Zany, thanks for posting the link to, "Resonance - Beings of Frequency". I feel this is a most important link, because of the implications.

Zany, thanks for posting the link to, "Resonance - Beings of Frequency". I feel this is a most important link, because of the implications.
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Friday, November 30, 2012 11:43 am

Thanks for posting the link to, “Resonance, Beings of Frequency”. This is a most important link, because of the implications.

Our five senses, taste, touch, smell, sight and hearing basically define our experience in this world. Normally we can’t hear, see, smell, taste or touch EMFs. It was a dramatic moment toward the end of the video to hear the frequencies. Exposing people to hearing EMF could be the only way to wake up people to the dangers we all face.

So the frequency of life is 7.83 Hz. Under the influence of that frequency our DNA repairs itself...meaing our cells can be repaired and have a chance to function properly. Absent 7.83 Hz our physical bodies become ill experiencing physical, mental and emotional problems. Restoring the 7.83 frequency and the ills rapidly go away! Ironic that TPTB plan to live underground…an excellent way to self-exterminate, however slowly or quickly it occurs.

The new frequencies to which we are now exposed are not life sustaining in the long term! People should be freaking out if they understand the implications!

There are some serious health related issues not hinted at in the video. Who is going to look after those who become susceptible to the effects of EMF? Usually people get ill over a long period of time and such occurs on an individual basis. With most of the population using cell phones and being exposed to increasing amounts of EMF, the health problems when they eventually manifest will do so in numbers way too large for the health care systems of the world to handle. All operating rooms are operating at capacity right now.

A complicating factor is that the care givers, the docs, nurses, techs, etc., having the same EMF exposure will be among those needing help.

In addition to coping with EMF induced illness, one is expected to go to a hospital which is essentially an EMF hell! At a time in which one’s body is totally stressed out, you have to go to a hospital where EMF exposure, because of all the high tech equipment present, is higher than you’ve likely experienced. Can you see the challenge in getting well in an EMF environment that actually produces illness? Plus all your care givers are compromised in the same way to varying degrees, especially shift workers.

As was said in the video, cell phone towers are a new phenomenon introduced during the last 20 years or so. How will we cope with the frequency of life, that being 7.83 Hz, being compromised by EMFs? Maybe we’ll be “going home” sooner than any of us think!

I have the mindset that all problems have solutions! Until newer technologies arise, I am thinking that our homes, apartments, etc., may provide us with the opportunity to recover from EMF assault. The following links offer info on ways to protect ourselves…who knows where they will lead you…





It is said if we want to change the world we change ourself first. We ctart with our home environment as a way to minimize EMF exposure. Is it not best to leave our cell phone off until we have to check for calls or make a call?

Everything man made can have adverse effects. It is up to consumers to protect themselves…examples, vehicles can kill so we learn how to drive them and maintain them. Food can kill you so we learn how to cook it properly and store it. Cell phones can kill…so we learn how to use them safely and minimize EMF…etc…etc.

Thanks for posting the video link! I found watching it on vimeo difficult as it kept stalling. So I switched to youtube and there was no buffering.

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