2012 Thoughts from the Collective Part 1 *LINK*

2012 Thoughts from the Collective Part 1 *LINK*
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Published on Aug 30, 2012

Wonderful things come to light when we begin to see things from a wider perspective, the bigger picture.... Here\'s something we put together with love for all of you. You may have read them and how awesome these messages were in individualSoulspeak interviews, but together, oooh wow... even more awesome. Thoughts on 2012 from the Collective (Part I) , only from Soulspeak.

Thank you Olive Bartlett for creating this beautiful video for us... and thank you Meg Benedicte, Franco DeNicola, Brandon Strickland, Marlee Ann Bonnette , Inelia Benz , Cora Flora Dolores Cannon and Mallku Aribalo for the inspiration!

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