Is the climate changing? It always is! Is weather manipulated. Yes it is! The US Navy wants to own the weather. Energy weapons? Yes there are energy weapons. Raging fires in California and Australia? Yes there are. What can be done about it? Read on...

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Saturday, January 11, 2020 (All day)

Dr. James DeMeo has website worth checking out.

Specifically this link

"Research Summary About a New Method for Drought-Abatement and Desert-Greening:

Cloudbusting  ( )

A 1950s Discovery, Now Tested Globally, Holds Promise to End Drought, Diminish Wildfires and Green Deserts.

Method Already Proven in Israel, Africa, the USA and Elsewhere.

An independent scientist and former university professor now living in Oregon has, in over 40 years of field research, verified the method originally developed by Dr. Wilhelm Reich, who called it "Cloudbusting".

(Not to be confused with the many lay-enthusiast distortions.)

Positive results in ending severe droughts and wildfires, within a few weeks or even days, and returning natural cycles of rainfall, have been observed in field experiments undertaken in the USA and overseas, over many years."


If you read what is at this link, you'll be left wondering why we have out of control fires and drought. The "fix" is easy. And I have no idea why agricultural organizations aren't into this natural technology. know the site has useful info because it comes with a warning to stay away from it. TPTB do not want you to know this info. Same warnings show up for some alternative health sites. Simple censorship via the promotion of fear.

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