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Date: June 18 2006 (Original date the article was sent to NCCCUSA and others)

TO: National Council of Churches

[email protected]

Subject: Retribution


The word RETRIBUTION is used mainly about punishment in the hereafter, the spirit world.

Recently, I E-mailed you the Oahspe Book of Discipline, the rules for living as a mortal and an angel. I hope you read the text. If so, you will recall what God of Earth and Heavens above said in Chapter iii, versed 15-22.

Book of Discipline

Chapter III


15. Thy God cometh not as an individual; neither do my Lords (nor holy angels though they come in my name). I come in legions of thousands and millions. 16. Neither varieth the inspiration from my kingdom one jot or tittle from what it hath ever been, save in greater fullness, according to the increase of capacity in mortals to receive knowledge. 17. The spirit of my heavens pervadeth my words; through my holy angels I have spoken unto thee from thy youth up; and in my revelations thou perceivest the touch of my hand. 18.

I cry out Order, Purity, Discipline, Justice and Good Works--or, Retribution!

19. O man, beware of angels who say: In heaven there is no organization, nor God, nor Holy Council, nor discipline, nor order, nor teaching, nor self-denial, or, 20. Who say: There is no God, no Jehovih, no government in heaven, or, 21. Who say: There is no bondage after death; no place or condition of suffering, or, 22. Who say: When thou diest thy spirit shall enter paradise and dwell in perpetual ease and glory.



Just this past week, concerning the number of United States military personnel killed during the War in Iraq, someone said of the death toll, which then stood at twenty-five hundred, “Twenty-five hundred is just a number.”

Yes, it is the number of mortal beings killed in a war started by the United States in spite of the fact that God and The Almighty have issued a judgment against war!!!

Added August 19, 2007:

Question about US Causalities in the Iraq War and Answer from the Zeta Service to Other Angels:

ZetaTalk: GodlikeProduction Live
written August 11, 2007 on the GodlikeProduction live chat.


How far from the truth is the number of U.S. armed forces casualties in Iraq?

It has been rumored that non-citizens who enlist are not counted, as they are not truly citizens, and this is true. It is also true that contractors are not listed, and if their families wish to go to the media, they are threatened with loss of compensation. Considering those working for the US or their allies in Iraq, there are over 100,000 dead, with most bodies buried on site and not returned to their families. The extent of death among the Iraqi, who are almost exclusively innocents invaded and caught in the cross fire, almost a million.

Perhaps I should call your attention to the Bible For The Kosmon Era (Kosmon began March 31, 1848), OAHSPE, and the Book of God’s Judgment, as contained in the 1882 edition.

Book of Judgment


Chapter I

THESE are the words of Judgment by the will of God, Jehovih\'s Son, as rendered by Es, for the resurrection of man: 2. Hear the words of thy God, O man! I am thy elder brother of tens of thousands of years experience. Profit thou in my wisdom, and learn the discourse of thy God. 3. Jehovih, Creator of all things, spake to me, thy God, saying: Give ear unto Me, O God, My embassador of the earth and her heavens for this thy season. Obey My mandates, and teach mortals and the angels of thy lower heavens to know Me and to rejoice in My creations. The time is now come when the light of thy inspiration and thy angels shall extend around the whole earth and in her heavens also. 4. In all former cycles, My Gods had to deal with separate divisions of the earth; My revelations were unto each, for a special time, which is now at hand. I have prepared this land untrammeled with Gods and Saviors and Lords, enforced by the sword, so that My revelations of this day shall be published and not suppressed. And thou shalt reveal to mortals the plan of My worlds; and, as to who thou art, and the method of thy inspiration and dominion on the earth and her heavenly kingdoms. 5. Thou shalt keep open the gates of heaven for a season, and the spirits of the dead shall commune with mortals, good and evil, wise and foolish. And mortals shall see them, and talk with them, face to face; and they shall recognize their own kin, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters, the dead and the living. 6. And the angels shall demonstrate the subtlety of corporeal things, and the capacity of one solid to pass through another solid uninjured. 7. Yea, the angels shall bring forth from great distances heavy substances, and cast them down in the presence of mortals, who shall see these things done, and testify thereto. 8. And man shall understand, that, even as plants and trees and fish and serpents can be wielded by My angels, so also can virus and pestilence be carried by angels of darkness to cast mortals in death. 9. And thou shalt suffer evil spirits and all manner of drujas, and vampires and engrafters, to come, and manifest unto mortals, that they may know, whereof My revelations unfold the matters of earth and heaven. 10. For man shall understand what I mean by the words: As ye live on the earth, so shall ye reap in heaven. 11. And thou shalt suffer to fall in darkness such mortals as consult the angels in regard to riches, or to marriage, or to self,or for curiosity, or frivolity, or for anything of an earthly nature for profit\'s sake. They shall prosper for a season, but end in being confronted with folly and falsehood. 12. And whoso asketh for the spirits of great men, suffer ye him, to be deceived by drujas and all manner of lying spirits. 13. And whoso asketh of the sar\'gis for great men, or for Moses, or Jesus, or Kriste, or for any well-known name, as applied to ancient times, suffer him to be answered by evil spirits and deceivers. 14. Whoso desireth the angels for profit\'s sake, and he have power in sar\'gis, give unto him a band of drujas and vampires, and give them great power in signs and miracles. 15. And whoso consulteth the angels, without regard to becoming a better man himself, suffer him also, to become captive to lying spirits. 16. And to all men that feed on fish or flesh, suffer thou vampires to inhabit them. p. 754 17. And to such as drink to drunkenness, and smoke or take narcotics, suffer thou fetals and engrafters, to come upon them. 18. And in families, whose heirs are born from parents, wed for earthly considerations, suffer thou spirits of obsession, to enter and drive them mad. 19. For they shall be made to know the meaning of the word, hell, as applied to the lower heavens. 20. And to whomsoever worshippeth Gods or Saviors because of miracles, give thou them plentifully of miracles and signs through unclean spirits, and through mortal sar\'gis (mediums) of low grade. Yea, thou shalt let spirits of darkness assume to be these very Gods, that mortals may be made to know what manner of evil spirits dwell in their churches and temples. 21. And to the rich man, who maketh pretence to righteousness, but who doeth not toward the poor as to himself, give thou him a host of spirits of hypocrisy and lying, that he may realize the company he is preparing his own spirit for in heaven. 22. Give thou signs and miracles to the unclean seer as well as to the clean; to the liar and deceiver, as well as to the truthful man. 23. For I will destroy the worship of all Gods and Lords and Saviors on the ground of miracles. 24. And thou shalt take great liars, and give them lying spirits to speak through them by inspiration and entrancement. And these spirits shall profess the names of great persons long since dead. And they shall manifest great oratory and wisdom and truth; but, nevertheless, their preaching shall be of little avail for righteousness sake, or for good works. 25. And their applauding audiences will not contribute to the poor, nor found any improvement on the doctrines of the ancients. 26. For the spirits, who speak through them, shall be the first resurrection, and know not Me nor the higher kingdoms. Verily shall they be of the same order as the spirits who minister in the churches and temples, being such spirits as have not yet been delivered up from the earth. 27. And some shall say: Hear thou me, for I am God! Some shall say: Hear thou me, for I am the Lord! Some shall say: Hear thou me, for I am Jehovih! And others shall profess the names of mortals who had great power on the earth. Suffer thou them to do these things. 28. For I will make man understand that he shall accept nothing from angels or men because of the name professed. On the merit only of wisdom and truth, and such good doctrines as raise men up out of darkness and poverty and crime, shall they accept either spoken or written words. 29. And they shall try to organize to carry out good works, but they shall fail. For many will desire to be leaders, being under the influence of selfish considerations, desiring the applause of men. 30. And they will profess freedom, but they will not pledge themselves to any sacrifice, either of money or opinion for sake of the public good. 31. And little good shall come out of their works, and even less peace of soul shall come unto them. For they shall dispute and quarrel, being divided in all their ideas and philosophies and sentiments and in their understanding of My kingdoms. 32. For, by this means, shalt thou show them they are under the inspiration of the unorganized es world; and of spirits who have not yet entered into My resurrections, which I created for them. But in the time of the light of My revelations, thou shalt raise up a few, here and there, capable of the All Light. And these, thou shalt cause to form a basis for My kingdom on earth. 33. And they shall forswear all Gods and Lords and Saviors, but profess Me, the Great Spirit, Jehovih. 34. And they shall pledge themselves unto one another in fullness, as brothers and sisters, holding their possessions in common. 35. To live for sake of perfecting themselves and others in spirit, and for good works. 36. They shall not eat fish nor flesh of any creature that breathed the breath of life. 37. And keep the seventh day as a day of communion with Me and My angel hosts. 38. With rites and ceremonies explanatory of all the doctrines in the world. 39. Practicing good for evil; non-resistance to persecution and abuse. 40. And abjure war; even, if necessary, by submitting to death rather than take part therein. 41. And they shall become an organic body in communities of tens and twenties and hundreds and thousands. 42. But they shall have no leaders, only their Creator; but be organic, for sake of good works. p. 755 43. But they shall not go about preaching for sinners to go to repentance. 44. Nor preaching for charity to the poor. 45. But they shall go themselves about gathering up sinners, and the poor and helpless and orphans; and bring them into comfortable homes, teaching them how to live, to be a glory unto Me and My kingdoms. 46. To such persons shall My angels from the second resurrection come, and minister in My name for the joy of the earth. 47. And when such people die, they shall be received into the second resurrection, escaping the first. 48. Neither shall any other people in all the world escape the place of the first resurrection. 49. Be they kings, or queens, or beggars, or Brahmins, or Budhists, or Kriste\'yans, or Mohammedans, or any other pretenders in heaven or earth. 50. Behold, the day of preaching and professions is at an end. I will have practice only. 51. Whoso is not in My organic kingdoms on earth, shall go into My inorganic kingdoms in heaven. 52. Like unto like, created I the heavens and the earth, and all things therein.

And then to:

Chapter XXXII


Verses 12-32:

12. Judgment is rendered against all nations and peoples in the world who engage in war, thus bringing these afflictions upon the angels of heaven. 13. Judgment is rendered against every nation and all people in the world who carry on war, or who are accessory to war, whereby any man, created alive by Jehovih, is slain, in defence of any king or other ruler, or in defence of any country or government in all the world. 14. And, whether war be offensive or defensive, my judgment is against its aiders and abettors, and against the kings and queens, or other rulers who are parties to war, willingly, knowingly, or otherwise. 15. And I judge him guilty also who is general, commodore, captain, sergeant or private that engageth in war or taketh part therein, aiding, abetting, or otherwise, whereby any man, p. 785 created alive by Jehovih, is slain or caused to suffer death. 16. And yet, aside from angels who are in chaos, there are hundreds of millions who are in declension, instead of resurrection. Such angels are those who in mortal life were whipped and tortured in prisons, or, mayhap, were hanged, or otherwise put to death. 17. These angels take delight in evil instead of good. Sometimes they go about singly, and sometimes in gangs of hundreds and even thousands. 18. In olden times, the false Gods used such angels to fulfill curses on mortals; and to carry poison in the air, and inoculate mortals with foul diseases. 19. Behold, in this day, my angels have shown thee that they can bring flowers and ponderous bodies; even so could the false Gods with their trained warrior angels, who delighted in evil, cast mortals in death by poisons and suffocation. 20. Judgment is rendered agains all nations and peoples who use prisons as places for whipping and torturing prisoners; and against all nations and peoples who put to death, by hanging, shooting, or in any way whatsoever, any prisoner, or any person whom Jehovih created alive. 21. Judgment is rendered against the judge and the jury who condemn to death any man; and against the law-makers who make, or have left in force, a law authorizing death as a penalty against any person whom Jehovih created alive. 22. And this is the bondage I put upon all such as obey not my judgments, and conform thereto: They shall not rise above the first resurrection in heaven, whilst war remaineth upon the earth. Even though their bondage be a hundred years, or a thousand years, yet this, my judgment against them, shall not be put aside. 23. Neither shall any king, nor queen, nor any other ruler in all the world, impress as a soldier, any man who is unwilling to engage in war. And whosoever obeyeth not this my judgment shall not rise above the first resurrection in heaven whilst war remaineth on the earth. 24. Neither will I more consider the prayers of any king, or queen, or any other ruler, or any nation or people in all the world who engage in war, offensive or defensive, or who aid or abet war in any way whatsoever. 25. But I will abandon all such people; and my Lords shall abandon them; and my holy angels shall abandon them. 26. And they shall be left as a prey to their own harvest of evil spirits, and to all manner of drujas. 27. And they shall be afflicted with assassinations, and intriguers and despoilers, and with anarchy and riots and destruction. 28. For they shall be made to understand that whosoever Jehovih created alive is sacred upon the earth; and that whosoever heedeth not these, my judgments, sinneth against the Almighty. 29. Behold, it is not sufficient apology for them to say: O, an evil king will come upon my country and possess it! 30. I say unto thee, O man: All countries are Jehovih\'s. Be thou His servant unto peace and righteousness, having faith in Him. 31. Behold, thy God hath come to put away old things, and to give unto you the kingdoms of Jehovih, as they are in His exalted heavens. 32. Heed thou the judgments of thy God; thou canst not stay the hand of the Almighty.
To download OAHSPE for study scroll to the end of the Index and use the “Download” hyperlink.


The Zetas of ZetaTalk have said Oahspe is a reliable channeled work (bible), but not perfect.

Somewhere else in OAHSPE, as I recall, there is more about just what the RETRIBUTION will be for the leader the general and other soldiers of a nation that has a standing army and uses it in either a offensive or defensive war.

Because it has standing armed forces and is at war, The United States has been abandoned by God, and it seems to me that the affliction mentioned in verse 27 is happening at this time; being inflicted upon The People by the millions, if not billions, of evil spirits wandering upon the earth.

We, The People, need to cause our government to put an end to war and disband the armed forces.

If we are truly a nation under God and in obedience to the commandments of our Creator, we do not need to be more than a virtuous people.

What is needed is a Virtuous People, and then, with Faith in Jehovih and a commitment to keeping His Commandments, a Pure in Body, Mind and Spirit People would not need an Army to fight for them against any neighbor.

A majority of American People are not pure; they eat flesh and worship idols. Also, they are ignorant concerning the Unseen Worlds of Jehovih and concerning the nature of their own souls.

When a mortal dies all that leaves this life and this world is the soul, if it has any substance at all, and a record of everything done while incarnate, both good and bad.

All I took with me when I had my NDE’s were my memories (full record in the soul) about all the choices and decisions I made. I will always be responsible for the choices and decisions I have made. If restitution needs to be made as a result of any deed or omission, I must make it right myself.

That will be MY first labor in the Es World: until I have undone all that was no good and all that I harmed love me. I may take me a long time!

Remember this, God OF Earth and the heavens above it has said,


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