2012 - The Unity Of Two Galaxies.

2012 - The Unity Of Two Galaxies.
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Monday, September 12, 2011 02:13 pm

Disclose TV: DISCOVERY OF JULY 20th 2006

The overall biggest contributing cause to Global Warming, and the melting of the polar icecaps of -- both -- Earth and Mars is actually caused by our arrival down into the brighter, more energetic equator region of the Milky Way galactic disc as we are coming in from deeper space.

While the rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels cyclically charted by such scientists and researchers as quoted by Al Gore are powerful indicators, and even possible contributors to the unmistakable levels of climate and other changes, and pollution from the choices man has made are an increasing burden to the ecosystem of the planet, the larger cause of global warming by far is the first time in history event of the permanent merging of Earth and the Solar System with the higher energy state equatorial-orbital-disc region of the spiral armed Milky Way Galaxy.

DISCOVERY OF NOVEMBER 30th 2006: The real reasons for both global warming and the ending of the Mayan calendar in 2012. We are part of a smaller galaxy that the Milky Way has put the \'come hither\' on and we are just now coming down even with and going to actually turn and join with the spinning whirlpool Milky Way disc after some 2 billion years of circling around it at a near right angle as part of our parent galaxy called the Sagittarius Dwarf.

This grand turning is also the root cause for the discontinuation of the Mayan calendar (the most accurate on the planet) because the \'read-point\' of the Pleiades star cluster from Earth the calendar was based upon could no longer be a constant as we begin to steer away from the earlier chart-ably predictable movement. This is a third discovery made 5 months after the first two, and possibly gives 2012 ancient prophesy issues a somewhat different perspective and footing.

The new understanding is that we (as a solar system) were not ever directly a part of the Milky Way.

If you go outside and look you will see that it is actually sideways in the night sky....

We are part of a smaller galaxy that the Milky Way has put the \'come hither\' on and we are just now going to actually turn and join with the Milky way after some 2 billion years of circling around it at a near right angle as part of our parent galaxy called the Sagittarius Dwarf.

Sagittarius Dwarf is now so stretched out that it has lost gravitational hold and cohesiveness to our solar system and we will finally join the \"sideways in the sky\" Milky Way for the first time in our history. Our solar system is apparently going to finally take a right angle turn for the first time in history and start going around in the Milky Way whirlpool. This is all newer information... and yes it is fact. How fast we turn and exactly where and how fast the changes are going to happen are simply not predictable. We have never joined a new galaxy before as a solar system like this.


Life on Earth has already managed to survive no less than eight passages both around and through the higher energy equatorial plane of the Milky Way according to the carbon dated historical time line, and the rather than being something to fear -- we may actually have that to thank for providing the building blocks of the tremendously rich diversities of evolving life and species alive on Earth today. Primordial conditions may in fact have been even somewhat accelerated due to the vastly greater spectrum, quantities, and array of DNA mutating higher quantum energy harmonics as well as the concentrations of rare primordial elements to be found therein. There is so much that we don\'t know, but are clearly now on the road to find out.

All now points to the Milky Way where we even now are finally making our new home in a grand reorganization into a new galactic neighborhood, beginning with the global changes to the weather throughout the solar system, as well as the temperature and currents of our oceans.


When not so drastic, just keeping track of all the types and extraordinary number of recently building natural changes has become a bit of a spectator sport, as they are more often than not, the most interesting things reported in the news from day to day.

A galactic and global system in a state of reorganization may be found to to be polarizing between climatological extremes until arriving at a new state of relative balance.


The discovery of May 30th 2006 reveals that the apparent placement of Earth at the nexus of these two galaxies has far greater significance than any had yet imagined--

Earth and her Sun star system is not aligned with the near 90 degree off-angle galaxy in the sky (now) before us because the Milky Way is not our parent galaxy.

This has been an amazingly significant historical and scientific discovery waiting to happen, now solving age-old mysteries that have baffled science, astronomy, and ancient prophesy researchers for centuries.


We of the overarching Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy have finally come down next to, and even with the massively powerful spiral armed equatorial plane of the Milky Way Galaxy.

In our movement through space --

-- our Earth has now fully begun to respond to the more powerful galactic energies and electro-gravitational bias as we have reached the higher energy equatorial disc region of the massive spiral armed adjacent galaxy, the Milky Way.


After some two billion years of arching around in an off-angle galactic sized elliptical loop like a dolphin jumping from one edge of a round pool in an arch to the other, our whole direction is apparently to be changing. Rather than going up and around in a vertical loop while turning with the Milky Way below, we as a solar system are going to be now centering in with the turning whirlpool shaped Milky Way spiral galactic disc-- and moving horizontally like a dolphin swimming around with the current amidst the outer edge region of an incomprehensibly huge brightly glowing and turning whirlpool galaxy in space.

20th of July 2006: Second Pivotal finding:

The greater levels of actual temperature change by far--

-- are actually being fueled by the adjusting of our Solar System to the the higher energy states of our new galactic neighborhood. The passage of Voyager II, observed recent pole shifts for both Neptune, and Uranus, while the Martian ice caps are now increasingly melting in as baffling a manner as Earth\'s.

Global Warming:
The Real Reasons

The Union of Two Galaxies-- A New Beginning for Earth

Two surprise astro-science discoveries made just months apart, the first being made 5/30/06, are causing the rewriting of all the astrophysics, science, and astronomy books, and solving age-old mysteries that have baffled science, astronomy, and ancient prophesies researchers for centuries, including the biggest cause overall of Global Warming.

Top astrophysics teams from both the Universities of Virginia, and Massachusetts in 2003 discovered that some two billion years ago, the Milky Way galaxy put the cosmic \"come hither\" on a nearby galaxy come now to be known as the Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy.

Those scientists traced this little galaxy\'s path playing hard-to-get and ring around the rosy as having circled up and around the Milky Way at a near 90 degree off-angle at least eight different times until finally circling down around to now intersect and merge through the Milky Way equatorial disc -- right through our local space.

With the aid of infrared telescopes, and super computers, scientists were recently able to distinguish the Sagittarius Dwarf presence, position, and looping shape out from the mass of background stars and create a new star map putting our solar system right into the intersecting stream of the two galaxies.

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