Pacific Sea Life?

Pacific Sea Life?
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Monday, November 17, 2014 04:51 pm

Well, having just worked with 2 fisherfolks and in recent contact with my oyster rearing brother I am a bit perplexed.  The fisherfolk (women) had just returned from their seasons.  1 fishes 50-200 miles off of Haida-Gwaii and the other the same distances from Vancouver Island.  They experienced great seasons with many fish and much money being made.  MY oyster lease (Nelson Island off the Jervis Inlet)...I say mine because I invested a paltry sum to help rebuild a float house...I have nothing to do with day to day operations is doing fine.  The rad meter at the lease is showing NOTHING.  SO how come the likes of rense etc. are saying it is all dead?  Maybe I live in a bubble but the fisherfolk had no reason to lie?  The oysterman has no reason to lie AND he is concerned about fuku.  SO which is it?  A dead Pacific ala rense etc etc or an abundant season ala real people with mouths to feed?

Needless to say...something fishy is going on.  My best guess...the chemtrails have the isotopes one would expect from the likes of fuku in them now with a \'convenient\' excuse for their presence in the atmosphere.  But it\'s all guess work now.  I think it\'s time to revive my \'word from the docks\' posts I used to do here and at rmn....

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