Postal Service say they have been instructed to have 30-40 days of food on hand. Hmmmm...What do the know that they are not telling the rest of us Pea...

Postal Service say they have been instructed to have 30-40 days of food on hand. Hmmmm...What do the know that they are not telling the rest of us Peasants... (oops! I mean people)
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Tuesday, July 07, 2009 02:22 pm

Why the Sudden Rush to Stock Your Pantry?

Why the Sudden Rush to Stock Your Pantry?
(A serious matter with some minor humor injected)

By Will Thomas [link to]

I know a number of survival advocates including former military and pastors who tell us to stock up on food for the long-term including what we buy at the grocery store for daily needs. I truly understand the mindset but when I hear about workers from the Postal Service say they have been instructed to have 30-40 days of food on hand, perhaps we need to delve further into the matter.

If the local postmaster made the suggestion, that’s one thing. If the directive was handed down from the top and they’ve gone postal (no pun intended) then perhaps we should examine the situation a little more closely.

1. A 30 day supply of food at the grocery store could easily cost a family of 4 around $800.00 plus.

2. Not many families can afford to pay $800.00 out this payday for immediate food.

3. Families and individuals on limited incomes are unable to meet such a request.

What do they know that the rest of us don’t?

1. Is it Bird flu/H1N1?

2. Is North Korea more powerful than we are being told?

3. Is our economy about to collapse?

4. Are the powers that govern going to devalue the currency and we wake up to a new dollar worth 20% of what the old one was?

5. Are we being blackmailed by a foreign country?

6. Have we actually sold our sovereignty to China?

7. Do we have an unknown threat that has been identified but is still classified?

I recently discovered a company that sells food to the public. In order for you to realize savings, you order a half or full truckload of your favorites and split the cost. So when 100 people from a church get together and split the cost, each member pays $190.00 and receives 3 times the amount of food they would get at the grocery store. Cases of peas, corn and many other veggies plus spaghetti, drinks, paper goods and tons of other edible delights including candy; canned fruits, canned soups and everything is in date and fresh.

This is not salvage food, nor is it throw away donations. This is a resourceful way for people and groups to get together and save big money on their food bill. The company even delivers to your location or to your private retreat or bug out location if you order a quarter, half or full truckload.

So, if you believe that the cold war is over, please disregard everything written in this article. Keep only enough food in your pantry to supply you or your family for 1 or two days. Remember Hurricane Katrina and for heaven’s sake, stop stocking up on ammo and guns. Glenn Beck thinks the FEMA camps are real. The cat is out of the bag.

Get along now and be a good green weenie and make sure your cows don’t pass gas (that will be taxed) and that you don’t drink too much water. Invest everything you have in questionable stocks and any other Government run business you can find. Pray (which qualifies you as a Terrorist) for some of our current leaders to retire or go into exile and more importantly, move in with you. Nevertheless, be sure to stock up on food through this company called I am all for saving anything when it comes to money, especially on food.

Will Thomas is an Investigative Reporter who covers preparedness groups.

I checked out and the site was busy ~ if you know of a similar source of wholesale loads of food supplies as mentioned in this article, please post here!

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