Zeitgeist Day 2009 event in New York City Part 1 Of 6 (Video) *LINK* *PIC*

Zeitgeist Day 2009 event in New York City Part 1 Of 6 (Video) *LINK* *PIC*
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Zany Mystic
Saturday, September 26, 2009 12:49 am

Zeitgeist Movement event which took place on March 15th 2009 in NYC at the BMCC TRIBECA Performing Arts Center.
Among the audience was Mr.Jacque Fresco the founder of The Venus Project along with Roxanne Meadows, and Peter Joseph from the Zeitgeist movement. This movie has just some highlights of the event and for the full event video you should refer to thezeitgeistmovement.com

Please note that the video is blurry at times but the audio is not affected.

Has anyone read the story about the Mafia accepting \"contracts\" to dispose of hazardous waste, such as atomic and biologic containers, for a large price, placed on ships, then sunk to avoid having to actually do something SAFELY with waste that they think will not affect them, or their minions... Wake UP! So many \"disasters\" are simply hovering under the surface of this illusion, based upon beliefs and brainwashing, that there is now no way \"out\".

I\'ve posted part One, and those who are interested can watch the remaining parts which are available to the right.



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