Zany regarding your post: Some one on RMN says the meeting did take place on the ship.( see original RMN Post)

Zany regarding your post: Some one on RMN says the meeting did take place on the ship.( see original RMN Post)
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Cosmic Observer
Tuesday, August 30, 2011 12:19 pm

A reader states that he can confirm the meeting of 57 finance ministers described by Fulford actually took place

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Date: Tuesday, 30-Aug-2011 11:31:00

This is from a reader, who did provide signature initials, which I have decide to withhold:
\"I can assure you the meeting did take place. Also, I can confirm that Jay Rockefeller, who was not invited, tried to gatecrash the party when the invited guests were ready to board the vessel that took them out to sea. Rockefeller was thrown out on his ear in a tantrum where he streamed abuse at those who evicted him.

I can also tell you that while this was arranged by a Government, it was arranged after several meetings between that Government and Neil Keenan.

After the guests were aboard the ship, two helicopters approached the ship in an attempt to intimidate or harass or eavesdrop on the meeting. They were suddenly challenged by a couple of jump jets that arrived on the scene. The helicopters left after the jump-jets took up a firing position.

This meeting demonstrated the fed up attitude the world has to the thieving of the so called financial system and the fraud it perpetrates. These frauds against the global accounts threaten the Swiss who are the Guarantors of the accounts.

It all started with the theft of 134.5 billion in bonds from Neil Keenan. Those bonds subsequently being registered through the Italian Treasury and turning up as excess TARP funds in the United States.

Add to this the charges laid against Dominique Strauss Khan and the imprisonment of Ray C. Dam and one starts to see a fraudulent system starting to falter.

The lying, thieving bankers who are stealing the incomes of honest hardworking people through endless lines of fraud had better learn to run and hide, but the problem is, they have left themselves nowhere to run to. The masses are slowly waking up and learning how they have been cheated and stolen from and they will want vengeance.

A new day is dawning and it is not the one that the thieving banksters thought it would be.

Keenan and Scott are gunning for them and these guys have the knowledge, the skills and the balls to take them apart.

I have always said Scott should control the accounts, and last week proves i am right. I am not the only one who believes this, there is a growing realization that Keenan and Scott are about to pull the whole fraudulent system down.\"


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