ECETI (James Gilliland's) Response to Stephen Hawkings *PIC*

ECETI (James Gilliland's) Response to Stephen Hawkings *PIC*
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Thursday, April 29, 2010 03:57 pm

James has said this MUCH better than I did!   LOL.

Stephen Hawkins

I have been asked repeatedly to comment on Stephen Hawkins comments concerning the fact that now he says UFOs exist but most likely will be a threat and we should be in fear of contact. No matter what I say there will be the fans and pity parties who do not use discernment or common sense, which will be offended. It is time we stop looking outside our selves and do our own investigations in these matters especially after a long history of being lied to by the, " Authorities" .

Using spiritual discernment knowing there are no victims why has this man chosen this path and why is he in his current predicament? Why is the most brilliant man on our planet using the most advanced technologies not able to heal and regenerate himself? Because it is a failure of the mind to go beyond the intellect into divine mind where all things are possible and a failure of society to usher in advanced technologies which heal in direct opposition to big pharma. I know this sounds cruel and arrogant yet I am saying this to prove a point on how we give our power away to the intellect and the authorities outside ourselves thus limiting ourselves. Using base common sense we have to ask concerning the preponderance of evidence that they are already here and have been here since ancient times, why all of a sudden they would appear and say they are here to conquer us, destroy our planet, enslave us? Especially since we are already enslaved and doing a great job of destroying our planet under the thumb of the same authorities we are looking for answers. If they are advanced beings they would be working towards saving humanity and the Earth from the real enemy which is us. They would not trespass yet inspire us to take the upward spiral living in harmony with each other and our environment.

The next question is if an advanced race of space faring beings had technologies beyond our comprehension those technologies would eventually destroy them if not evolved spiritually. The same technologies if used properly would end all lack as well as all material need so why would they need us? There is the possibility of advanced tyrants yet there is also the stronger probability of spiritually and technologically advanced overseers acting on our behalf far beyond the tyrants in evolution. To promote only one side fits into the agenda warned about by insiders and famous scientists such as Werhner von Braun one of our most famous rocket scientists of a faked alien attack using back engineered technology. The creation of an off world threat to keep the war industry going. These comments fall very nicely into the fear, threat and war industry propaganda perpetuated by many main stream scientists who have forgotten the unified field in which everything is connected and karma or action/reaction. The statements were not very thought out, fall very short of logic and common sense. I find it sad they are coming from such a brilliant man most look up to yet eventually we all need to stop looking outside of ourselves and start looking within ourselves doing our own research in matters outside the mainstream corporate owned media. This includes many seemingly cutting edge radio and tv shows which act as if they are cutting edge yet still stay within certain parameters dictated by corporate sponsors. This just may be a golden opportunity to start thinking for yourselves rather than being told what to think. The real authority has always been within. Be well, James Gilliland [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]



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