ya know MadDog on a serious note

ya know MadDog on a serious note
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Wednesday, June 22, 2011 07:41 pm

I like David Icke, I like him for a number of reasons, one of which is his belief that we CAN stand up to these mental retards in power and beat their asses too. Now you know and most everyone here knows from my posts stemming back to BemO that I want nothing better than to stomp these scumbags into the dirt where they crawled out of and belong...dust to dust you could say...LOL But I also have a bit of a sense of humor too...yeah warped at times LOL

There is a means at all of our disposal in which to well treat them all the way they treat us...without the use of violence ! and since humor is good for the soul they say, I\'ve heard the docs say it more than a few times too laughing is healing Right? I know about now your scraching your head/mind \"WTF is he getting at?\"

Well I know a guaranteed way of getting right under all of those crooks skins but real good. since the elites boast about how they view us peons as trash ,,,ya know and view themselves as special....? LOL NOT!!!!!!!!! Most of them as you, David, and most of us know....they are \'all show ...no go\' meaning in reality, we know they are insecure bully pansies. thats why they want to kill off the common people of the world....they see us as a reflection of themselves....in their minds. they hate the fact that THEY are the rejects and as such must reflect on us their hatred of themselves on us.

What I want to do is upset them as much as they are pissing us off but without being violent...Are you all sick of these reprobates ignoring our will ? Are you all sick of them laughing at you because we\'re still not getting any where but they\'re still on the boob tube spewing their lies/bullshit ? How abut \'WE CHANGE TACTICS\' ? How about if everyone that goes to these tptb/goobers speeches starts to laugh at them everytime they open their mouths with another line of bullshit ? How about every time we go to protests ...I mean EVERYWHERE AROUND THE WORLD !while the MainShitMedia cameras are on we flip them off /or my personal favorite the \' \' Up yours\' + with the birdy flying high salute\' and lets just add the laughing in there faces too ....every where we go every where they go everywhere they look they see us laughing AT them and telling them F*ck you without saying a word. you know people boo speakers off the stage...well I\'m taking a different approach....I would/will feel better  cuz of the laughter....healing and telling them exactly what I think of them and their ahole masters ! besides if we all did it....what are they going to outlaw laughing next ?????? because we know that in reality they ARE all nothing but jokes on humanity ?

I would like to send this to EVERY PROTESTOR, PATRIOT, anti facsist/commie/war group out there in the WHOLE WORLD. wouldn\'t you all love to see their faces if we could do that ? try it some time just laugh at someone for no reason and see how they react!


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