2012 Planetary Forecast... (Very cool:)...Written in December 2011...

2012 Planetary Forecast... (Very cool:)...Written in December 2011...
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This forecast is divided into four parts:

Part 1 covers the physics and metaphysics of the transition to 2012 with information on how to prepare
Part 2 covers specific events you should anticipate
Part 3 covers important dates to remember in 2012
Part 4 covers individual predictions for every astrological sign

Part 1 – The Metaphysics and Physics of 2012

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope... Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities, 1859

Charles Dickens wrote the above passage more than 150 years ago, in a year when solar storms rivaled the intense solar activity produced by our sun today. He also wrote at a time when the United States was on the brink of a four-year civil war. The planets were nearly as polarized then as they are now. The largest solar flare in recorded history was seen that year, so bright that its glow awakened gold miners in the Rocky Mountains in the middle of the night, who began preparing breakfast because they thought it was morning. A similar wave of solar storms, solar flares, sunspots and intense planetary activity, radiation, and disruptions to the magnetic field of the earth have already begun and are anticipated to increase in 2012. So, we have much in common with the spirit of Dickens’ quote, which could well apply to the times we are now entering – the best of times and the worst of times.

The Choices:

If you focus on spiritual growth, helping others, letting go of what you don’t need, and become non-attached to having things your way – or the way they had been in the past – you will experience a powerful period of personal evolution and personal peace, harmony and happiness.

Conversely, if you are attached to having things your way, or the way they “used to be,” or if you think of yourself only without considering the good of others, or focus on material acquisitions over the human heart, you will feel dismayed by the coming times.

We are entering a time of contrasts – between unprecedented (in our lifetimes) technological advancements versus increasingly dysfunctional governmental bodies around the world, a sputtering global economy, and schizophrenic weather patterns that vacillate from unseasonable heat to unreasonable cold.

Chinese Parable
A Chinese parable aptly portrays a way to cope with the time period we are about to enter. A man asked a wise teacher about the difference between heaven and hell. The wise teacher showed the man a vision of hell – a sumptuous feast on a lovely table in a beautiful room. It didn’t look too bad, the man thought, until he realized that the people were only given 12-foot long chopsticks with which to eat. No one could partake of the feast because their chopsticks were too long to reach their mouths. Next, the wise man led his student to a vision of heaven. There was the same sumptuous feast on a lovely table in a beautiful room. And lo and behold – the same 12-foot chopsticks. The student was perplexed ... until he saw the people in heaven feeding each other with their 12-foot-long eating utensils.

The same principle will hold true in the coming times. If you help others and share what you have, your needs will be taken care of. If you hoard, think about yourself only, or hold back assistance, you will be like the people with the 12-foot chopsticks who could not enjoy their bounty.

The Mayan Calendar
The Mayan calendar predicted that 2012 would be the end of time. But 2012 is actually the end of time as we know it – all that will be ending will be ineffective, old ways of thinking and living. Ultimately, the surge of planetary activity we are about to witness will lead you to a more evolved way of being with greater dimensions of thinking and feeling inspired by your higher self. It is important to remind yourself not to fear the unknown or the unexpected, but to know that a higher divine plan is unfolding in a way that is for the highest good of all. We are entering a time of greater cooperation between peoples and nations, despite appearances to the contrary.

Prior to a significant leap in consciousness, a certain portion of the population will tend to hold tighter to past patterns, and these collective thoughts and patterns will actually re-invigorate past negative thoughts and karma. It is very important to embrace the changes that are coming – because they ultimately represent a higher state of mind than the one we are now living.

There are four stages of human evolution.

Stage 1 is the caveman.

Stage 2 is the tribal, the stage we are living in now, where people who are alike band together to help each other – but do not help members of other “tribes,” who can be members of other communities, nations or races.

Stage 3 is the individual stage, which we are collectively entering. While it may appear in the individual stage that people are more self-centered (witness the self-absorption reflected by personal electronics such as the iPhone, iPod, iPad and others), people are communicating with others around the globe, creating the foundation for Stage 4.

Stage 4 is the collective stage, where all realize their interconnectedness and live harmoniously together as one united people on one united planet.

Indian Yogi and Spiritual Teacher Paramahansa Yogananda wrote in “Where There is Light:”

I believe a time will come when in greater understanding we shall have no boundaries anymore. We shall call the earth our country; and we shall, by a process of justice and international assembly, distribute unselfishly the goods of the world according to the needs of the people. But equality cannot be established by force; it must come from the heart ... We must start now with ourselves. We should try to be like the divine ones who have come on earth again and again to show us the way. By loving each other and keeping our understanding clear, as they taught and exemplified, peace can come

Purification of Earth & Its Inhabitants
Between now and the period of peace and harmony that will eventually prevail will be a time of great cleansing and purification of the earth – on a physical and mental level. Essentially, what has gone down – will come up. Already, you are seeing an increase in volcanic and seismic activity around the planet, which naturally brings hidden and repressed energies, not to mention physical substances such as ash, minerals, and gems from below the earth, to the surface. This is a necessary step in re-balancing the earth in preparation for the next stage of evolution. In tandem with the bringing into the open of that which has been buried are a record number of archeological discoveries, unearthed fossils, and the discovery of buried treasure under the earth and at the bottom of the oceans. Already we have seen priceless treasures unearthed beneath temples in India and Tibet, the discovery of fossils previously unknown in Yellowstone, and the discovery of the bones of large sea mammals under the earth in San Diego County. These earthly phenomena are a reflection of our reconciliation with our collective past.

Manmade disruptions to the earth’s surface also have escalated – through drilling for oil and natural gas on land and in oceans, an upswing in the number of explosives hitting the earth’s surface due to wars and unrest around the globe, and the greater role of transportation that collectively creates earth-shaking vibrations and more pollution. Add to that the enormous increase in the world’s population from 2.5 billion in 1950 to nearly 7 billion in 2012. The earth is not a solid, stable mass suspended in space, but a constantly moving and re-shaping entity in rotation and orbit around the sun. Our sun and solar system also are in dynamic motion, continually revolving around – and moving toward and away from – a central point in the galaxy known as the Galactic Center. When our solar system is moving toward the Galactic Center, which it is now doing, consciousness rises, giving birth to a period of higher awareness, where spirituality reigns and people become aware of the creative power of their thoughts and the finer forces of electricity and magnetism.

Cycle of the Ages
The earth naturally goes through periods of expansion of consciousness followed by periods of contraction of awareness as the solar system continually moves toward and away from the Galactic Center in 24,000-year cycles. Hindu sages discovered ages ago that when our solar system moves toward the Galactic Center for 12,000 years, consciousness rises for those 12,000 years. This is followed by a 12,000-year downward cycle, in which awareness declines, when the earth and its solar system move away from the Galactic Center. These alternating 12,000-year cycles represent periods of humanity’s awakening or falling back to sleep. During the 12,000-year descending cycle, a period from which we have just emerged, consciousness descends to awareness of material reality only, with little or no awareness of the power of unseen forces such as prayer, thought, electricity and magnetism. We are currently little more than 1,500 years into a 12,000-year upward cycle, with the lowest point having been reached in 499 AD. So, we are just at the beginning of a tremendous upswing in human consciousness and awakening. (For a more in-depth explanation, please see “The Holy Science,” by Swami Sri Yukteswar, 1894, published by Self-Realization Fellowship.)

Shift of Geo-Magnetic Poles
As a natural by-product of our collective shift to a higher age, the axis of the earth naturally shifts to align with one of the brightest stars in the heavens, called Sirius. During the descending cycle from which we are emerging, the axis of the earth was aligned with a duller star known as Alpha Draconis. While the axis of the earth is continually moving, it is now moving at an accelerating pace toward Sirius. This movement alone – and it is not the only movement in the solar system at this time – is enough to create disruptions in the stability of the earth’s magnetic field. The pyramids in ancient Egypt were aligned with each of these stars so the ancients could track the shifting position of the earth’s axis. The year 2012 marks the time when the shift from alignment with Alpha Draconis to alignment with Sirius will accelerate to reach critical mass. Scientists have discovered that the magnetic north pole of the earth has been shifting at an accelerating rate since the year 2000, so that magnetic north, which had been over Canada, is now over Russia – and is continuing to move at a rapid rate.

Reversal of Geo-Magnetic Poles
In addition to the natural, and now accelerating, shift of the earth’s axis, is another phenomenon – called the reversal of the earth’s magnetic poles. The pole reversal is a secondary and less predictable phenomenon that is a response to human activity and collective thoughts. Scientists have yet to discover a regularity to the pattern of the geo-magnetic pole reversal, which occurs every 500,000 to several millions years, and appears to be happening now, simultaneous with the natural shift in the earth’s axis.

Decline in Magnetic Resonance of Geo-Magnetic Poles
Scientists have discovered that the geo-magnetic field of the earth – the force that holds the earth stable in its orbit – also has been declining in power (magnetic resonance) at an accelerating rate, by more than 10%, since 1998. The geo-magnetic field is responsible for protecting the earth from the rays of the sun or other harmful planetary radiation, it protects the earth’s inhabitants and nature from disease, and it holds the poles of the earth in place. The geo-magnetic field also protects the earth from drastic movement or seismic activity. The magnetic resonance of the earth declines due to humans’ negative thoughts and actions, which also erode the positive magnetic vibration that naturally emanates from the human heart. The earth’s magnetic resonance also declines due to increased use of electronics and other wireless signals that disrupt the earth’s magnetic field. And pollution and toxins that naturally eat away the protective layer around the earth also contribute to a decline in the earth’s magnetic resonance. Consequently, the earth becomes unbalanced and its poles become unstable. The result of these scientific phenomena are a weakening of the magnetic poles and a potential reversal of polarity to bring the earth back to balance.

Natural Calamities
Another natural by-product of the decline in force of the geo-magnetic field and consequent reversal in polarity is an escalation in the number of earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, high winds, tsunamis, volcanoes, fires, weather pattern disruptions, and a higher incidence of immune disorders among people, animals and plants. The decline in magnetic resonance of the earth’s field combined with the increased use of electricity and wireless signals adequately explains as-yet unexplained phenomena such as the vast number of deaths of honey bees (smallest creatures are affected first) to the increase in the incidence of immune disorders and cancer among humans and decreased output of agricultural crops.

No, We Will Not Be Flipped Upside Down in Space
For those who are wondering if the reversal of the magnetic poles of the earth means that we will be flipped upside down as we move through space, this will not be the case. Just as a magnet has a north and a south pole, so too does the earth have a magnetic field with a north and south pole. During a magnetic pole reversal, the north (positive) pole will become the south (negative) pole, and vice versa. But this does not indicate a physical shift, simply a shift in magnetic resonance. As with a magnet, positive energy is pulled toward the north pole and negative energy is released through the south pole. Typically, the north pole of a magnet is associated with accumulating energy (also financial assets) whereas the south pole, is associated with releasing energy, or assets.

So, if the north pole reverses and occupies the location currently occupied by the south pole, positive energy will be pulled toward what is now the southern hemisphere. Concurrently, the south pole will occupy the vicinity currently occupied by the north pole, and therefore, negative energy will be released from what is now the northern hemisphere.

Throughout our lifetimes – and much of recorded history - those living in the northern hemisphere have benefited from the positive pull of the geo-magnetic north pole. This positive pull will be transferred to the southern hemisphere if the pole reversal occurs. So as residents of the northern hemisphere, it will be important to cultivate peaceful, positive relations with our southern neighbors, who will be gaining in magnetic force, and who may well be inclined to share their abundance with their northern neighbors more than has been the case when the poles – and roles – have been reversed.

How Long a Magnetic Pole Reversal Lasts
It is not known how long it takes for a geo-magnetic pole reversal to occur, but many scientists speculate that the momentum for the reversal builds over a number of years, as it has been doing. When the earth’s geo-magnetic resonance decreases sufficiently and critical mass is reached, as is predicted for 2012, the poles will reverse very quickly, within a matter of days, during which time we will feel a bit disoriented, and anything that relies upon electromagnetic energy, such as the electric grid, satellites or communications, will be temporarily disrupted.

Given that the earth and its oceans are but a reflection of the changing metaphysical consciousness of the earth’s inhabitants, shifts in human activity and consciousness are naturally accompanied by changes to the earth itself – not to end life on earth, but to bring life on earth back to alignment with the principles of its Creator. While we are moving toward a higher age of greater alignment with Spirit, we also are facing the karmic remnants of our collective past – a responsibility we collectively share as residents of the planet.

Mass Karma
Paramahansa Yogananda explains in “Where There is Light” that upheavals in nature actually are reflections of the cumulative thoughts and activities of humankind.

“The sudden cataclysms that occur in nature, creating havoc and mass injury, are not “acts of God.” Such disasters result from the thoughts and actions of man. Wherever the world’s vibratory balance of good and evil is disturbed by an accumulation of harmful vibrations, the result of man’s wrong thinking and wrong doing, you will see devastation ...

“Wars are brought about not by fateful divine action but by widespread material selfishness. Banish selfishness – individual, industrial, political, national – and you will have no more wars.

“Modern chaotic conditions all over the world are the result of living by ungodly ideals. Individuals and nations can be protected from utter destruction if they live by heavenly ideals of brotherhood, industrial cooperation, and international exchange of earthly goods and experiences.”

Power of Prayer
Paramahansa Yogananda also explains that prayer is an effective antidote to the coming potential changes, even if these changes would have otherwise been a karmic result of our collective past thoughts and actions.

“Most men consider the course of events as natural and inevitable. They little know what radical changes are possible through prayer ... Imagination can be materialized. When you develop spiritually, you can materialize your thoughts ... if you hold your mind to one-pointed concentration on the image of what you want to achieve ... And if you apply strong will power to realizing that vision, ultimately it will manifest – healings can be effected, successes attained, disasters in your environment lessened or avoided, seemingly impossible needs or worthy wishes fulfilled.”

So, there is much we can do to prepare for and alleviate the impact of the coming changes in 2012.

In 1991, Gordon Michael Scallion popularized a map of the world in which much of the current land-mass would be under water, California was to sink under the ocean and oceanfront property could be found in Colorado. This was to have begun in 1998. Perhaps it is our collective positive thoughts and prayers that have prevented that cataclysm from taking place at least for 14 years beyond predictions. Hopefully, we will be able to continue to stave off mass calamity.

So, please visualize and pray for peace, harmony, safety, security – and whatever may be needed – for everyone on the entire planet!!

In this spirit, the following are:
10 Suggestions for Raising Your Magnetic Resonance to Stay Aligned with Your Soul and Spirit in 2012 and Beyond:

Focus on your heart. The energy of your heart is 5,000 times more powerful than that of your other organs, including your brain. A strong awareness of your heart, of giving, of charity, of compassion, of empathy, will raise your magnetic resonance and guide you to the right people and places to be safe in 2012 and beyond.

Meditate. Focus on your spiritual eye in the center of your forehead, become aware of your breathing and inwardly chant Om. This activity will align you with your soul and Spirit and raise your personal magnetic resonance so all of your needs are fulfilled.

Think positive thoughts. Positive thinking raises your magnetic resonance and attracts you to – and to you – the positive outcome to which you devote your energy.

Visualize what you want to create – and you will electromagnetically attract the object of your visualization.

Pray. Your prayers for yourself and others raise your magnetic resonance and increase the magnetic field of the person you are praying for – and the planet as a whole.

Affirm. Affirm in your mind repeatedly throughout the day the positive reality you envision for yourself and others.

Give as much as you can. Charity opens the way for more abundance to come to you.

Practice gratitude. Gratitude opens the way for more of the quality you are thankful for to come to you.

Raise your magnetic resonance through physical methods – get plenty of sunshine, clean water, fresh fruits and vegetables, and feel the beneficial effects of negative ions (positive energy) from moving water, rivers, oceans, waterfalls, or even rain – God’s way of cleaning the earth to bring positive energy.

Simplify. Lower your expectations, especially the unrealistic ones. Focus on what is important. Let go of the rest.

Know that everything will be okay. No matter what happens, nothing will happen that you can’t handle, and nothing that isn’t supposed to come into your life can come if you live in alignment with your soul and Spirit.

Practical Steps
On a practical level, hope for the best but prepare for the worst. An interruption in the supply of electricity may occur for any number of reasons in 2012, including the pole shift, pole reversal, ensuing erratic weather patterns, seismic activity, floods and fires, as well as solar storms, which can also mysteriously interrupt electricity. As is common sense, keep a supply of fresh water and food that does not require cooking in case you do not have access to electricity. A small quantity of paper money also could be helpful. A supply of batteries for radios, computers and/or cell phones also could assist you. Please note that any need for these supplies will be for days – and not weeks. Please be vigilant, but it is not necessary to hoard your supplies. You may also want to keep a supply of warm coats and/or blankets on hand for harsh weather and/or power outages.


Solar storms are predicted to accelerate throughout 2012. These powerful storms can cause unexplainable interruptions in the flow of manmade electricity as the electromagnetic field of the earth is disturbed.

Solar storms intensify solar energy. Astrologically, the sun rules raw energy, warmth, generosity and love. It also rules self-absorption, self-expression and the ego. The intensification of solar energy causes humans and the natural environment to vacillate between extremes. The rash of solar storms may make people alternately more social and more self-centered as they come into balance. The solar energy can also drive repressed feelings and thoughts to the surface. Ego battles or power struggles can occur between people as solar energy can reinforce ego strength.

The flare-ups of new energy – and new information – can cause confusion, conflict or chaotic circumstances. The intense solar energy can incite great tension as you find a center between you own energetic polarities, the polarities in the people around you, and extremes in nature. Solar energy is polarizing – it illumines the day and its absence gives rise to night. Sometimes it is darkest before the dawn. The heightening of polarities and chaotic circumstances caused by solar storms is a prelude to greater unity and order.

The sun also rules the constellation of Leo. Everyone has Leo somewhere in their astrological charts, whether or not planets fall in that constellation. Leo is warm and magnanimous. Leo loves an audience. Leo is expressive and has to be careful not to become too absorbed in him- or herself or his or her own point of view. Leo can be both self-oriented or magnanimous. The area of your chart containing the constellation of Leo will be activated during the intense solar storms of 2012. (The astrological chart is comprised of a 360-degree wheel that includes all 12 signs of the zodiac. Planets are placed in constellations around the wheel.) Look for the location of the constellation of Leo in your astrological chart. This will show where your energy will be concentrated in 2012. The position of Leo in your astrological chart can be determined by an astrologer or one of the many astrological programs on the internet.

What has been under the earth will continue to rise to awareness in 2012. Geological discoveries of fossils, ancient architecture and scrolls, as well as alternative energy sources including geothermal energy, and energy from the wind, water, sun or other materials will accelerate. Earthquakes and seismic activity will increase. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, tornadoes, volcanoes and weird weather patterns will accelerate.

A re-distribution of water supplies will occur as people living in previously dry climates experience more rain, and people living in previously rainy climates experience more dry spells. Avalanches and mudslides are likely to proliferate. Some rivers and lakes will go dry while others flood – in record numbers. Consequently, animals, birds and insects will migrate. The effects of climate change will become more noticeable – and undeniable to those who would deny the changes.

Clean air and water will be compromised and in shorter supply. People will ponder reactions to shortages but become mired in petty details. More solutions will come in 2013. Our bodies (through our DNA) will begin to mutate to accommodate environmental changes. As we consume more genetically modified foods, for example, our bodies will initially be confused by consumption of these non-natural agricultural products. But over time, our DNA will actually mutate to enable our bodies to digest and assimilate the foods we routinely ingest. Similarly, as the composition of the air becomes depleted of oxygen due to the increase in pollution, our DNA will mutate to either enable our bodies to extract more oxygen from the air we breathe or to enable our bodies to survive on less oxygen.

The dangers of genetically engineered products will become more pronounced as these goods become more available and their effects more widespread. “Organic,” non-chemically enhanced food products will be in shorter supply and will command higher prices. People will become increasingly interested in gourmet food and unusual food combinations.

As a reflection of increased aggression and conflict among humans, animals also will become stronger and more aggressive, especially predatory animals such as mountain lions, tigers, bears, sharks and even insects.

Head injuries and trauma will increase in numbers and severity. More people than is normal will accidentally fall or be involved in freak accidents as a result of unstable energy patterns on earth. The head, face, jaw, eyes, nose and ears will be particularly vulnerable. Injuries to knees, feet, and joints will be greater than normal. Pay attention to and protect these areas. Be especially careful when in moving vehicles, particularly bicycles, cars, and recreational vehicles. You or others may be more distracted than usual due to the increase in electromagnetic changes – so accidents will become more commonplace.

Ubiquitous wireless technology also impairs the electromagnetic field of the human body, which can compromise the immune system or cause other health-related issues, such as headaches, inability to concentrate, or lessened mental clarity. Again, compensatory neurological and genetic changes will enable us to eventually adapt. We are in a period of transition.

The pace of technological advances will increase exponentially as most of the world’s “energy” will be focused in this sector.

We will learn about and experience the limitations of our current electrical grid as the interruption of electric services will occur more frequently than is normal – generally for 24 to 48 hours. These technological snafus will challenge global reliance on electricity. Consequently, new forms of energy generation, ones that are more compatible with the natural environment, will begin to be established.

Meanwhile, many more wireless gadgets will be invented. As damage to the natural environment from wireless signals is discovered (for example, its disruptive effect on creatures that rely upon electromagnetic and sound waves (radar and sonar) to navigate, such as dolphins, whales, birds, bees and other animals), wireless technology will be reconfigured to be more compatible with the natural frequencies of the human body and Mother Earth.

Larger machinery will increasingly function without physical wiring and will rely on powerful batteries until even more powerful alternate energy sources are created.

Computers, telephones and other communications devices will operate with projected light rather than physical keyboards or keypads.

Cars will become increasingly automated – they already can park themselves.

Medical care will rely increasingly on light, lasers and wireless remote control systems.

Humans will do less and technology will do more. Manual tasks, previously accomplished by hand, will be accomplished through wireless signals, voice commands, and eventually ... thoughts.

Major markets will move sideways with erratic ups and downs. The dollar, along with other major currencies, will continue to lose value. The price of gold will hold steady – and even rise. Interest rates will remain low in the near-term but a period of hyper-inflation will follow, particularly in food, energy, health care and education. Productivity will decelerate until a new business cycle begins in 2020, due to a planetary realignment.

The best businesses to be in during the coming years are agriculture, food storage and distribution, temporary shelter, and conservation, purification, storage and distribution of air and water. Agricultural land with ready access to water will be of premium value. Businesses related to climate change will thrive.

Democracy will grow worldwide – but with a continuation of intensified social unrest among oppressed and disenfranchised people. The “have-nots” will fight to become equal to the “haves.” Some authoritarian regimes initially will try to exert more control to corral rebellious factions until the waves of change reach critical mass and a more egalitarian order prevails. These established governments will eventually weaken as their leaders have made a majority of their decisions to protect their power, their interests, and the interests of corporations and people who financially support them rather than the good of the populations they serve. Eventually, self-governing citizens groups will supplant overly authoritarian governmental power.

While most nations’ leaders are becoming enlightened enough to make efforts to avoid sending their citizens to be killed in warfare, smaller groups of dissatisfied people will incite warfare in local areas. Eventually, human-to-human negotiated solutions, mediation and conflict resolution will supplant war and physical vying for territory as we move toward a more united world.

Nations such as India, China, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Mexico will take a more prominent place on the global stage. South American nations will play a more pivotal role due to vast agricultural resources and the creative handwork of indigenous people. African nations also will supply needed resources to the global community.

Self-styled journalists who lead a search for “truth” will proliferate. The line between fact and fantasy will blur as it becomes increasingly difficult to ferret out the truth, leading to more people becoming pro-active in local politics where the ability to ascertain the truth is increased.

Housing prices will move sideways or decline until June 2013, when they will briefly spike until July 2014, before declining again until 2020. Alternative forms of housing will unseat the trend toward McMansions, shifting the balance toward make-shift homes, yurts, and homes made from recycled and sustainable materials, and tents. No workable solutions to the mortgage/foreclosure crisis will be found in the near-term. More people will become homeless. Alternative uses of foreclosed houses will be discussed, such as rentals by banks, but no action will be taken until 2013-14.

The pace of daily life will become more rapid. Compensatory neurological changes will gradually occur in people to cope with the faster pace. This will be most evident among children, who have more neuro-plasticity than do adults. But neurological changes also will be detectable in adults. Materially, we will have enough of the small stuff, and this will lead to a desire to have what’s really important – a connection to Spirit and the soul. More people will find spiritual movements and groups to become part of, where spiritual rituals such as meditation and prayer will be the centerpiece.

People will become increasingly polarized – individualistic and self-absorbed, causing separations in relationships where the partners are not aligned at a soul level. More conventional relationships will break up. More unconventional, non-committal partnerships will form. This is a necessary, although paradoxical step, toward a more cohesive global community.

People will turn increasingly to Spirit to solve daily problems as conventional solutions no longer prevail.

Part 3 – DATES to REMEMBER in 2012

Critical Dates are highlighted in red, indicating greater change or disruption; eclipses typically disrupt weather patterns and cause seismic activity, thus are included in “red” dates.
Mercury retrograde, where communications delays and misunderstandings are prevalent, are highlighted in blue.
Seasonal changes, where your thoughts are more powerful because of the changing angle of the sun, are highlighted in green.
Spiritual openings, when Jupiter and Neptune exert a strong magnetic pull, are highlighted in purple:

Mars in Virgo * November 10, 2011 – July 3, 2012 – Mars is in Virgo for an unnaturally long 8-month period (usually 2 months) – Focus on details, avoid intolerance.

Mars retrograde in Virgo * January 23 – April 13, 2012 – Avoid temptation to over-think the past.

Neptune enters Pisces for the first time since the 1840s * February 3, 2012 – Mysticism highlighted. Best activities: spiritual practice, meditation, contemplation, conservation and purification of water and natural environment.

Saturn retrograde in Libra * February 7, 2012 – Complete unfinished projects.

Mercury retrograde in Aries * March 12, 2012 – Wait until the retrograde completes in mid-April to sign contracts, complete written communications or speak your truth.

Jupiter in Taurus trine Pluto in Capricorn * March 12, 2012 * Hard work and practical solutions prevail.

SPRING EQUINOX * March 19, 2012 – Day and Night are of equal length.

Mercury direct in Pisces * April 4, 2012 – Clarify unclear communications.

Pluto retrograde in Capricorn * April 10, 2012 – Introspection leads to solutions. The answers are within.

Mars direct in Virgo * April 13, 2012 – Constructive activity brings success.

Venus retrograde in Gemini * May 15, 2012 – Communicate with people from your past to resolve outstanding difficulties.

Solar Eclipse in Gemini * May 20, 2012 – Remain alert, communications snafu possible.

Lunar Eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius * June 4, 2012 – Travel could be disrupted or disruptive.

Neptune retrograde * June 4, 2012, hours before the Lunar Eclipse – Weather patterns are disturbed, situations are unclear and cloudy.

Jupiter enters Gemini * June 11, 2012 – Rapid communication highlighted. Jupiter was last in Gemini from June 2000 to July 2001. Similar conditions recur.

SUMMER SOLSTICE * June 20, 2012 – Longest day of the year.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn * June 24, 2012 – Change is in the air – radical, revolutionary change.

Jupiter in Gemini square Neptune in Pisces * June 25, 2012 – Intuition is heightened. Listen to your premonitions. Engage in spiritual practice.

Saturn direct in Libra * June 25, 2012 – Best time to negotiate agreements.

Venus direct in Gemini * June 27, 2012 – Peace and harmony restored.

Mars enters Libra for 7 weeks after 8 months in Virgo * July 3, 2012 – Negotiations succeed.

Uranus retrograde * July13, 2012 – Wheels of change grind to a halt.

Mercury retrograde in Leo * July 14, 2012 – Look at situations from other people’s points of view to gain greater clarity.

Mercury direct in Leo * August 7, 2012 – It’s okay to advocate for your own point of view.

Mars enters Scorpio * August 23, 2012 – Take productive steps. Positive actions produce desired results.

Pluto direct in Capricorn * September 17, 2012 – Revelations about government, politicians and business exposed.

Uranus in Aries square Pluto in Capricorn * September 18, 2012 – Energy for change intensifies.

AUTUMN EQUINOX * September 22, 2012 – Day and Night are of equal length.

Jupiter retrograde in Gemini * October 4, 2012 – Introspection benefits you more than external conversation and activity.

Saturn enters Scorpio * October 5, 2012 – Saturn was last in Scorpio from 1982 to 1985. With Saturn in Scorpio in “mutual reception” with Pluto in Capricorn, economic realities will come to light and require rectification.

Mars enters Sagittarius * October 6, 2012 – Good for travel, athletics, running and biking, keeping an open mind and a sense of humor.

Saturn trine Neptune * October 10, 2012 – Illusion and reality meet. Better to be realistic.

Mercury retrograde in Scorpio & Sagittarius * November 6 – November 26, 2012 – It’s easy to become distracted and pursue tangents. Plan ahead to stay on track.

Neptune direct in Pisces * November 10, 2012 – Importance of water to daily life is emphasized.

Solar Eclipse in Scorpio * November 13, 2012 – Information is obfuscated.

Mars enters Capricorn * November 16, 2012 – Diligent effort brings success.

Mercury direct in Scorpio * November 26, 2012 – Business information elucidated.

Lunar Eclipse in Taurus & Scorpio * November 28, 2012 – Hidden information is accidentally revealed.

Uranus direct in Aries * December 13, 2012 – Progress resumes on delayed changes.

WINTER SOLSTICE * December 21, 2012 – Shortest day of the year. Today marks the end of the Mayan Calendar but not the end of time, just the end of “time” as we know it. A higher way of thinking and acting is about to emerge.

Mars enters Aquarius * December 25, 2012 – A spirit of brotherhood prevails.

All times calculated for Pacific Time.

Written December 2011

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