Is there a need to freak out about the coronavirus in China? Numbers can put things into perpsective.

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Sunday, January 26, 2020 (All day)

When this virus episode eventually subsides and collective wisdom examines the dynamics of how the virus spread, people's minds will explode for a wide variety of reasons. Someone will make a movie about this and hopefully people will learn something.

Premature death is always unfortunate. So let's see what people are living with every day of their lives...and seem to be coping with.

"In 2016 there were 7,09 Mln people who died in China. If you divide by 365 days, you get 19,424 people that die each day." (809 people per hour!) [old link removed]

"WHO: 260,000 die in China as a result of road accidents" (30 every hour!)

"Air Pollution Causes 4,400 Deaths In China Every Single Day:" (183 people per hour!) Study

"600,000 Chinese die from overworking each year"  (68 people per hour)

"Despite its well documented and real health risks, large numbers of people are addicted to nicotine, whether through smoking or vaping. China has more than 300 million smokers, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO), and accounts for one in every three cigarettes smoked globally.

Around 640,000 people in Hong Kong smoke daily, according to the city’s government. More than 6,000 Hongkongers die of tobacco-related causes annually, says the Hong Kong Council on Smoking and Health. In addition, around 1,300 non-smokers die in the city every year from second-hand smoke." (Total is approximately 20 people daily!)

If you are a smoker you are compromising your lung function!

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