Peace out my Brother we are all in this together!

Peace out my Brother we are all in this together!
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Cosmic Observer
Sunday, June 28, 2009 12:01 pm

I am not or have I ever.....

said that President Obama is my savior or ever made any indication that he is the savior of anyone else or of the World. I too have questions about the actions I have seen from him since he has entered the White House and become our Commander and Chief. But...instead of being accusing and jumping to conclusions before I speak and assume anything, I look at all sides and dig deep to get my answers with an open mind and try to see all points of view. I know you do not like him and I am not trying to convince you to. I am mature enough to honor your beliefs and decision. But, I also look beyond him to get the answers to my Why\'s, What and How??? He is the Chief, But, many others are leading ahead of him and I choose to find out what\'s the real cause, reason and intention from those that are also a part of his staff, administration and the ones we do not even know about. By just concentrating on him our vision is distracted from the bigger picture and even though now he is The President of The U. S. A., he is a small part of the over all picture and plan. I have no loss my friend, But, just a little love I send your way and it is this. Chill Out...ground yourself and stop being so defensive and angry.We are all in the same boat , we may not all agree with each other on everything, But, the diversity of or beliefs and views make us a great team together. You will never learn the real truth unless you /we all operate from a calm and center mind. This is the way they want and love for us to be acting with each other, fighting among ourselves and keeping us separated, angry and confused. Why play in their game and let them win even our emotions?
\"Sound minds prevail\"
Peace my Brother [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

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