2012 - Positive Timeline: The Age of Awakening by Laura M. Eisenhower *LINK* *PIC*

2012 - Positive Timeline: The Age of Awakening by Laura M. Eisenhower *LINK* *PIC*
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Saturday, February 18, 2012 10:06 am

Laura has been on A Fireside Chat, which is in our Archives here.  I find her information to be highly resonant and empowering.


Tuesday, March 23, 2010


2012 – Positive Timeline: The Age of Awakening

After coming out with my story about a Mars Colony and being a whistleblower to some of the agendas I know exist in particular branches of the hidden government – here are some things that have emerged since then.

First of all, this is a hard story to get to the bottom of. I am left with lingering questions and the fact that they are not being answered leads me to believe that there is still more to uncover and find out.

Addressing Reactions

I have heard about people questioning whether or not I am indeed related to Ike based on online information. I do have a driver’s license and birth certificate and it is an easy thing to prove if need be. My family and I are close and my friends and partners know them as well. I would think that someone from the Eisenhower family would have come forward by now saying I am a lying impostor!
Another thing that has been greatly doubted is my connection to the archetypes and Sophia. This is not new agey. This has always been in existence. It is about ancient wisdom, Holy Grail, the Tree of Life, Myth and Gaia and that is not new. Perhaps re-awakening to Sophia is new and being conscious of our multi-dimensional nature that has been veiled from many.

Sophia has always been here working behind the scenes, breaking free from the forces of patriarchy and the archons through an intense journey into the underworld. She has had the task of retrieving her many aspects, reclaim her power and create transformation in the Hell regions, in order to restore the creative vessel of the Mother Womb that has been overrun by control and suppression.

Some of us have been holding the sacred flame of the new paradigm and are rooted in the depths and origins of creation. This is our chance to awaken the divine spark within ourselves so that the imbalances and corruptions in our world can iron themselves out and we can heal our DNA in an accelerated way.

Does it not make sense that UFO and ETs and Mars would have some kind of connection to Sophia and the Divine Feminine? If one studies Gnosticism and the archons and becomes more aware of the Ancient Game, Venus and their relationship to Mars, it is not that far-fetched at all and it actually all connects.

What is she anyway? She represents freedom, the divine blueprint, spirit and Unity. We all know these things have been neglected, repressed and aspects of the feminine have been in exile. So, it makes a lot of sense that this force would be subject to these types of scenarios.

What happens to her happens to all of us. We are here to co-create, not worship or see ourselves as separate. To each their own though.

\"More and more people, within many spiritual traditions, are awakening to this realization. \"The Shalom of the Holy; the disclosure of the gracious Shekinah; Divine Wisdom; the empowering Matrix; She, in whom we live and move and have our being - She comes; She is here.\" ~ Caitlin Matthews

Does it make sense that there is someone who embodies this energy and is doing this work and walking this path in profound ways? Well of course, it is a necessity and a reality! Do I have a feeling that woman is me? I carry a strong code and it has been confirmed by 12+ psychics, but I know she is within all of us. I am here to remind us of this and the Sacred Union of Christ-Sophia within.

When we awaken to such things and walk in integrity and wisdom, we have all the potential in the world and our Consciousness is restored. This is not religion, this is not New Agey stuff, this is who we really are!

Just to make clear, in light of the reactions I have gotten about being delusional from certain groups and on threads all over the place regarding my connection to Sophia – my current partner was witness to a renowned psychic and medical intuitive who straight up told me that I am not just an essence, I am the identity of Sophia and he explained in depth my responsibility and what we are capable of creating. He also has seen my voice print charts that reveal this as well.

He knows and is aware of the responsibility that comes along with it and is willing to share what he knows of this publicly at anytime.

More Clarification on the Mission

A little more of the background about this mission and how it is possible that it is connected to Sophia is described below in this quote taken from old emails in 2006 with Agent X.

Something he calls the \'Patrons\' communicated to Agent X about this mission. The word around the circle of people he knows – is that there are disturbances in the field and we need to be out of here in 5 years. He told me and Ki\' Lia about the ships. The excerpt below is from an actual email that I have saved on file. He wrote this after she expressed interest about some projects in which he wanted her funding and planning assistance. She and I at the time were working on Earth mission projects both together and independently.

\"Laura obviously has told you about our plans for an Exodus. The first Ark will be named Sophia. She will carry several hundred individuals to another planet, with eleven ships for escort and exploration. We have five and a half years to develop the Exodus fleet. To me the most telling song beyond what my \'Patrons\' have told me, is that the Looking Glass Project has never ever been able to look into the future beyond 2012.\"

Agent X sometimes sounded like it was all his idea to go to Mars. But yet, this is where I see the Patrons come in and the communications that he was getting. At the time I had an intuitive sense that what he was hearing was being done through chips and the holographic false alien energies. I believe that is what he calls the Patrons - those false communications. I am not writing this because I am accusing anyone of anything or I am certain I am correct, but I have been alerted to this and it cannot be ignored. If it is not connected to anything of a false nature, then there has been no harm done to share my concern.

I sensed something dark and sinister underneath the guise of a friendly plan about going to Mars. It started off friendly, but then things changed.

To understand the power behind manipulations and false experiences on an ET and UFO level, it is important to educate oneself about this type of thing in this link below. What you believe is your freewill. There of course are very real experiences and encounters too.


Maybe this was all done through real aliens and they directed Agent X to get assistance from those involved with physics and technologies, with background knowledge and expertise. Perhaps they were using Alien technologies and there was some kind of agreement. I know with the treaties of the past with Presidents like Eisenhower, these thoughts are not that far off the mark as being possible. Agent X saw deer mutilations which are noted by many sources, and I witnessed the fact that he was not only in communication with hidden groups, but also in communication with something in the sky.

I also am aware that some organizations create the so-called abduction scenarios and then call the people in to study the effects, while pretending that they are investigators and that they are actually concerned. I know there are bases on Earth with UFO looking crafts that people suspect are real ETs when they are sent flying around. I know both the false and the real thing exist and sense we have some profoundly good allies out there, but we should beware – evil and manipulation often appear friendly and helpful and being fooled is something that has happened far too often!

Some of us will be able to tell the difference in the future if and when these things present themselves. Let us hope that these folks have a voice and that the right guides are accessible and in place. I certainly will make myself available.

I am not pointing fingers or naming names – but I do know that some of the folks that were a part of these discussions and plans for this mission did have associations in the past to things like MK-Ultra. In what way I am not sure, so it is only a cause for alert in me. I am not interested in finding names, I am interested in forgiveness and moving forward and living in the solutions and the antidotes.

I remove myself from associating with any names I publicly mentioned in the past as well, and am just here to look at the facts...

It\'s hard to say whose idea this mission really was – even though I suspect that it was all pre-planned and feel it is connected to a Mars Colony, or Agent X would not have been so immersed in their missions and their power over him. I highly doubt it was just some pie in the sky idea, if someone had actually sent him to find me.

Not everyone involved in this mission is able to get the whole picture; they are only familiar with their particular role which is more than likely assisting a much larger agenda that has been in the works for a very long time.

Perhaps it was all a peaceful mission and not connected at all to a global elite plan. Well if that is the case, why was Agent X sent to find me? Because they had an interest in me and the part I could play?

I only have my reaction in an email draft form, after he told me he was sent, 9 months after knowing him. Here I am asking questions about why this would be so. I spoke to him in person about it and that is when I found out many things relating to me and my children. Here is a little excerpt from the email that was never sent...


\"How did you know I was going to be at the gathering. I was the one who came and sat next to you? Did you then clue in to the fact that I was who you were looking for? DID you have a description? Was finding me related to Magdalene or Eisenhower?

Are the people who want you to do missions, aware of our connection?

Who is trying to harm us?

I have a hard time believing you knew all of this upon meeting me, it makes more sense that you would of found out after the fact...\"

There are so many cover-ups and disinformation out there, that it is too much to pick anyone person out who is really behind all of this. I just know it is connected to something that wants control. As well intentioned as Agent X might be, there is something behind all of this that I feel does not have our best interests at heart.

This particular article below is a testimony to the type of thing I was sensing and experiencing and that I have always known exists. I myself didn’t experience mind-control, but many partners I have had have shown clear signs and they all seemed to be dealing with ETs, acting robotic, with paranoia and delusions. I have more felt targeted and attacked by psychotronic weaponry and manipulation through chipped partners. Any attempts made on me to control me, I was able to overcome. I am aware of how they find persons of interests and monitor them, and some of the tales go much darker. I have some personal stories to share on that front...


“The biggest hurdle for TIs (targeted individuals) is getting people to take their concerns seriously. A proposal made in 2001 by Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) to ban \"psychotronic weapons\" (another common term for mind-control technology) was hailed by TIs as a great step forward. But the bill was widely derided by bloggers and columnists and quickly dropped.:”

“What he was finding on his research trips also buttressed his belief: Girard learned that in the 1950s, the CIA had drugged unwitting victims with LSD as part of a rogue mind-control experiment called MK-ULTRA. He came across references to the CIA seeking to influence the mind with electromagnetic fields.

“Elsewhere, he came across references to attempts to use electromagnetic energy, sound waves or microwave beams to cause non-lethal pain to the body. For every symptom he experienced, he believed he found references to a weapon that could cause it.”

Agent X wouldn’t have necessarily known that they were dealing with a Mars colony or that their plan was to get a bunch of strong Earth missions off of this planet, or that there may have been reasons behind of a dark nature with the hopes to sabotage our potential here in this World. His role was in regards to having the paranoia and passion to make this happen. There was constant information that he was sharing that were all fear based about disasters that were about to take place – many of which never did.

It is important to always be prepared, but when the focus is solely on an escape plan or the fear of future events, it doesn’t leave much time to focus on the solutions and existence of the positive timeline. All the money is invested in the wrong places and our dollars are supporting our lowest potential, in service to those who wish to run our lives and soul – rather than our highest potential that can bring to light beneficial technologies,alternative healing methods and harmonious systems and solutions to deal with our mass-consumption and high populations...

If we as a humanity have the option to travel to Mars, it certainly should be a choice not based on manipulation or creating events and doom scenarios that cause people to want to flee. The dangers of inhabiting another planet are as real as the dangers and threats we have here on Earth, especially with the state of things here in this world.

At times it does feel we are hanging on by threads and that is simply because each and every individual is not being utilized for his/her creative potential and unique gifts – many purposes and geniuses are being hidden. But what is most important regardless of where we are is knowing how to break free from control and reclaiming our power from the forces that wish to take our freedom and human rights away.

I have an infinite amount of confidence in what we are able to create here though, and the minor adjustments needed to bring about a safe passage aren’t as overwhelming as we may think.

The more we know, the more we will know how to act, and if truth is revealed we can make choices that suit our comfort rather than be submissive to a large-scale trend of being in the dark while awaiting a reaction to what the powers-that-be reveal, or may not reveal to us. How do we know to trust what we will even hear and see? How do we know if I am even for real? At least this offers another choice and perspective, and maybe even perhaps an awakening that leads to relief and clarity because I am in support of us being authentically true to ourselves in the most organic way.

Addressing Public Statement

Although in a public statement Agent X denies much of this regarding not only my connection to Sophia but this recruitment, I have some information that at least brings up both issues.

In emails he mentions knowing he has to be with me (intuitively maybe he feels this – rather than it being told to him) because of the Magdalene/Grail King thing and re-birthing Sophia out of troubled waters and how dangerous it is.

Whoever is desperate for this proof of any of what I am writing, they will have to contact me. I can provide solid evidence from other sources about my identity, but I don’t see the point in trying to prove too much when really the truth will remain whether it is believed in or not. Our own inner truth free from manipulation is far more important anyway.

I am not here to smear Agent X, or expose too much of our personal conversations – but if I have to defend my integrity and feel it would help protect the human race and one\'s faith in the legitimacy of my words, than I am open to sharing in private, emails connected to this and the mission as long as it is for the right reasons.

To both Ki\' Lia and I, this was about protection and an escape plan... later he revealed that they (associates) had mentioned my identity as Magdalene/Sophia and that everything that I know about myself and share about myself is indeed true. By this time he had to take apart all of the equipment (cell phones, computer batteries) to share this with me.

Curiously enough, this link discusses Mars, Magdalene/Isis, Osiris, 2012 and Mars missions. I can’t say I agree with all that is written, but when all of these names and concepts arrived at my door I found it interesting that there is an article online that mentioned these things.


This article below also validates that there was indeed a mission that is in the context of what I was dealing with and the people that presented the idea to me.


\"Information provided to STARstream Research in 2006 and 2007 specifically identified 2012 as the target date for establishing a Martian outpost. Although this seems highly unrealistic, and the initial funding amount of 200 million US dollars seems far too low for a realizable Mars mission, it is possible the amount was intended to fund research to solve the various problems required to proceed on a more realistic mission in the future.

According to our files, the idea of a Mars mission, which was reported by Ms. Eisenhower, fell out of a concept development strategy and did initially include \"Mars colony\" and a target date of 2012.\"

Conclusion and Closure

From day one, Ki\' Lia and I were sharing our plans and visions on Earth and while in my relationship with Agent X, I was encouraging us to stay on Earth. He kept saying stuff about the mission and that although these ideas to stay on Earth were noble and he admired it greatly; the issue was that WWIII and IV had already begun, and we needed to get out of here or at least be prepared. At this point it all sounds legit.

The plan sounded like Noah\'s ark, it sounded like both our voices and missions would be honored, and you can clearly hear and feel Agent X’s innocence, passion and high regard for the feminine in the letters and discussions we had in the beginning. Yet, he is convinced we must go, and at this point his behavior was not odd, so the conversations were flowing about an idea that had a lot of potential for negotiation and discussion.

Most of these doom scenarios have been noted to originate from the plans of the Global Elite so that we are easily deceived when they use technology to stage false events related to a second coming and even alien wars. The whole idea is to control us through fear so that we will want to get off of Earth or actively co-create a doom scenario through adopting a belief system that can manifest a nightmare or a false sense of hope that gives our power away – rather than manifest the dream that we are more than capable of creating.

What also makes sense to me are the agreements with lower alien races that relate to advanced technology, and plans to control us and use us like slaves through ELF and psychotronic weaponry, electronic harassment and HAARP. I feel that agreements have been established that have gotten out of control, but more so because of the human involvement in sharing in the alien technology to fulfill a human/global elite – alien agenda.

I refused to make Mars my focus when I was with Agent X and tried to allow him to see all that was possible on Earth and all the visions I had. I was only open to Mars as long as it seemed ethical, as long as I had a voice that could be taken seriously and as long as the Earth missions and goals could be looked at and implemented.

Agent X eventually stopped wanting to hear those ideas from both Ki\' Lia and I about our Earthly plans, and the Mars plan took over. No matter how much I tried to communicate with him and help him in what seemed to be chaotic, there was nothing I could do. That is when the distancing and breakdown of it began, and she and I were no longer really involved.

If it was even remotely legit – Earth missions and Mars missions would have been equally important. There would not have been so much attack or secrecy.

If his Patrons were real ETs, or this was just a great idea he came up with one day and was just going to have assistance from others to make this possible, I doubt the word \'handler\' would have come up or all the leaking about such significant things like their awareness of my identity, and I doubt he would have been sent to find me... Same with the death threats, if he stayed on Earth with me... or the kidnapping thing or the archetypes...

If this was all unrelated to an agenda that has been in the works for a long time – I doubt any of this other stuff would have ever come up.

There is nothing wrong with having survival colonies and being prepared as a human race, but when there are cover-ups, manipulations and a person’s free will is being robbed for the sake of human and/or alien goals or agendas in regards to projections about the future, or the need to control and direct another person’s path and destiny – then that is when something is just NOT right.

How I Empower the Positive Timeline

I have endless thoughts and ideas, action plans and solutions and can link our ancient history, wisdom, divine blueprints and evolution into present time – knowing that a golden future is a result of us being able to harness our creative power and our highest potential through a deeper and more intimate knowledge of our roots and the hidden aspects of truth that are out there.

I am aware of what it takes to reach our ultimate goals and protect the integrity of consciousness, and what is required of us to truly have freedom and justice in this world. I have access to technologies, plans and truths that can restore our planet and am connected to many who are already actively working on preventing Global Crisis and who are manifesting all the necessary change.

I wish to draw attention to the things that are most important for our world right now and hope to steer our creative power into the causes, projects and understandings – that create the greatest shift both internally and externally.

I have both practical, logical wisdom and a deep understanding of the esoteric, paranormal and mystical. With a wide range of interests and a vast education that was mostly self taught, I am capable of Uniting us and our missions and truly taking us on an adventure that captivates the soul, our deepest hopes and quest for answers. And I can help reunite us with what is most familiar and important for our awareness to grasp - as we transition into an age of Awakening...

This is a false war – there are harmful technologies and we can stop these wars. We all are connected to the forces and many who are doing work to stop this. This is why I am coming out. Regardless of this story, the positive timeline must be empowered and any potential deceits and inhumane use of technology or any doom scenario must be addressed and looked at closely – because the only doom we are in for is the potential that we might be controlled and led to believe in things that play on our weakness and vulnerability, when in fact we may have nothing to fear at all.

Many are blind to the manipulative agenda, including certain presidents. Anytime we act out of fear, we have dug ourselves deeper into the false matrix. When we act from wisdom and awareness of who we really are - we are agents of divine will, rather than part of the breeding doom scenarios that become a self-fulfilling prophecy, coupled with many forces that support that. We also need to guard against false second-comings and recognize that it is our divine blueprint that is becoming illuminated. We do not need to be rescued, just awakened.

“There is a lot of work that is ahead of us as we dismantle the technologies, dissolve the poisons and break free of the games and lies. There are agreements between lower alien races and humans and because of this things have gotten out of control. Our universal allies must be recognized and we must mend the errors of the past through being the solution – rather than the product of their control and projections about our future.

We have to fall back on our positive nature and higher self to give our creative energy the fuel to break free. We can do this! We are the creators and dreamers. We can safely travel throughout space as well - with our freedom, divinity and spirit intact.

\"Sophia is not a Goddess for women or men exclusively. She will give us a totality of wisdom, if we accept her for both the practical earth wisdom of the Black Goddess and the transcendent cosmic wisdom of the World-Soul which are equally available to us.\" ~ Caitlin Matthews

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