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An Interesting Email message between Dr. Christopher Rudy of Cosmic LOVE and Gordon Gianninoto with ZetaTalk.com


Hi Christopher Rudy,   [this is a long thread and if you have not seen it before, start reading from the bottom up]

I appreciate your comments but I do not think that HAARP can cause or stop pole shift. I do think it can target individual airplanes and such which on the scale of the earth amount to no more than odd and occasional tricks.

The real issue you present is whether, if ETs can do wondrous things, they would allow the earth to go through a tribulation. I cannot answer that exactly, not being privy to what gets discussed behind closed doors off earth. I think that if it was known from the beginning, the book of Revelation would state that God was going to give everyone a good scare and then not allow the end times to happen. Or other prophecies would talk about the big scare and how everyone got fooled. I don\'t see that as having happened, or about to happen.

In case it is possible to ameliorate the disasters, I am one of those who asks that the earth be healed without an apocalypse. Just so you know that I am not ruling the possibility out.

However, I have lived and died many times and feel that any one life is not such an ultimate experience that we need to stop here and savor it forever. I can just imagine what can be accomplished in a longer lived, healthier, more intelligent, and telepathic, body. I look forward to increased capacity and accomplishment in each and every life. So I am not sure anyone is accomplishing anything by saying that I am holding up our salvation right now in this time and place. I see the geographic pole shift as being something the earth wants to cleanse and rebalance the earth. As I look around me, I am not so sure I want to save all the selfishness and greed that I see in every country and home and place. I am not so sure that saving everything the way it is would help anything. If, in all the times and previous pole shifts, progress was painfully slow, I am not sure we could, without apocalypse, heal everything in another 200,000 years.

So I have to wonder why there is resistance to a big change. Do people like where they live and what they do so much that they cannot want to change it? Is everyone so afraid of death and destruction that they think they should be able to order ETs or higher forces to save everything?

I believe there will be a higher frequency, or dimensional change coming to the earth, and I also believe that many of the people here on earth would not be ready for it, no matter how long it were delayed. But I do see a certain unknown percentage of the population, [perhaps 35%], has made a choice to be service to other, and I do not think they should be held back because other people will not be ready in a 1000 lifetimes. These advanced souls do not deserve to be held back and they do not need religion, politics, government, or even an economy for them to take their next steps or even live the lives they have dreamed of but see little evidence of in their daily lives filled with deceit and games put on by selfish, service to self, people.

So really, I do think the only way to clear the decks for the new world, not a new world order, is to clear the decks. I do not see any other way of having it happen. Once there was a day when you could ask for rain and it would rain, or for warm weather and it would be warm, etc., or variations of that idea. I think the Mayans came here from another planet to create the imbalance and increase the challenges and force the hardship to forge those with personal service to other strength to shine. And I think the Mayans, having intentionally created this imbalance as part of a gigantic plan, then left. I don\'t know if anyone has ever mentioned that before, but that is what I think.

I don\'t see wishing the tide won\'t come in, or that the moon would be full all 30 days of the month, or any other change in natural forces of that magnitude working. I see Planet X as coming in and causing pole shift as it has for hundreds of millions of years, and there is no wishing it away. I think that ETs and spirit guides have synchronized a plan for a graduation for humanity with this natural cycle. If Nibiru stays on the 3rd dimension and earth graduates to a 4th dimension, then this would be the last pole shift ever for earth. If we change to the next dimension up in the next 100 years, and decide to leave the earth en mass, to become the explorer race of the universe, in 1000 years, as I believe we will, then what does it matter what happens after that, as we will be living in space and traveling to other worlds, taking what we accomplished here to other civilizations. And I believe that will happen as well.

So it does not bother me to die, and be reborn in a better designed, longer lived, more intelligent, more telepathic body at all. I think eventually we will all live as thoughts in space, capable of materializing anything, anywhere, at any time. We don\'t have that capability yet, and probably for good reason, as the selfish would use that unimaginable power to enslave and torture others.

So why does anyone need to think that poleshift should be averted, or that ETs or spirits should save you from the hard work of experience to grow? I don\'t know why some people have to think that poleshift is a conspiracy. I don\'t know why people cannot expand their understanding of natural to include disasters. I can understand how people who do not think their soul is eternal; or that they live many lives, would be convinced that if they do not have this, the present, then they have nothing. Everyone moves at their own pace. Just because most people do not realize what I realize, should I hold myself back for unknown amounts of time and stupidity? Should you?

Now I got a clear message that we should wake up now and this is a self chosen graduation and as my wife says, \'the bus is leaving, are you on it?\' If you want to beg ETs to preserve everything the way it is, do it, I am not stopping you. If you want to believe the selfish are so powerful they will do you in, believe it, for again, I am not stopping you. But I am pointing out that if you can form the permanent intention to be of service to others, and prove it by behavior, you will be able to be reborn into a world with a far more capable body and in open contact with ETs, and with open travel to the rest of the universe, then, from my perspective, what is not to like? Make your own decisions. I am not walking around depressed or angry, nor do I have a death wish, for myself or others, and I do not look forward to years of hardship. Yet, I believe this is rebuilding of the earth and this is the beginning of new phase which cannot be fully described from this point of view, but which is the materialization of the hopes and dreams of all good people, and of other ET races, and of the earth itself. I am not in any business, let alone the business of scaring anyone. Look around you, think about what is happening and make your own decisions.

Revelation implied there would be some who have already progressed to the point that there is no need for them to go through the tribulation. Call it whatever you want, I do believe that is true, and some will be offered to be spared from the disaster and invited to work in the aftertime with ETs physically, or in spirit with spirit guides. Who are these people and who is selecting them? I leave it to you to discern those facts yourself, individually.

I found that the ZetaTalk website put into plain English what I already thought and felt. It discusses these subjects thoroughly: every aspect of them.


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Thanks Christopher.  You make some very valid points.  I remember Col. Tom Bearden from way back in the 1990s.  He was (is?) one smart cookie.
Hi Cal,

I\'m sending this response to Gordon\'s letter (below) sent to your list. It\'s about the important subject of HAARP capabilities and Nibiru eventualities.

Personally, my understanding of HAARP goes far beyond merely UFO surveillance.  This is in regard to advanced scalar EM weapon capabilities which grew out of phased-array radar Aresearch that both the Soviets and U.S. were experimenting with in the 80\'s.  Lt. Col. Tom Bearden led the U.S. team of quantum physicists who tried to get the U.S. to catch up with the Soviets who had about ten Los Alamos sized projects (as developed the atomic bomb) back-to-back to develop these \'quantum\' weapons such as hyperspace howitzers as Bearden detailed in his book Fer de Lance.  Bearden documented the evidence explaining how the Soviets took out the Challenger space shuttle launch as well as the Thresher submarine. The public was never told that Reagan\'s \'Star Wars\' program was to catch up with the Soviet\'s quantum weaponry, and HAARP was one of the advanced applications.

As you know by now, the power elite are into total domination of the quantum field of Earth. They consider themselves as the Olympian gods as Dr. John Coleman documents in \"The Committee of 300\", a definitive exposure of the \'shadow government\'.

HAARP can utilize scalar electromagnetic frequencies in far more advanced ways than just detecting UFOs.  There has been much leaked evidence over the years to show that even the early uses of phased-array radar were knocking UFO\'s out of the sky.

The danger of this technology is far beyond atomic weapons. Bearden has tried to expose this technology and the extraordinary dangers it poses for humanity, which is why this subject is black-listed in the media like the subject of Nibiru.

Bearden is very emphatic that this technology could disrupt the space-time fabric of the universe, causing the sun to erupt with corona mass ejecta in direction of the Earth.  He also explained that this technology has a hair-trigger effect on active nuclear energy power plants, and that Soviet experimentation with scalar EM weapons near Chernobyl was the real cause of its meltdown.

My questions to Gordon regards his narrow definition of HAARP capabilities and Nibiru predictions.  If the \'Council of Worlds\' has the power to bind the Anunnaki agenda of Earth domination, don\'t they also have the power to use extremely advanced terra-forming technology to mitigate the worst consequences of Pole Shift?  An what about the quantum reality of mass consciousness as resonates with Earth morphegenic grids?  Doesn\'t that speak to the reality of potential for an awakening Unity Conscience which harmonizes the Big Shift?

I realize that the Earth has been desecrated and worthy of an Atlantis-style pole shift, and I realize that Atlantis, according to Edgar Cayce, was destroyed because they tuned the power crystals too high, disrupting the space-time fabric of Creation.  Perhaps Atlantis was also making crap out of the DNA of humans with genetic engineering as we see today, and we can agree that there\'s no future in that.

But what of the mercy of the Great Law which the Council of World\'s supposedly abides by?  What if the \'divine plan\' of Earth over the next year was a dimensional shift in Earth consciousness... the type of up-wising and uprising as would restore harmony with nature and Nature\'s prime directive?  Are we to believe that a dimensional shift to higher consciousness is not possible?

I realize that scientific \"BS\" (Belief Systems) have gotten extremely compartmentalized and over-specialized with fragmented \'science\' out of touch with holistic interdisciplinary integrity.  Nibiru experts rarely recognize the validity of experts on the \'2011 Galactic Shift\', and visa versa.  Different scientific camps come to absolutist conclusions which we are led to believe are the only believable conclusions. But like the difference between ordained spirituality and inordinate \"BS\", they come to different conclusions, so we are left wondering what to belief is really true.

No one wants to believe that most of us are about to die in 2011-2012.  Where\'s the \'SOS\' to \'Save Our Society\'? Is it true that it\'s better to focus attention with pure intention on the evolutionary ascension of our collective Conscience?  Would you agree that the compression of time in 2011 -- with the final 9th Wave of the Mayan calendar in 2011 --  could very quickly unite humanity with those universal virtues which warrant \'divine intercession\'?

Is Gordon preaching \'fire and brimstone\' for the immediate future to scare us into believing, unequivocally, that doom is \'etched in stone\'? Personally, I fear he may be right.  And prudence compels me to prepare for such eventualities.  But faith in a Higher Power holds out for dispensations of Grace and Mercy which I\'m sure an enlightened Council of Worlds must also represent in their heart of hearts.

- Christopher

PS:  I must admit I\'m biased in believing that Earth is being closely monitored by a loving God and the pure intention of extraterrestrials; those who are monitoring Earth\'s \'Mass Awakening\' with great interest (Reality TV for the ET\'s).  And for this I\'m grateful for the \'Gordon Show\', hopeful that the outcome will be more like the reluctant prophet Jonah at Nineveh.


Good morning all. Perhaps you did not know that earthquake lights are normal and not an effect of HAARP. As you can see from this Wikipedia article, earthquake lights were reported just in this article as far back as 1888. As the crust of the earth is largely granite and granite is largely quartz crystals, and quartz crystals give out electricity when squeezed, it is thought that it is an electromagnetic effect that lights up the ionosphere. Earthquake lights have been seen since the beginning of mankind. Astronomers officially admitted it in 1967. And, they are common around volcanoes too!

Secondly, I seriously doubt any claim that an entire facility in Alaska is built to send beams of whatever through the eye of one person in Hawaii.

Thirdly, Nibiru is here and here is one of thousands of NASA photos proving it. If it is not coming for another 200 years, and it is 4 times the size of Jupiter, what is this planet doing here in this photo showing it is here and is 4 times the size of earth????

Fourth there are electromagnetic beam weapons fired from earth and they are less than an inch in diameter fired at specific targets like a bullet, and what that has to do with Nibiru I do not know. I do not know where they are located and what they are shooting at. I imagine the targets are space satellites of other countries. If they were fired at a person on earth the person would vaporize.

So I see that we have someone who wants to believe in conspiracies, and does not want to believe in Nibiru being here, or Zetas. So, have it your way. If you read the Zeta material you would see they have an unmatched accuracy without parallel from any other source. If you don\'t like it, then don\'t like it. If you want to believe in conspiracies all around you, do so. I can only tell you what is going on. If you don\'t want to believe me, don\'t.

It is not like I am connected to your beliefs. I don\'t care what you think. Out of the kindness of my heart I spend hours every day out of my life, to inform. If you don\'t like it, have it your way. I can only tell you that I have been very interested in science since early childhood and I have read all the conspiracy theories and followed all the weapons development, and have been a huge fan of Nikola Tesla and have a huge library of everything connected to the man. I am not impressed with Janet\'s facts so far, but willing to have her continue to try to persuade me. In the meantime you all would learn more than you ever hoped by cracking open the dusty vaults of the Zeta talk material. Surprise! It is current, accurate, and scientifically accurate.

Now here is a photo of Planet X next to the sun right now. If you don\'t want to believe your lyin\' eyes, don\'t. In Maine, I hear a lot from the fishermen saying \"Believe nothing you hear and half of what you see\". This is not meant to insult. It is humor! I do have a sense of humor! I am not a touchy person. I have had many people over the years try to abuse me over just UFOs, and learned to disregard that. I hope we can get to the facts.

With fondness for all of you, and your positions on this and this discussion; and hoping you read Zeta Talk! Don\'t you have a few minutes to go to Zeta talk and select any subject by writing it into the search box and reading?

Oh, and another thing. I have another group that is just as persistent with me that Planet X is a dwarf star which is still on the other side of the sun, and they don\'t want to yield one inch on the dwarf star subject, so I am overjoyed with this group that at least agrees Planet X is a planet. Thank you very much!

There is lots of proof the Zeta material is true. If you want to get into that, I would be glad to send some. By itself, the NASA photos prove what the Zetas say is true. If they would just hold a press conference and discuss the photos of PX and the Dark Twin, all of this could be aired publicly, but they have not, do not and it seems, will not. Meanwhile there is Planet X in the SOHO pictures since 2003. And now the Dark Twin, for the last 3 months. The Zetas are the ONLY source that has ever mentioned, let alone explained the dark twin, and once again, there is a photo of it, lots of them in fact. But don\'t believe what I am saying! So, here are the photos, NASA will not explain them. So you tell me, what are those two objects near the sun? Your credibility with me would skyrocket if you would admit that there is PX and there is the Dark Twin! Here are my favorite NASA photos which I labeled. I have hundreds. Here are two. Want more?

As for insults, luckily Janet only told me once that I might have a death wish, be suicidal and need professional help! [below]. Does that mean you won\'t be doing that any more? Thank you.



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