And then when I need a good laugh AND can abide some great humor... I seek out Ol' Ben.

And then when I need a good laugh AND can abide some great humor... I seek out Ol' Ben.
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Saturday, May 16, 2009 12:29 am

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Message = The latest Blog from Benjamin Fulford! This is also cool info to learn about...knowing that the reporters in Japan will have no other choice but to start reporting honestly or face the consequences. Hopefully they will report about the bioterriosm of the Bush/Clintons so that other doctors, who spoke up announcing that it was a bio weapon, will be in the company of others reporting the same truth!

\\\"A final warning to Bush/Clinton crime gang flunkies in Japan

This is a final warning to the traitorous Japanese slaves of the Bush/Clinton crime gang. All politicians, media moguls, TV commentators, Royal Household Agency employees, bureaucrats etc, who have been either bribed or blackmailed by the Bush/Clinton crime gang are being warned. No further traitorous activity is to be permitted. The Bush/Clinton crime gang is under international attack and is about to collapse. Some very dangerous people are rumoured to have a list of Japanese traitors that includes all Japanese members of the Trilateral Commission. If these people do not immediately start cooperating with the Japanese independence movement it is rumored these people will be purged. We will expect the Japanese corporate media to start reporting that the “swine flu” was really a bio-weapons attack by Papa Bush. If this truth is not reported the presidents of the big media companies will be held directly responsible, according to rumors circulating in the underworld.\\\"

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