Excellent Questions Sent In Regarding Culpability...

Excellent Questions Sent In Regarding Culpability...
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Tuesday, April 06, 2010 10:55 pm

I just received some Excellent Questions from Striderus about the \'Chinese-Drywall\' situation which is a Very Important story that is being Mostly Ignored by the MSM.  Striderus says the following...

...this IS a very BIG story that MSM is NOT covering
they\'re hiding under a \' limited culpability admission \' coverage game

Sorry ...It just dawned on me how many things that this story affects and effects
They\'re admitting to it being bad
which tells me that they made a deal with the Chinese to cover this
How many people who have chemical sensitivity are caused by the chemicals ?
How many children were raised in these homes were effected ?
Did the government know ?
Did they except bribes to keep it silent ?
Did they sue the chinese for future and present medical claims due to this ?
Did they pocket it or include it in the obama deathcare bill to cover these people....who BTW should NOT have to pay for their own medical bills due to this ?
Or did they pocket it and expect people to pay through their health care insurance policys, that they\'ll claim as pre conditions that they\'ll have to pay for out of their own pockets, or just not admit that this was the cause of their illness ??
These questions are just for openers


Thanks Striderus!  The gutting of these homes can only help TPTB to crash the U.S. housing market...bringing us all the way down...



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