Jeff Rense and Ted Pike talking about the - circumscribed - 'supremacist pestilence and chosen plague-spots' in Mid-East. *PIC*

Jeff Rense and Ted Pike talking about the - circumscribed - 'supremacist pestilence and chosen plague-spots' in Mid-East. *PIC*
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Jack Dancer
Tuesday, February 01, 2011 08:30 am

Jeff Rense & Ted Pike - The Talmudic Takeover


Caution, very graphic and explicit video clip! Only two weeks old at YouTube.

This is not for the weak-minded and not for the ethically deranged whiners
sorts of

"birds of a feather"

who do love to

"flock together"

like hatchlings pedaling hard to pull this clip pretty soon, firefoxers may first draw a copy with the add-on 'Download-Helper'.


some youtuber comments

Did JIDF miss this youtube thread? Will they now get notice to start attacks?

Whoever controls the British Empire also controls America and Israel. Don't look at this like it's some kind of 'Jewish' conspiracy - it isn't. Zionism does not speak for Jews, it just uses them to look legitimate and tries to claim blood ties to King David. Who gives a crap right? I don't believe in a Judeo-Christian god anyway so there goes the charade of trying to make bible prophecy come

From their involvement in duping the U.S. of I s r a e l into WW1 and 2 to their false flagging us time after time, their agenda is to crush the Goy of the world.

Their Mossad's mantra, by deception we wage war, has worked well for them and to this day has the Chrisitan West and Muslim East at each others' throats, much to the unbridled joy of the T. J e w s.

So, tell me, how's it feel to be I s r a e l' s " b i t c h "?

I’M A PATRIOTIC American man; so whenever I read something about what these arrogant Israelis and supposedly “American” Jews now do and openly get away with it – my blood simply boils! These Jews are nothing but a gang of vicious, criminal thugs, spanning the planet. And they all work in cahoots with one other — not only to spy and steal the wealth out of us Goyim and our nations, but to threaten decent people who dare to speak up about their evil criminal activities.

ALL ASPECTS OF SOCIAL DECAY have been permeated by the Judaic culture-destroyer, who well realizes their value in his programm for ascendancy. The degradation of Western-Christian social life did not merely happen, it was planned, deliberately fostered and spread, as outlined by The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. This systematic undermining of the culture of the West continues today.

Unfortunately, these "serpents" control everyone through guilt of the "poor" jews that THEY set up to take the fall in WWII, while moving as many "rich" Jews (zionists) into Palastine. Now, they are so embedded in all areas of society and are able to control everything!

When people ReDiscover911 (dot) com, the anger that is presently directed toward muslims will be redirected to where it belongs -- the Synagogue of Satan, Talmudic Judaism and Zionism.

Order the Christian Zionism from OneDollarDVDProject (dot) com to deprogram Christians. The Israeli leaders are not God's chosen.

They are not invincible. Help us spreading the word. Jews has been expelled over 268 times and it will happen again when enough people know the truth. This time will be no different. History repeats itself.

I read Rev. Pike on Rense all the time. I think he delivers a very important message about Zionism. My only criticism about him is I think he harps on the homosexuality thing too much.

a house divided against itself can not stand - he [Beatles - John Lennon] was taken out b/c he posed a threat - lots of ppl took Lennon seriously and he was a very vocal idealist with a global following criticising the system in the strongest terms - you'll find lots of quotes - HE didn't put Crowley on the cover! - and those hand signs were stylised poses that he probably didn't understand at the time - like most of us his understanding got clearer as he got older - he was a dangerous man to the controllers.

Lennon was a follower of Alistair Crowley (on the cover of Sgt Pepper) and his khabbalist chaos theory. He was a luciferian.В­600&page=14

I would rather follow Christ's example.

Whenever religions act with government authority death does occur. I have a solution abolish religions and abolish governments. Imagine all the people living life in peace. I think John Lennon was shot by the mind control government because he got it right. As with the latest shooting in Arizona, government needed a smoke screen for something going on that the people may not like

The 501C3 Church "religious right" crowds tax-exempt status is nothing more than hush money given them for their obedience to continue the mantra that Israel is chosen, must be supported, defended and prayed for at all cost to the subservient Goyim. The "victimhood status that these people demand must be exposed for the lie that it is, and the Talmud needs to be exposed as the most racist document ever written. You pray for the peace of Israel, as Israel preys on a piece of everyone else !

Rev. Ted Pike is one of the very few church leaders that tells the truth today. If you are a christian zionist, you have fallen into the hands of your worst enemy.
Zionist Israel is the tool of evil.

Read Albert Pike's book: Morals and Dogma, released in the 1870's. It is very clear that the creation of "New Israel" was designed to usher in WWIII.

Myriads of threads like these in cyber space and growing,
JIDF, Hasbarat, Sayanim and friends have a hard time to cope with it.

In the end it'll be a matter of time and common consent
until the world's masses will rise up and kick off asses

(dot)com vs (dot)org


we'll see what happens to Ted Pike's youtube clip and the comments
in the coming days

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