Corporate Lobbying Group ALEC, American Legislative Exchange Council, Behind Mandatory Vaccine Agenda...doesn't appear to be science!

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Saturday, January 11, 2020 (All day)

Say you are a business person and want to sell a lot of product, what do you do?

You promote your product. What if there are some serious problems with your product? Well you have to name them but not necessarily in headline form. Think of pharmaceutical TV commercials. The benefits promoted and the possible adverse effects mentioned in just seconds,  via rapid speech at the end of the commercial. (Viewer says...did they just say the drug can cause GI bleeding and death?)

How about pushing your product on the population via legislation? How do you do that?

How about bribery of lawmakers? But isn't bribery illegal? Yes it is, so change the wording to "Lobbying". Make lobbying legal. Money then changes hands legally.

An industry can spread incorrect/inaccurate info. Who owns the media?  Have the media repeat your message. Such has an impact.

What is a poor consumer supposed to do with respect to maintaining his/her health?

At this link you can see how difficult that can be...



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