CA.misisile disabled by UFO? *LINK*

CA.misisile disabled by UFO? *LINK*
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Thursday, November 11, 2010 01:43 pm



Oh but the Pentagon Says, we don\'t know what it was,  what is the otherп»ї craft flying in the picture? Why no one in the media mention the second object in the sky?  The final destination of de rocket? Iran,China?  on 11/9 ?  

Obama India Trip: 40 Aircraft, 34 Warships, 3,000 Entourage, Entire Taj Mahal Booked, Coconut Removal, Bomb-Proof Tunnel Construction, 19 Million Pounds Of CO2 @ $200 Million Per Day?  and act like commander in chief president to finish the job?...............connect the dots

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