2012, Part 1: Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My! by Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*

2012, Part 1: Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My! by Jessica Schab *LINK* *PIC*
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Friday, July 02, 2010 11:33 am

Many of you will remember Jessica (Schab) Mystic, who was first interviewed at Proj. Camelot as the \"Crystal Child\", and later by me, on A Fireside Chat.   She is a wonderful being, and I just discovered her muse...   enjoy!

2012 series

 2012 Part 1: Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My!


Written by Jessica Schab | 31 December 2008

OK, now time for 2012, Part 1: Angels, Aliens, and Nature Spirits, Oh My!

I started writing this thinking I could lay it all out in a neat little letter, but as I started to write I went into waterfall mode. This is a very overwhelming state to be in, as it is so hard to keep up on without being swept away. In asking my friends for help with this, they suggested I pace it and break the letter up into sections. This subject is so vast, and I cannot just give point form sentences. Some people will need to have some evidence to back up all that I speak about and how I came to grasp what this is about and how it all works. I hope this all makes sense and is not too complex.

What I understand is that all lives we have ever lived, all dimensions, worlds and times will go from a big bang

explosion--a separation, hide-and-seek, peek-a-boo with the divine--to an implosion, meaning that we will merge into one. I write about this in the poem To Be Infinity.

With all realities being so and with our having this blind veil, that means everything we have thought to be unreal is actually real, and with the removal of the veil we will see it first hand. People will see nature spirits, angels, extraterrestrials, and then some. I am already meeting with people who can see them: young kids about 5 and under, mystics, monks, people who have had an NDE or OBE, and people who have done things with hallucinogenic properties. Now if people tell you that stuff is not real, just tell them that we only use 30 percent of our eyes, and there is a heck of a lot that we are not seeing.

Not just that, we cannot see what is there if all our lives we have been dishonest with ourselves. The biblical saying \"Thou shalt not lie\" means do not lie to yourself because lies will be all you see. So you will ask yourself, are you lying to your eyes or are your eyes lying to you? Perhaps they are only showing you what you want to see. In just the same way, so many tell others what they want to hear. Then how can we be surprised when people turn out to be not what we thought? So honesty with self is key to understanding all this, meaning that people will eventually have to empty their cup of being to find out who they are. It is a form of surrender and humility, both necessary for the process.

More people are seeing more than ever before; however, we could also see nature spirits in the early 1800s. There are many people who can see them in other countries, as in Iceland for example. What is going on with these people? My guides said that everyone has had experiences and memories of interactions with the paranormal, but they do not remember because their conscious mind filters out what is and is not reality. To me, the conscious mind seems like the Illuminati in that it decides what I can and cannot know, like our education system and the media. What happens is that every paranormal experience we have gets filed to the bottom of the pile, like the mind saying, “No, we cannot deal with that yet, so we will do it later. We’re not ready, so perhaps we will deal with it in dream time.” The mind will do this for countless lifetimes until what was on the bottom of the pile has risen to the top and now bleeds into our reality. 

Each person sees entities that are from their comfort, belief, or reference zones. So many are talking about the star people showing themselves. Will we finally allow ourselves to see them as a cooperative collective? Then there are the nature spirits and angels. They have also spoken to me about being more present in our lives. So what does this mean? Are they all coming together for one big tea party? What is the nature of the relationship between E.T.s and fairies?

What are the parallels between angels, nature spirits, and star people? To interact with all of them brings about missing time. (Better hire a detective because here we go.) Each of them expresses a particular age or worldview, but together they show an extraordinary kinship of mind and spirit. They came from a strange dimension that is both part of and outside the world, and the people they took vanished into this dimension too. They all seemed to have superpowers, and David Wilcock and many others speak about us all having these kinds of powers. Like angels, ghosts, or aliens, fairies were shape-shifters. They could look like tall, beautiful human beings (Pleiadians) or like insubstantial creatures of mist and fire. They exhibited strangely inhuman behavior and came from an undefined dimension. They were “in this world but not of it.” Many mistake fairies for ghosts. What about the gods? Is this also just another word for these beings? Gods are from the stars, etc.

Both aliens and fairies often took up people with them. Reputedly, they needed to mate with women as they could not reproduce themselves. Occasionally, a man could also be taken, and certainly children. I have come across many people who were swapped in the crib. They are known as changelings. Old documents even exist that recount, factually, stories of the abductions of humans by fairies (aliens), stories that were certainly believed by many.

Fairies and aliens were outside normal human concepts of good and bad. Sometimes they rewarded goodness, and sometimes they exhibited extreme maliciousness. They were seen as very much of this world, human beings who “sold their souls,” but they were “mischievous” in the true, strong meaning of the word, which usually means destructive. They were said to have no souls (Greys or Reptilians). Always they followed their own agenda, their own destiny. 

The ancestry of fairies is also very old. Like angels, they come from a mixture of ideas and myth. On one side, they could trace their ancestry back to the Fates, the three Greek sisters who wove and controlled life of the past, present, and future. But on another side, they came from the dimension that was the past, but the mythological, imaginable past. Fairies, aliens, ascended masters, and/or angels took people away, and if they ever let them go again, they were often never the same, the glamour still on them, the spell never quite broken, so that they seemed “touched in the head.” It is interesting how each entity has been tailored to the three beliefs that I work to merge. From mysticism they would be the nature spirits; from religion they would be the angels; and from science they would be aliens.

Aliens are certainly being taken seriously, even by the scientific community in its cautious way. Millions of dollars are devoted to finding out if there is anyone “out there.” The extra dimension of the angels and the fairies has become that of unimaginable distances in space/time. Since the Second World War, there have been constant, persistent--even if often pooh-poohed, in an anxious sort of way--reports of UFOs and lately, alien abductions. All sorts of studies, not all of them respectable, but gaining more and more in this narrow virtue, are being written. Everyone seems to agree there is something in it, whatever that “something” may be--actual extraterrestrials, or hallucination, strange effects of the mind, or traumatizing eruptions into dimensions beyond what we stubbornly try to categorize as reality.

There are now interviews with people who speak of being abducted. Their stories seem real, distressing, and terrifying, as real as those people who in the seventeenth century were abducted by fairies, who thousands of years ago were taken up by angels. They cannot be discounted. They are an expression of some metaphysical reality that we cannot fully grasp, something for which myth is the spoken form.

And once again we see the similarities. What is the pre-eminent symbol of aliens and their presence? Why, UFOS, of course--glowing round things that inevitably bring us back to the fiery wheel and the fairy ring, which was often said to glow with a strange phosphorous. Aliens are commonly portrayed by abductees as inhuman, yet close to humans, with humanlike features. But they are shape-shifters (reptilians, shamans, wizards, ascended masters, nature spirits) appearing in all kinds of guises--including, in one story, as a strange spiky ball. Like fairies, they appear to be curious of people, but at the same time without sympathy or real contact. In some stories, they withdraw the eggs from women\'s bodies to use in their own reproduction, as often they appear unable to reproduce without the help of human beings (the story of Jesus). They are beyond human notions of good and evil. They simply ARE, with no apparent rhyme or reason, no apparent ethical base. They mirror back human characteristics and emotions. They are not any side. They are here to heal our relationship with what was once friendly and now is labelled as the unknown or evil, and thus they become what we say they are. Remember, humanity is its own self-fulfilling prophesy.

To label a race or being “bad” on the basis of what a few rogue beings have done has always seemed rather primitive to me. It’s racist and not fair. I often fought with my dad about reptilians, telling him that they are not all bad. Perhaps only 30 percent are bad, and the rest are lightworkers trying to help.

These beings come from another dimension of space/time, which seems more scientific, more suited to the spirit of the age than heaven or the past is. Like fairies and angels, they affect our notions of time. People talk of losing entire hours on board a spaceship, just as the fairies stole time from those they took, and the angels took humans out of the reach of time. They carry within them the same arbitrary power as do angels and fairies. Sometimes, they also carry messages of judgment for us and what we are doing on this planet. Because all of us are children of our age, we become more anxious about aliens than we do about fairies or angels. (Aliens are the expression of a scientific age, an age that is post-industrial, an age that no longer believes wholeheartedly in progress and is in fact afraid of its relentless, spiralling confusion.) We are not sure any more if we truly believe in the world of rationalism. In short, even the most hardened sceptic has moments of doubt as to that all-embracing theory.

Of course, the field is open to all kinds of charlatans and hoaxers, but some abduction stories are, indeed, troubling. The abductees seem like such common people to whom something inexplicable has happened, and who stick to their stories through thick and thin. They often sound like they wish the whole thing had never happened to them. They speak of it ruining their lives. And there are always the sceptics, as in any age. Imagine the horse-laugh of those who didn\'t believe Ezekiel, or the sneer behind “away with the fairies.” And in this age, more than any other, we are aware of the tyranny of the sceptic or ungodly. 

So what? Are we supposed to believe not only in the existence of aliens, but also fairies and angels? Are we to be eternally credulous, believing everything that comes along? Is this what the New Age is or is it the old age? A world both without religion and science, an abyss haunted with every ancient and modern monster, where the mind knows no barrier and the spirit no guidance? It is, I suppose, Shakespeare’s response: the knowledge that there are, indeed, more things in heaven and earth that are dreamt of in any philosophy, in any single system.

My guides told me that fairytales and myths are the most accurate history we have to date because they have not been tampered with, as the majority no longer believes they are real. My dad also told me that Star Wars is a true story, but it is our past. The knowledge in myths expresses more truly the deepest spiritual truths than any careful exposés, any rationally-argued proofs. The gates between our deepest and highest levels are not always shut. In myth, in religion, in art, they are open, and through them mingle all kinds of things that can seem surprising and even terrifying. And for those who are not used to unlocking those gates, they can sometimes open by themselves, scaring the wits out of the person experiencing it. For if the mind is not invited to feast on things unseen, if it is not allowed to find truth in myth, at all kinds of levels, it will rebel and throw up those images anyway.

Oh, you can run, but you cannot hide. In how many lives have we run from ourselves? (See my poem Cleaning Out the Closets.”) It’s like characters in the Bugs Bunny cartoons being chased by their foe, and so they disguise themselves with arbitrary things fake mustaches, wigs, and makeup and say, “Huh? He went that a way.” So the game continues as we find ourselves in this life where we have nowhere to go, where we can no longer put off cleaning out our closets. And what is our closet but our psyche?

Faith is a truth of the psyche, of the spirit. It is a thing which we ignore at our peril. Some of us are lucky enough to be legitimately in pursuit of this, whether theologically, or artistically. But for those who can\'t or won\'t, where does that leave them? In the days when angels and angels were considered real, that was not such a psychological impasse. But in a time when to translate such realities is seen as “magical realism,” the mind must still, nevertheless, fasten onto something. There is, to my mind, something curiously impoverished about the stories of aliens and alien abductions. There is always surgery, something that appears rational, and always batteries of scientific instruments. That is surely because we are no longer “allowed” to believe in the more ancient manifestations, so that we must tie our myths desperately to a semblance of rationality. 

It\'s “possible” for us to really determine if there are extraterrestrials. Aliens are useful because although their existence appears possible, in reality, it is simply impossible to have total proof they exist. Because we cannot travel at beyond the speed of light, or can we? In the end, you need as much faith to believe in aliens as in angels or fairies or to be fully in touch with what you knew to be true when you were child before all the conditioned programming.

But what do these strange kin have in common? What do they represent? What core do they touch in us? They are all alien, neither good nor evil, removed somehow from us, yet strangely kin to us as well. They are symbolised by circles. They practice abductions. They are not of this world, but neither are they decisively out of it. They appear to be a minor, but powerful symbol of immanence, of the strange-speaking silence of the universe, of the otherworld we feel all around us but only dimly glimpse, only fleetingly grasp. Yet they hold terrors for us. What lies beyond the borders of our human lives, beyond our human, everyday thoughts and feelings (as in the case of David Icke and Arizona Wilder) may also be scary.

If we will be able to see spaceships, aliens, and fairies, will we also be able to see dragons? Will the people see their leaders for what they really are? Will it be like that Homer Simpson Halloween episode with Kang and Kodos running as Dole and Clinton, where it does not matter which one we vote for because we still will be slaves? This is definitely an old paradigm where people are so drugged up and afraid that they will just comply with the reptiles. With the new paradigm, what will people do when they see the reptiles?

No wonder, within peoples’ psyches, when it comes to the other realms, we are not sure whether we truly want to enter with them, to understand, for then we would lose that very quality of humanity, our life of comforting labels. They are shape-shifters. Constantly, they twist and turn and show themselves in all kinds of different lights, so that even as I write, I see them change again, transmuting, never still, like a cloud, like water, like us.

I bet you are wondering how this all works exactly. I was told that crop circles are made by star beings sending a telepathic message to the nature spirits, who would then actually make the pattern and sacred geometry of it, hoping to trigger our memory of who we are and what kind of reality we live in. Nature spirits live in harmony with the planet, so much so that they can bend wheat without breaking it. Is this true, or is it just another stepping stone to grasp a greater truth?

My dad told me one time how a blue fairy from the moon came to visit him and did some healing on him. I wondered, are nature spirits from other planets? Are they alien too? Well, in a sense they are. I then was blasted to the time I retorted to the kids in school that aliens are angels and angels are aliens. Where did that come from? What did I know at that time? Again, only a child really understands this. I highly recommend that you look at pictures of yourself when you were five and under. Look deep into your eyes, and you will tap into your mind at that time. You will bring what you knew then to yourself in this present moment. It will be like a download. You will see firsthand in 2012 why it is says in the Bible that only one who possesses the heart of a child may enter the kingdom of God, or why it says a child will lead the way. Your inner child and your children will indeed lead the way.

When I was 17, I got inspired to write this cartoon script called “The Star Seed Chronicles” or \"Memoirs of a Star Seed.” It was all about the story of humanity, and it had aliens and fairies and angels. I do not know of one book that has combined these three entities in one story. It seemed that there is no story that had all of them in one. It was fairies for fantasy stories and aliens for science fiction. I have not further written this story in awhile because everything I wrote would right away happen. It kind of freaked me out. But when I went to Australia and met the Mitchell-Hedges Crystal Skull. It asked me about this story and said I should start writing it again.

OK, so where was I? Ah, there is a reason I refrain from talking about this in depth, because so much comes out of me and now I cannot stop.

It says when in the presence of star beings, fairies, or angels, one is in an altered state like a spell. The interesting thing about that is that all paranormal activity takes place when people are in the theta brain wave state (I wrote a poem about this to called “Theta.”)

Beta brain waves are what most linear, left-brain logical ones exist in a majority of the time. Delta is the brain wave state we experience when we are sleeping, and alpha is where we go when we day dream or meditate. It helps you get into a no-thought state. The monks knew about this in order for them to go into nirvana. It is a scientific fact that we learn more when we are not thinking, which is why as a blond I do not think. I exist in alpha (smiles). Now between alpha and delta is theta. This state is a lot like the twilight zone where no time and space exists or the laws are dispelled. This happens to us in the astral 4th dimension realm as well, which I will get to later. It is in this altered state of mind where hypnosis is so effective and interactions with other worldly beings take place, not to mention the missing time. This concludes Part 1.

In unconditional love to you all.
Thank-you for you being you,


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