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Monday, February 10, 2020 (All day)

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California Doctor Reports Hospitals in China are Open to Ozone Treatments to Fight Coronavirus

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Coronavirus Update – Situation Worsening – Whistle blower Chinese Doctor Dies from Virus Creating Public Protests against Government

by Dr. Robert J. Rowen

Folks, the coronavirus outbreak is worsening. Tens of millions in China are on lockdown. There are outbreaks in the USA and quarantines on military bases. The disease process seems to be getting clearer.

This disease can take the young and healthy. It spreads very rapidly and quickly. The death rate in clusters has been as high as 4% but seems to be in the 2% range. It can be transmitted long before symptoms appear.

The N.Y. Times article cites medical journals’ (considered “prestigious”) reports on this virus, and the director of the NIH. For your information, the manuscript I posted on my office website was improved, and totally referenced, and submitted to these journals for publication as commentary.

No interest. It was also forwarded to the same head of the NIH. No response.

It was sent to the Chinese embassy in DC. There, I did get a response from a health person who promised to transmit it to the mainland.

I have contacts in China. The situation is so bad that hospitals are at last open to ozone therapy and the 10-pass technique in an effort to save lives.

In this outbreak, I think DIV ozone (direct intravenous gas) will be far more cost effective as 15 people can be treated in the time of one 10 pass treatment.

However, I am told that DIV is currently sidelined while they look into my actually preferred form of ozone therapy – hyperbaric ozone.

Now, I have been concerned about viral bioweapons for some time. There are people who strongly believe this was a bioweapons experiment gone awry.

I can’t comment on that. However, I am not that afraid that an untreatable viral bioweapon can be developed. As I described earlier, coronavirus, like Ebola, must attach to, fuse to, and then enter the cell. Outside the cell, it is nothing more than a grain of sand in the wind. But in the cell, it wreaks havoc.

These viruses have an Achilles heel, which I believe I am the first and only to point out and run with. They have amino acid “fingers” which attach to the cell for fusion. Key amino acids are cysteine and tryptophan.

Cysteine is the most vulnerable amino acid to ozone/oxidant alteration, and tryptophan is second.

Hello out there, medical mob! Is anyone reading the writing on the wall? It appears we have the PERFECT antiviral in our hands RIGHT NOW. Ozone chops off the “fingers” of the viruses preventing them from “opening the cookie jar” (the cell).

And we get a bonus with this one (ozone). The lethal viruses also can incite an immune response so vigorous that the response itself kills the host. That is why young and healthy people are dying. Ozone modulates this immune response, even if administered days before exposure to a pathogen. (Found in Cuban research).

There are other oxidation therapies you can defend yourself with. MMS, or chlorine dioxide is all over the internet. I do think it is a very viable option. We often have our patients nebulize a weak hydrogen peroxide solution.

We do NOT recommend oral use. We have given peroxide intravenously with outstanding success. It reduced influenza mortality in the 1918 outbreak in India b 50%. The IV solution strength is 0.03%. (It can be quite hard on veins). We have not seen any problems from nebulizing that concentration. Food grade peroxide ranges from 3-12% from what I have seen. It MUST be diluted with saline, also available in drug stores.

Nebulizers are available everywhere. Food grade peroxide is generally available as well. I’ve seen it at Whole Foods and some local natural foods markets. Nebulizers will hold about 5 cc of solution. A mist will spew out which can be inhaled. I don’t expect this method to be as powerful as any intravenous oxidation, since the latter provides a much higher dose of oxidants. A home ozone machine can assist you to get ozone (oxidants) in water, ear, rectal, vagina, and sauna.

The Times has also reported that the WHO and CDC has offered assistance to China for weeks- and been ignored. Who are these entities to criticize? It is a classic case of the pot calling the kettle black.

I (or Dr. Robins) have reached out to the CDC, the WHO, and Times. Dr. Robins has repeatedly tried. I have also reached out to my local paper.

All, deaf ears. We are being run by a Pharma oligarchy, and if a 2-4% death rate reaches our shores, we will suffer a catastrophe, waiting for the Pharma/government complex to save us.

I prefer to take matters into my own hands. We are ordering a lot of small IV needles to treat lots of people if the epidemic comes here.

Please note that I, like the Chinese doctor, have issued an early warning on this virus. My warning is different – that we actually have a treatment for it. I don’t expect to have problems with this virus if it comes my way like the unfortunate case of the whistle blowing Chinese doctor, on how to remedy this virus. The Chinese doctor expired from the disease itself. I don’t think any of us have to. And interestingly, the Chinese doctor was taken in by authorities for his early warnings.

Fortunately Robins and I have not been taken in. We have just been ignored.

I again urge you to see my ozone review article listed below. Please feel free to pass my information on to news outlets, media, etc. I am always available to openly discuss with them.


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American Doctor Kicked out of Africa for Healing Ebola with Ozone Therapy Instrumental in Creating International “Ozone Without Borders”

Published on February 9, 2020

American Doctor Kicked out of Africa for Healing Ebola with Ozone Therapy Instrumental in Creating International “Ozone Without Borders”


Treating and healing Ebola victims with ozone therapy before the Sierra Leone government was pressured to shut it down. Image source Dr. Robert Rowen Facebook Page.

by Paul Fassa
Health Impact News

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF- Doctors without Borders in English) is an international, independent, medical humanitarian organisation that delivers emergency aid to people affected by armed conflict, epidemics, natural disasters and exclusion from healthcare. It was founded in Paris, France in 1971, and is a non-profit, self-governed organization.

MSF is often the first on the scene in natural disasters or situations where refugees are fleeing from armed conflict. As medical doctors, and due to International governing bodies such as UNHCR or UNICEF which are also usually present in global disasters, they are often restricted to approved pharmaceutical products in their treatments.

Just recently, April 2018, another non-profit humanitarian international NGO was formed called Ozone Without Borders (OWB). This newly formed NGO has ozone and other oxygen therapies as its cornerstone for educating about and applying non-pharmaceutical treatments without discrimination from medical monopoly agents.

The meeting convened to establish OWB was held in the Xavier School of Medicine in Aruba, a semi-independent South Caribbean island 19 miles long and 15 miles north of Venezuela. Co-founder, Dr. Robert Rowen, an ozone therapy specialist, is no stranger to health freedom activism. He’s also very involved with The Foundation for Alternative and Integrative Medicine (FAIM).

Dr. Rowen is even sometimes referred to as the “father of medical freedom” for his success with pioneering statutory protection for MDs practicing alternative medicine in Alaska in 1990 and later in California. Dr. Rowen expressed his disdain for the pharma-medical monopoly’s suppression of non-pharmaceutical natural healing protocols after the meeting in Aruba.

The membership to OWB is not restricted to professional licensed doctors. It’s also open to laypersons who are passionate about health freedom, with very reasonable annual fees. For more information and links to join, see the Ozone Without Borders (OWB) website.

So what was the incident that led to the creation of OWB?

The 2014 Sierra Leone Ebola Breakout and Ozone Therapy’s Threat to Big Pharma – Crimes Against Humanity

Ebola is a rare, insidious Filoviral infection that causes hemorrhagic fever (EVD) resulting in a cytokine storm, which can rapidly attack and destroy vital organs resulting in death. Unfortunately, mainstream medicine has no solution for reversing Ebola symptoms or its spread. Dr. Rowen knew that delivering ozone therapy in a timely manner would provide that solution.

In October of 2014, Dr. Rowen and his colleague, Dr. Howard Robins, gathered up donated medical ozone producing equipment from Longevity Resources, Inc. of Vancouver B.C. and headed into the internationally highly-publicized epicenter of an Ebola breakout, Sierra Leone, a small nation on the western coast of Africa, at their own risk and cost.

He immediately sought to train some of the local doctors treating Ebola victims. A few had already become infected themselves, and they were the first to be offered ozone therapies that involved a combination of direct intravenous gas administration, rectal gas administration, and ozonized water.

Immediate positive results were observed within 48 hours or less, but the treatments continued for 10 days with high dose oral vitamin C and glutathione precursor supplements for good measure. Three victims were confirmed to have recovered completely, and an infected fourth who was asymptomatic did not succumb to the disease.

Despite these early successes, the Sierra Leone Minister of Health decreed the Rowen/Robins project be halted, condemning some of the doctors. Apparently, inexpensive and effective ozone therapy which cannot be patented was a threat to Big Pharma and their desire to develop Ebola drugs and vaccines.

Dr. Rowen addressed this incident on his Facebook Page, explaining why it is accurate to label these actions in Africa as “crimes against humanity”:

I want to take you back to the Ebola epidemic of West Africa. It was fall of 2014 when I recruited Dr. Howard Robins to join me on a medical mission to Sierra Leone to try to save lives with ozone therapy.

People were dying like flies. Fear was everywhere. Robins and I and our team had jumped through hurdles to get to the point of training doctors at the state run Ebola treatment center, and treating Ebola victims.

Finally I got to the Ebola center and, while in the middle of training their staff, a call came in from the assistant Minister of Health shutting down the effort. A few minutes later, the Minister himself called confirming the action.

I felt like I was just mugged or kicked in the gonads. I lost it. I screamed to the health people assembled and lined up to get ozone that some there would die, and that the order was a crime against humanity.

In fact, a doctor I personally trained became infected with Ebola. He begged for and was denied ozone therapy by his own government and died a horrible (and I mean HORRIFIC) death. I detailed it in past posts.

Two other infected victims did not get tested knowing if they showed positive, the military would have forcibly thrown them in the containment unit and deny them ozone, guaranteeing them a 40% survival chance.

I knew full well how and why the order came down, but had no evidence, until now. I was just fearful of my own safety and wanted out as quickly as possible. Just recently, I got to talk with my own (from Africa) “Deep Throat” about what really came down, who confirmed what my Higher Self told me at the time.

Pharma was wise to our efforts to cure Ebola with ozone therapy. (Remember, Pharma had nothing but VERY expensive Zmapp, which was a crap shoot. Pharma was also working on a vaccine).

Our treatment cost about $5 per person (actually about half that), and was not patentable. Pharma wanted to see our project get the Deep 6.

If we publicly cured the most dread(ed) disease the world ever knew with a non-patentable therapy costing less than $5 per patient, the course of pharmaceutical medicine across the board would have been forever altered.

The entire world was watching the crisis.

Remember that millions were pouring into West Africa to burn and bury bodies of Ebola victims. There was no reasonable treatment for one infected. The mortality was about 60% in the best of circumstances.

Pharma went to the WHO (World Health Organization), which was deeply involved in the body burning and public education efforts. Pharma used the WHO as its lackey.

The WHO went to high government officials and, for lack of a better word, extorted the country.

My “Deep Throat” confided, “The ministers were told that they would either shut down your ozone program or not only would Pharma pull out of Sierra Leone, but out of Africa entirely. Big Pharma suggested to the WHO that it was not just Africa that would be affected, but all the WHO efforts around the world. Who wants that responsibility on their shoulders?”

The officials were placed between a rock and a hard place. They were in a lose-lose proposition.

If we were permitted to continue, and Pharma abandoned them, and our efforts failed, they would be left with a totally empty bag. At least if they fell prey to Pharma’s malevolence, they would have Pharma to fall back on, for whatever that might have been worth.

They chose the less risky path and scuttled our work. As a result, several more of their physicians died horribly and hundreds more people, perhaps thousands, died absent any semblance of a reasonable treatment. (Source.)

Only a handful of alternative health media outlets spoke of the Rowen/Robins projects’ curtailed success. So they kept their patients’ files and created a clinical report that was published in the journal African Journal of Infectious Disease online (AJOL) early in 2016 titled Rapid resolution of hemorrhagic fever (Ebola) in Sierra Leone with ozone therapy. This unpublicized report concluded:

Ebola virus may have a very narrow window of redox infectivity capacity, which can be easily exploited with OT [oxygen therapy]. OT may be a useful modality in EVD [Ebola viral disease] and other viral diseases and should be immediately studied to save lives that might otherwise be lost. (Abstract source)

This was the motivation to gather in Aruba in April 2018 to create Ozone Without Borders (OWB).

Why Ozone Therapy is So Potent for Many Diseases

Dr. Rowen summarizes the mechanics of ozone therapy, which not only rapidly eliminates viruses, but potently assists in recovering damaged tissue.

Ozone, in vitro [lab cultures], instantly oxidizes reduced sulfhydryls to disulfides. While ozone itself lasts only microseconds in blood, the reaction of ozone and blood lipids leads to the production of more stable but still highly reactive oxygen species (such as peroxides), which would react similarly, and perhaps mimic the pro-oxidant mechanism of immune system defense.

Aerobic cells [normal cells] are designed for redox [reducing oxidation reactions] shuttling and oxidant stresses. Viruses lack repair capacity. Shut out of the cell (inactivated), they cause no damage, but remain antigenically intact for immune response. … mammalian cells can and do quickly repair membrane oxidation effects.

Breathing concentrated mechanically-generated ozone directly into the lungs can damage delicate lung tissues. That’s why it is applied as a gas rectally or vaginally, injected into the bloodstream intravenously, or O3 is introduced into blood withdrawn from the patient and immediately reintroduced into the body, similar to the process of dialysis.

The following video explains and demonstrates ozone therapy modalities.

Oxygen-Ozone Therapy Suppression is Not New

During the 1960s, now famous nutritional M.D.,  Dr. Robert Atkins, creator of the Atkins Diet, was severely censored by the New York State Medical Board after a former patient of his explained to a New York City intern that her breast cancer was cured from Dr. Atkins therapy of injecting ozone (O3) directly into her tumor.

Curing cancer by any means outside of cut, burn, and poison (surgery, radiation, and chemo) is a major threat to the multi-billion dollar cancer industry, so the intern did his duty to protect this cancer treatment monopoly and reported Atkins to the state medical authorities. Dr. Atkins’ medical license was promptly revoked.

But Atkins had an ace in the hole. He had a weekly radio show that was popular in New York City, and he explained the medical board’s action and why it was done – for curing cancer with an unapproved treatment.

His listeners flooded the state medical board with complaints, forcing a compromise. Dr. Atkins’ license was reinstated with the condition that he would no longer use or promote ozone therapy. The first ozone generator for medical purposes was created in 1896. Up until the 1940s, it was commonly used in America.

Health journalist, Edward McCabe, author of Flood Your Body With Oxygen, considers the fact that ozone therapy first appeared in the United States in 1896, which predates the formation of our FDA, a justification for “grandfathering” ozone therapy approval in the USA.

But the medical authorities are not going along with this valid proposal.

This is why Dr. Rowen has pioneered legislation in Alaska and California to allow ozone and other natural therapies without attacks from authorities. Other states’ practitioners are following his precedence to lobby their state legislators.

Currently, doctors in European nations, especially Germany, Russia, Cuba, Mexico, and some Caribbean Islands continue to use ozone therapy unhindered by medical authorities with great results.

There are some medical practitioners in the U.S. who are trained to use ozone (O3) therapies and use them.  Here’s that list.

There are still ozone generators that are available for DIY use at home – designed to create ozone water that’s consumed orally. You can begin your internet search with the same company that provided Rowen and Robins with their Sierra Leone equipment.

To get familiar with home ozone generators, investigate online further to find what fits your personal and budgetary situation.

The applications of ozone therapy extend beyond infectious diseases and are widely varied. Dr. Rowen has several video testimonials from patients suffering from ailments other than infectious diseases. He shares them on his YouTube channel here: YouTube – Channel – Robert Rowen, M.D.


NOTE: Dr. Rowen clearly explains Ozone therapy's dynamics in his YouTube video. It is easy to understand! 

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Perhaps there is someone who has been trained near you...


Dear Dr Rowen

I hope the medical world (main stream Drs )will open their ears and listen you and consider ozone therapy to cure people from the corona virus .

Ozonated saline therapy could be the safest and cheapest form of treatment promolife in the USA and longevity in canada sell the ozone generators and ozone saline makers .

I hope this will be considered soon before many more innocent people loose their lifes to this deadly virus 

I wish every patient infected this virus a speedy recovery