***MAJOR WEB BOT HIT TODAY***Urban Survival andKeiser Report в„–82: Markets! Finance! Scandal! *LINK* *PIC*

***MAJOR WEB BOT HIT TODAY***Urban Survival andKeiser Report в„–82: Markets! Finance! Scandal! *LINK* *PIC*
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Friday, October 01, 2010 02:22 pm

In GEORGE URE'S daily column today at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]  he mentions TWO WEB BOT HITS that Clif High, from HalfPastHuman, had predicted in his most recent report. 

Web Bot Hit? 

Stuxnet: The "Israeli Mistake"?

Say, not to worry you excessively, but remember the other day I was mentioning how a number of readers were wondering if the Stuxnet virus might not be the "Israeli Mistake" that has popped out of the predictive linguistics work over at [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] and that the 'mistake' will bring about all kinds of adverse consequences out something like nine generations if I recall correctly?  Ought to know in early November.


A quick run through the headlines reveals stories starting to appear like this one in last night's UK Telegraph online:  "Israeli cyber unit responsible for Iran computer worm - claim."


Apparently, according to a John Markoff and David Sanger story this week in the NY Times, there's a possible Biblical clue contained in the Stuxnet worm code which may be a fleeting reference to the Old Testament Book of Esther.


What's going on now is that the Stuxnet worm is now apparently working its way into China and starting to wreak havoc there, in addition to its concentration initially on Iran.


That report that the Iranian Bushehr plant won't launch (figuratively!) until 2011 is only coincidental, we're so sure.


So far, this is not widely viewed as "the Israeli Mistake" but if one reads the predictive linguistics in a certain way, there's a  small - but larger than zero - chance that the Stuxnet virus could be the 'ev ent' that 'starts in the United States' and then 'goes global' from here in the much watched November 8-12 timeframe.


This weekend, we'll get into some of the cascading collapse possibilities in our Peoplenomics report, but what can be said with some certainty is that while the Stuxnet worm was somewhat limited in scope - it didn't attack everything - a larger scale event - and perhaps mounted as retaliation - could be vastly more damaging.


Toward this end, we notice that the Department of Homeland Security is holding "Cyber Storm III [which] Simulates Large-scale Attack" says PCWorld.


So what has been the purpose?  From a DHS press release:

Cyber Storm III Scenario

The Cyber Storm III exercise scenario reflects the increased sophistication of our adversaries, who have moved beyond more familiar Web page defacements and Denial of Service (DOS) attacks in favor of advanced, targeted attacks that use the Internet’s fundamental elements against itself—with the goal of compromising trusted transactions and relationships.


The scenario will incorporate known, credible technical capabilities of adversaries and the exploitation of real cyber infrastructure vulnerabilities, resulting in a range of potential consequences—including loss of life and the crippling of critical government and private sector functions.


Throughout the exercise, the goal of exercise players will be to identify, in real time, the ongoing attack and mitigate the compromises and vulnerabilities that allowed it to occur, as well as possible consequences to compromised systems. At its core, the exercise is about resiliency—testing the nation’s ability to cope with the loss or damage to basic aspects of modern life.

How to prep for such an event?  I'm working up the personal checklist now and should have that in the Sunday Peoplenomics report.


One thing's becoming clear:  The 'WMD" in the Middle East which may fulfill the "mistake" language sets hasn't been launched - yet.  When it happens there may not be any warning; Your ATM may just stop working.


Bot Hit 2:  Seems the Swiss Finance Minister may be our 'laughing man" meme.  1.2 million views on YouTube so far.  Stephen Colbert's 'opening statement is lagging at 818,005 views when I looked.







My brief "analysis" here:


If you're following the web bots, as I do, George Ure's column today points out TWO possible hits.   I'm "getting" that the internet will have severe problems in the VERY NEAR FUTURE.  Be sure to exchange phone numbers with those you want to remain in touch with.  Also, saving vital information OFF the computer, onto small storage devices, is a good idea at this time.   In the long run, however, even those storage devices will be "fried" at some point, so relax, let go and don't worry... be happy, as Meher Baba says!   For example, I just read a post in another group about the SERIOUSNESS of the EMP from the sun events.  As we know, the solar max is supposed to reach it's climax (no pun intended) in 2012/13.  And we all know the magnetosphere is breaking down, letting in the sun's pulses, and that electronics, banking, internet and satellites all are affected by CMEs and EMPs.  And isn't it interesting timing that CNN and FOX News both have aired clips from Dr. Greer's exopolitical venture with testimony from top brass about UFOs disabling the nukes?   I'm more concerned about HUMAN violence and takeover than ETs!!!   Here's some links to check that info out:
(From TIMEWAVEZERO2012 at Yahoo.com)


After seeing the solar storm warning report from Fox on Youtube, I did some digging and found the NASA links below. I'm taking this seriously and beginning to prepare to live without power.


Space weather turns into an international problem July 2010

. nasa.gov/ science-news/ science-at- nasa/2010/ 16jul_ilws/

Solar storms

. nasa.gov/ science-news/ science-at- nasa/2009/ 21jan_severespac eweath\

Vulnerability map

. nasa.gov/ media/medialibra ry/2009/01/ 21/21jan_ severespaceweath er_r\
esources/transforme rmap.jpg

Free book download Severe Space Weather

In this Adobe download, it describes an indepth serious outcome.

. nap.edu/catalog. php?record_ id=12507

 Also, earth's electromagnetic core is pulling less on matter GRAVITATIONALLY.  This is validated by Hindu "Gurus", quantum science and simple observation.  It presages a POLE SHIFT, which is LONG OVERDUE.   The magenetic poles are flipping in our solar system faster than pancakes at IHOP.   According to some, this "lessening of gravitation" has a subtle effect on ALL MASS.   Since thoughts have mass in the subtle realms, they are finer forms of matter, it makes sense that there will be less of a grip on our "monkey minds" as thoughts begin to disappear, and we start "losing our minds", quite literally.   Those in societies, such as the West, who LIVE by mind activity, and cannot live without some form of interference waves, may interpret this gradual and subtle change as DEPRESSION, and try to escape even more through drugs, addictions, suicide, etc.   Those of us who are aware and more awake will be able to "let go" and relax into this "less thought more action" state.  Even matter, by 2012, will WEIGH LESS.  That also indicates there may be greater ease in levitation and other natural abilities that can occur.   Hindus teach that this recurring cycle is THE most propitious to be alive in human form during, as it's a NATURAL lifting to higher cosmic CONSCIOUSNESS.   Hard to believe, looking around!!!  We have only to BE.  IMO, it's helpful to be authentic and not "self-serving" mainly due to the implosion of those who are corrupt, greedy and endlessly childish.  They will not be able to leap the chasm they have created for themselves on the subtle, spritual levels.  Those who take the sense reality as the ONLY reality and are entirely selfish will have the most difficulty.  Oh.. did I mention the psychopaths who run this realm will have a hard time too?  Yup. 
All the "mystical skills" rumored about various enlightened masters, IMO, are NATURAL ABILITIES.   Whether we choose to believe that we're intentionally being "dumbed down" (and we are) or that we choose to go deeper into unconsciousness and sleep, deeper denial, rather than being present and allowing our shadows to surface, or both and more, doesn't really matter.  The fact is, walking on water, healing events, not ageing, and much more is all a NATURAL and INBORN part of our own DNA.  The more we are able to let go of fear, negativity and the lower frequencies, the more the DNA unravels.   It's been proven that being in a state of love, joy, laughter, happiness, etc., TURNS ON THE CODONS of our own inner computers.  Perhaps this is why "Type A" left brained folks have a greater difficulty with "metaphysical" realities.  The spiritual/metaphysical, which shamans, indigenous wisdom keepers, journies through various rites of passage (Pilgrimage, Sacred use of plants - Ayahuasca, Cactus, muchrooms, etc.) is the REAL realm, and this densified reality is the ILLusion.  Terrence McKenna's Timewave Zero theory tracks with precision the historical events to this period, using the I Ching overlayed with history.  Bottom line:  We approach the MAXIMUM moment of NOVELTY, at Ground Zero.  Could this be the "event horizon" some refer to?  Pole Shift and massive crustal movement from a conscious being, our planet?  We shall soon see, know and experience... what a ride!    Main thing:  relax, don't worry and don't give your power away in FEAR, since the PTB live off our fear.  It's literally FOOD.  That's one reason wars are ongoing... but to go back to the web bot hit today:
The "laughing man" hit strikes me as RIGHT ON.   I saw this yesterday, in Max Keiser's video, but just thought it strange.  Am not connecting the dots in the same way that others do.   My dots are more intuitive, and "after the fact" or premonitions.. when I read or see something, I just KNOW IT'S TRUE:  and the laughing man hit is resonating about 97% TRUE for ME.     thank goodness that many, in particular George, is actively following global events and sharing the possible "hits" on the web bot with the rest of us "dummies".   LOL.   My guest this Saturday, Richard Sauder, mentioned the November event that Clif refers to, and he's not making ANY major plans until after that "hit" is known and we're wherever we're at.   He is an expert on underground bases and the REAL "X-Files", and a very nice guy as well.    As you know, there are many other "signs" we can and do use to interpret this hologram... all valid and useful.  It doesn't matter if anything said here is accurate or not.   That it's being written in the first place is a "sign" that SOMETHING BIG is on its way, and we're on the roller coaster now, and there's no getting off until the ride is over... except for those who may get thrown out from the force, or who jump.  Who would want to, in exciting times such as these?
Here's the link to the column today:
It changes daily, so if you miss it today, go back to October 1st.  Even today's date is lining up numerologically.  I'm feeling that "this is IT", whatever IT is, or means at this moment in spacetime.  We each have our own methodology of interpreting "the signs", but at this point it's very clear here that we're in the acceleration now.  Maybe we're simply atoms being shot from a super collider that the ETs are blasting in space, in spirals, trying to find THEIR "God Particle".   I like Naseim Haramein's take that everything is fractal.  Makes sense, and explains the "as above so below" to infinity.  Even Pee Wee Herman knew quantum physics:  "I know you are but what am I?   INFINITY!"  He He.
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