Admirable Steadfastness plus: Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch":D *PIC*

Admirable Steadfastness plus: Bloodhound Gang - "The Bad Touch":D *PIC*
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009 10:02 am

Welcome back, Peter!

I hope you agree when I copy and pep up an excerpt from one of your links,
it\'s this special issue:


(1) === The Solar System is inherently unstable and at irregular intervals other planets repeatedly pass close to the earth destroying civilisations and modifying religions, the last such event probably having occurred only 2,700 years ago, although censored out of the historical and geological records by common consent via collective scotoma / amnesia.

he violence and hate we perpetrated upon those sentient beings.

(6) === Animal experimentation or vivisection is entirely fraudulent and has been generating an avalanche of \"animal tested\" (=UNTESTED) poisons which is the major source of environmental pollution and will soon destroy the earth\'s life support system, enabling us to repeat and relive the forgotten survivalist emergencies, because traumatic amnesia sufferers always strive to repeat the forgotten trauma. Thus, in contrast to the *fake debate* on vivisection promoted by the media and by the fake \"antivivisection\" groups, the reality is that animal experimentation is the most catastrophic event to befall the human race in the past 2,700 years.
(7) === Our three major societal arrangements [who arranged with whom and why?] were devised and imposed for the specific purpose of making us miserable and filled with repressed rage to be discharged on the battlefields of permanent inter-tribal wars. Thus, the intended PURPOSE of our tragic civilisation was and still is to keep us all miserable and to keep the human population on a permanent war footing. As such, our three major societal arrangements have no validity and never had any legitimacy and should be abolished. Those three pain-generating societal arrangements are:

(a) the mother-infant relationship which consists largely of institutionalised child abuse;

(b) the prohibition on expressing love for the ones we love the most, also known as the incest taboo; [totally wrong and misleading, love and genital sex are not the same thing, the incest taboo is a wise and sane rule to avoid the negative effects of inter-tribal procreation]

(c) the amazing ban on loving more than one person (=the rationing of love, =marriage =\'having a partner\') [totally wrong and misleading, love and genital sex are not the same thing, the defamation of promiscuity is a wise and sane rule to avoid the negative side effects of untamed sexual activity, physical and mental health included]

These three basic societal arrangements define our tragic civilisation; they automatically ration love and generate pain and repressed rage and never had any validity nor any legitimacy. They are prescribed by religions only because religions generally are rooted in the forgotten survivalist emergencies and therefore religions were designed to facilitate permanent inter-triblal war. Hence our three major societal arrangements should be abolished as soon as feasible in the interests of healing our civilisation and ending human suffering, and this subject too is forbidden, hidden under a veil of scotoma / amnesia.

[old somewhat outworn New Age slogan: Make Love Not War! - the reason for wars is not a lack of sex or the incest taboo within those who suffer the most from the arranged manslaughter, the average hard working people, that\'s totally ridculous and fraudulent]

(8) === What is happening in the nursing homes (and in old age generally) is a compulsive and pathological repeat performance of the worst horrors of the mother-infant relationship, or a final, feeble protest against what our mothers did to us, again barred from our conscious awareness by collective scotoma / amnesia.
[the majority of physically and mentally sane mothers are naturally loving and caring as far as their struggle for life and their material pre-disposition allow it]

(9) === Although we [who is WE here?] like to imagine we are striving in various ways \'to make the world a better place\' and \'to put an end to human suffering,\' we are actually and unwittingly striving for permanent failure and permanent stagnation from a long-term perspective, and this addiction to stagnation and failure is in large measure an analogue or \'acting out\' or mimicking of our eleven-thousand-year failure to restore sanity and decency to the mother-infant relationship, which is something we all yearn for intensely in our innermost being but feel unable even to articulate, let alone make a start at achieving it.

(10) === We can prove scientifically beyond any doubt [I doubt it] that God [which God, whose God or G-d?] exists, although.
It is not the personalised, humanised, *magnified man* god of religions. [is this relevant and basic premise to propagate and justify incest and promiscuity?]

Do I see the de-valuation of all values?
Propagation of anarchy and chaos?
Chimp culture? Bonobo life style?

Blood Hound Gang - THE BAD TOUCH Original Version


It was documented that

apes in wildlife are engaged in gang rape, cannibalism, murderous rivalry; they kill other ape species to eat the flesh; apes in wildlife sometimes fight kind of tribal wars


Lack of incestuous activity?
Not enough promiscuity?

Bonobo - our closest relative. Face, eyes and ears very human

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