James Gilliand Contact has begun *LINK*

James Gilliand Contact has begun *LINK*
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Thursday, June 30, 2011 01:54 pm




I found this from searching October 8, 2010 alien contact


due to my edgar casey as michael put it type dream sleep,


Oddly I was in a nucular scan today for my thyroid and edgar casey came to me


I shot over the stars, prior


became water, walked on water, Air skated like ice skating, 


president oboma came in


and mother and father of the ship took control of the scan


they put a magnetic bubble around my body had me leave it


and only allowed the nucular medicine to kill what was needed


then they had a conversation with oboma and edgar casey


many animal spirits and other guardans were around


I watched from the stars my body while this took place.


I counted 888 123 321 open each percice time one of the 4 scans were over.


nailing it each time,


I dreamed of the sea turtles and the cosmic egg.


last night.


I have so much to share of my dream visions


but will not


due to my work gets used by so many leaving me little or no credit


my credit is my name


thank you for letting me share.


October 8, 2011 I believe the may 24th archive of mine is the tape of watch the date october 8th 2010 and all which is transpiring now.


I told my mother if the water posion and filtering suage in order to have water in the 80\'s 


I am intensly accurate


with my prophetic dreams


though once again will not share due to no credit


and mother and father from the Alexander 11  stars ship does not like that, esp.et.cia.lly when it comes to sara.


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