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Submitted by oldmanjr on 14 February 2020
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1 year 7 months ago

This might be a bit cynical but more than 500 people die everyday from auto accidents in China.

From a post in August 2015, it is said more than 4,400 people die everyday from air pollution in China.

Safe to say around 5,000 people die every day from just 2 preventable causes. At least 300,000 have died from these two causes since the coronavirus showed up. Big numbers, where's the hype?

Add in the thousands more who are injured in auto accidents and those who suffer from pulmonary diseases and haven't yet died, one can legitimately wonder if all the hype for the coronavirus scare is simply hype with an agenda.

And because of the facts above, what are the chances the government of China will listen to any solutions for the conroavirus when they have done seemingly little to decrease the death toll as listed above.

As far as death totals go, the coronavirus isn't a big deal so far.

And about the hype...never any mention of solutions!

The WHO should be saying something like....147 more people died yesterday because they were susceptible to the coronavirus...but the WHO does not say that because people would then ask, how do I make myself not susceptible?

This link will show you life expectancy based on various problems .





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