2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, contactee, brings UFO/ET message of dimensional shift in 2012 *LINK*

2012: Dr. Martin Luther King relative, contactee, brings UFO/ET message of dimensional shift in 2012 *LINK*
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Monday, June 07, 2010 10:16 pm
June 3, 2:05 PM[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]Seattle Exopolitics Examiner[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]Alfred Lambremont Webre
Anthony Kane: Dr. Martin Luthe King relative and ET contactee

This article is part of a continuing Examiner.com series on 2012

Anthony Kane, a black American relative of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. (former recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize) and reported continuing contactee of representatives of an apparent extraterrestrial, hyperdimensional governance authority known as the “Council of Twelve,” has delivered a number of specific datelines and predicted developments concerning a dimensional shift which Earth and human consciousness is now undergoing in relation to the year 2012, according to information Mr. Kane received from the “Council of Twelve.”

Mr. Kane describes the “Council of Twelve” as stating that during the nine days from December 12, 2012 (12/12/12) to December 21, 2012, the planet Earth will split dimensionally into two separate Earths, each of which has different dimensional frequencies.  Mr. Kane describes this as a process analogous to the way that a single cell can split into two cells.

According to the “Council of Twelve,” humans with a consciousness anchored in fear will remain in the third dimensional Earth.  Individuals who are experiencing a “conscious awakening” and putting an effort into being conscious of the shift will migrate into the new dimension of the fifth dimensional Earth. 

Mr. Kane made these declarations in an in-depth 60-minute ExopoliticsRadio.org interview with reporter Alfred Lambremont Webre, which is available to Examiner.com listeners in the article below.

As Examiner.com has reported in \"Exopolitics researcher develops evidence-based typology of extraterrestrial civilizations\", \"Recent whistleblower, direct witness and documentary evidence have led to the development of new typology of extraterrestrial civilizations\" which includes \"(C) Extraterrestrial governance authorities: Legally constituted extraterrestrial governance authorities with jurisdiction over a defined territory, such as the Milky Way Galactic Federation, which has been empirically located in replicable research.\"

In a previous ExopoliticsRadio.org interview, Mr. Kane reported his original contact in 2002 in Seattle, WA with the “Council of Twelve” and on the training his multi-dimensional hosts have been giving him for a dimensional shift that planet Earth and all living creatures are now undergoing.  Mr. Kane reported being dimensionally transported to many different worlds, and to meeting with an interdimensional society and guide.  Mr. Kane also reported his initial contacts by the “Council of Twelve” were monitored by U.S. military intelligence (who track the “Council of Twelve’s” incursions into Earth’s dimension).  Mr. Kane recounts how U.S. military intelligence networks then targeted him and ultimately unsuccessfully attempted to assassinate him.  Mr. Kane now lives in another country.

The content of Mr. Kane’s messages from the “Council of Twelve” is congruent with the content of the findings of scientists such as Dr. Carl Johan Calleman, who is studying a shift of human consciousness as it occurs during this similar 2012-related time period.

Examiner.com has reported in \"Expert predicts end to hierarchies and value of money, more ET/UFO disclosure starting July-Nov 2010\" how “The period Nov. 7, 2009 to Nov. 2, 2010 will be characterized by the collapse of the U.K.-U.S. axis of western domination, the dissolution of hierarchies, and an end to the perceived value of money in its paper and electronic digital formats, predicts Mayan calendar expert Dr. Carl Johan Calleman. These social breakdowns are part of a period of transformation to a new era, characterized by sharing rather than individual ownership, and by higher human universal consciousness. The pace of extraterrestrial disclosure is expected to accelerate after Nov. 2, 2010.  Using the time acceleration matrices of the Mayan calendar, Dr. Calleman correctly predicted the first phase of the global financial collapse for the period Nov. 19, 2007 – Nov. 8, 2008.”\"

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