Airbus AF447 Sabotaged by Explosives? *PIC*

Airbus AF447 Sabotaged by Explosives? *PIC*
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Tuesday, June 09, 2009 09:06 am

please compare this RMN posting of today
to my article 7 days ago here at TNT

Source: Flight 447 Brought down by Sabotage - Related to Current Eco Problems

Posted By: Rayelan
Date: Monday, 8-Jun-2009 23:39:21

Air France 447

One of my sources got news Friday, about what the intel circles are saying in Europe, that Air France 447 was brought down through sabotage. That some type of explosion was carried out under the cockpit area, which in turn disabled the aircraft\'s electronic control mechanism. Whoever did it did not want the pilots in the cockpit to radio out, so they disabled the cockpit first.

quote repeated:

\"what the intel circles are saying in Europe\"

Okay, the \'intel circles\' obviously read here at TNT, I suppose, did anybody ever doubt?
Admitted, they are a little bit belated, the European Intelligentcia (npi) but if you go back, step by step, it\'s a long way: from Europe to Texas and Los Angeles via Virginia, then back to Europe creeping into the \'intel circles\' until somebody picks it up and sends it to Atlanta Network Solutions LLC and from there to Monterey Bay, California. You see what\'s the problem with the \'intel circles\', especially with the \'Central Intelligents (npi) double-headed Agencies\'?

It would have been so easy just to have a look at Trusted News Trader,
the TNT specialists.

quote myself:

CNN update - more significant details
By: Dancer
Date: 6/1/09 12:05 pm

I remember a similar incident with an Australian Airliner over the Pacific, they \"lost\" a door in the cargo belly, later it turned out that it could only have been a bomb.
A small piece of explosives, sorts of a chewing gum size but out of sempex or C4 placed at a vulnerable point could disrupt the main lines - though it\'s several layers?

Once I saw a film about the possibility of hidden inflammation within the tubes where the electric wires run, the plastic cover itself was slowly inflammable when it was meant to protect against damage by fire.

Questions as usual:

Passenger list, who was on board?
What was on board? Special freight?
Which company is in charge for security at the airport in Brazil?


and NO, I do not belong to any \'circles\'
just dare to use my memory and some brain cells from time to time

npi = no pun, intended

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