lost! They have been stored in the most secure vaults in the world.

At the end of one of the videos, you will see a small box that has numbers and codes on it. I have seen photos of a large box that was similarly marked. The large box, that held the WW1 reparations paid by Germany in the Versailles Treaty, was at least four feet high by four feet long.

To the best of my knowledge, the Versailles reparations have been in the Philippines since Reagan\'s time. The CIA needed gold and traded the Versailles boxes for gold.

These videos ONLY show the \"paper\" that is in the Philippines. I\'ve seen videos of the BIG \"vaults\" and the gold and jewels that are stored there. I have seen vaults that are a mile long... so long that you can\'t see the end if you are standing at the entrance. There are pallets of gold bars, and burlap sacks of jewels, piled as high as the tunnel. The burlap sacks are old and rotting and the jewels are spilling out onto the floor.

The people who guard these treasures treat them as if they are rocks... not riches more valuable than all of the gold and jewels on the planet.

You\'ve all seen the movies about the Egyptian treasures that have booby traps so complicated that no one, without the proper codes can access it. These vaults are booby trapped in the same ways.

Ordinary people can NOT buy these things. Only governments, large corporations or royal families have the money, the security AND the transportation needed to take possession of these larger items.

Write up from the videos:


WORLD NATIONAL TREASURE FOUND -- The TREATY OF PARIS \"Original Title Certificate\" (O.C.T.) 01-4
HER Majesty Salvacion A. Legaspi, the Head Elder and the Founder of The Gospel Ministry of the Holy Spirit for Salvation (GMHSS) and United Humanitarian Organization Philippines Inc. (UHO P.Inc), after press conference in Cagayan de Oro, which was done and moderated by the Cagayan de Oro Press Club (COPC) on July 8, 2007 held at Sunriva Restaurant, she invited all the press people to make a documentary report, on a tri-media level, of the National treasured found in Mindanao or in the entire Philippines, so that the help for Humanitarian Aid for the impoverished country and people in need and for the service of the Ministry and Humanitarian Aid for God\'s people and country and to propagate the Righteousness of God!

She asked us to help her on sending a news coverage nationwide and international coverage as well. She tried to send letters to the countries involved including United Nation General Secretary Bank Moon, during the ASEAN Summit in the Philippines last July 29, to August 2, 2007 including all charter nations and the President of the Philippines and Supreme Court of Justice.
She also accepted and was not even surprised why no one accommodated her petition; instead she gave me a nod and a smile, why nobody is entertaining her plea.

Then she added, it is okey, for everything is written in the scriptures, it must happen first, otherwise the scripture can not justify God\'s wrath to the people, to those who are disobedient and can not follow the laws of God and even the laws written by men, and how can they follow the words which was written by God himself?

The Words that come from heaven? Let us be real! Today, everything is Biblical! Doomsday is present, Rapture they call it!

Scripture also called it \"End of Time\" and \"the event and of the destruction of the world\" and the present and the rising of the Son of God!

But she wanted the people to know that the Light of the World is now present!

That there is a New Beginning for the people who are not blind and deaf?

Those who live in the dark that there is no Light?
To those who reverence God. That the dead can now be resurrected? That life everlasting will be here to those who follow and reconcile with the truth!

The Heaven is here on earth? You do not have to die physically, but just in spirit and be resurrected with the Truth and the Light of God!

God is Life and evil is Death! So, who wants to die now? At least not me, for God told me how good is the Hero, the Hero is Dead! So, let us keep alive! We are only terrified because God is already not present in our lives. We are used to practice worshiping a dead God!

God is for the Living not for the Dead! We pray to God to have extended life, but we do not and cannot accept to have a Living God!

Now is the fulfillment of the promise of inheritance and eternal life here on earth. And the Judgment day!
That this lost treasure is not really lost and it is now found! It just waited for the right time when God already can present and appear publicly to world!

And the world is ready to accept it, only then this will be opened and I hope it will be soon so people can all live and be in the praise and glory of God! So be it!

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Lost US Federal Reserve Treasury Part 2

The Book of Redemption (The Treaty of Paris)



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