And then there's Dr. Len's Take........... URGENT FLU SALVATION REPORT *LINK*

And then there's Dr. Len's Take........... URGENT FLU SALVATION REPORT *LINK*
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Monday, May 25, 2009 04:26 pm


Dear Healthy World Member,

This is an URGENT MESSAGE to be circulated as far and fast as possible:

heart528Click on this link to:

We are now only 3.5 weeks away from LIVE H2O, and last week I learned how the Living Water shall be involved in our physical salvation and spiritual protection from the advancing global genocide. The current H1N1 pandemic was seeded to become the Swine/Avian/Spanish flu "Big One" by this fall, according to the accumulated intelligence I have received, and am hereby passing on to you as a humble servant and "Watchman."

Ironically, and by Divine direction, we shall perform the Concert for the Living Water for protection and evolution, praying, chanting, and drumming together for lasting peace on earth, world health, and universal prosperity, June 19-21, 2009, with great assured success!

I am on my way to London this afternoon and will not return to the U.S. for more than a week. I had hoped to produce, before leaving, another SPECIAL REPORT http//[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]/watch?v=GBeKB7aKzOs on YouTube for broadcasting this new information, but I simply ran out of time. Not wanting to delay getting you this URGENT information, I pray the link and new web article will, with your help, get this critical message out to our extended family worldwide. It may be that your participation in prayer in honor of The Living Water, on June 21, 2009, at 5PM PST (8PM EST), may be the most important prayer you will ever pray in your life. It may be this prayer is required to seal you (spiritually) in the "Book of Life" during the forthcoming 42 months of GREAT TRIBULATION. For this, we now come together to sing and chant in honor of The Living Water in and around us, in LOVE (528Hz).

(In case you missed my previous mailings, by everything I am witnessing in the world of science and medicine, religion and theology; in terms of revelation, we shall be fulfilling much of Rev. 13 and 14, ousting the "beast from the sea," beginning June 21, 2009, for 42 months (Rev. 13:5) until Dec. 21, 2012. Then, according to many brilliant scholars who have advanced this thesis, we will receive huge solar flares and cosmic radiations mediated and remedied by The Living Water.)

So please read, and re read, this new article I have posted on at your earliest availability. I sincerely, with all my heart, request that you do this--attend to this information--to make your provisions for salvation.

Finally, again I am sending you this link to a FREE [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] PLAYER with an instant EMBED CODE for ANYONE YOU KNOW WHO HAS A WEBSITE to become a broadcaster of LIVE H2O--Concert for the Living! Our goal is to have 1440 players installed on websites worldwide by June 18, 2009. That is only 3.5 weeks from now, SO DO NOT DELAY sending this urgent notice to your extended family and loved ones worldwide.

Thanks for your service to our glorious Creator.

Arya ben Schlomo ha Levi
(a.k.a. Dr. Len Horowitz [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] )
Executive Producer,
LIVE H2O--Concert for the Living Water!

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