ER Inspector - Find and Evaluate Every Emergency Room Near You

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Thursday, October 24, 2019 (All day)

To get the best care possible, your choice of emergency room matters. Look up hospitals ahead of time so you can evaluate where to go in an emergency. Get data on hospital quality measures, such as wait times, patient ratings and citations for emergency room violations.

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This is a MUST!  And I would suggest asking your doctor if they promote vaccines....... AND their thoughts on that matter.  That will basically tell you everything you want to know about the care you'll receive! 

Simply check out your drug/medicine on the Internet.

For example

iOS has multiple apps for drugs.

No matter what a talking head in the media says...there are no "safe drugs"...only drugs used safely! It can be said that some drugs are downright dangerous!

You benefit from learning about contraindications...adverse effects...side effects...interactions with other drugs, etc., etc.

This post is not to downgrade the contribution your doctor can make to your health. 

I simply encourage you to be a well informed consumer. Being such helps your doctor help you.

Consider watching Dr. Jerry Tennant explain ways to get healthy and why most doctors will never tell you. Easy to understand!

While no chronic disease has been cured in over 100 years, try to imagine why that is because humans with their unlimited creativity can solve any problem, given enough time, enough resources, etc.