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December 31, 2010

The Shift of Ages Series #11: Having a Fata Morgana Vision of the Future


Hello everysoul!

As we are entering a new year, and leaving behind a whole decade, it is usually a good moment to take stock of what happened and what we are heading into...

As the title of this compilation implies - Having a Fata Morgana Vision of the Future [Fata Morgana is a unique optical effect which, under certain conditions, allows us to see what is just beyond the horizon, as it\'s explained HERE], from the vantage position of Here and Now and with a little bit of intuitive insight and a fairly large bit of informational hindsight, it is possible to have a vision of what lies ahead. Of course, no one has a perfectly prophetic crystal ball to see in crisp details what the future will be – and who would like to have all the excitement of uncertainty borne of our free will to be taken out of the visionary equation anyway? – but it is always interesting to consider various speculative possibilities.

Are we headed for a catastrophic crash of everything or for some golden paradise with everything spoon-fed to us? As it usually goes, the true answer most certainly lies in between those 2 extremes. Nothing totally extraordinary will happen and yet something truly wonderful is going to happen. The trends set in motion will run their course - so what will happen can theoretically be predicted and it will thus be nothing out of the \"ordinary\"– but do we fully grasp the repercussions of all the current trends at play?... – which would indeed leave the door open for something really amazing to happen - ...most of which can be deciphered only by the most well informed, spiritually tuned-in observers.

We are experiencing one of the most exhilarating soul Journeys that this living universe has to offer right now to its inhabitants and we are lucky enough to have front row seats to what\'s happening – and many even have a direct hand in shaping things, which to me involves most if not all the subscribers to this list and certainly all those who have made a commitment over the past few years to studiously participate into the ongoing globally transformative soul communions that are proposed through this channel. To me that\'s were the real \"action\" is right now and it has nothing to do with \"normal\" thinking, low-balling everyday consciousness but everything to do with the New reality that is gradually dawning on us from the higher end of the vibrational scale of this multidimensional universe. You won\'t read any written report on what transpires during those momentous trek into the higher dimension for what happens there usually stays there... not because we cannot report back on it but because words and often conscious memory consistently fail us to properly describe what happens during these soul Journeys. Yet it is just, if not even MORE real than what happens in this 3D \"reality\".

So at this stage, all I feel like adding is hang on to your seats, and take an even more proactive stance as we enter the most turbulent AND exciting rapids of change any humanoid civilization has gone through in a long while and for many parsecs around.

There is no need to wish for anything other that a full realization of What Is and Who We Are... which is precisely what I wish for all of us now. ;-)

In the Light of Love and the Laughter of Bliss

Jean Hudon
Earth Rainbow Network Coordinator


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I received the following feedback from Lou Bognon ([email protected]) about the latest Meditation Focus #219: Anchoring and Co-manifesting Christic Consciousness (next Sunday January 2 is the 2nd of 4 global meditations on this theme): \"Thank you beloved and as always I just love it. Would like to give you an unsolicited suggestion though for this one and all of them in the part where you always state for the next \"every week for the next four weeks\" etc add somewhere \"and every single day\" ... For indeed this is not a work any serious and dedicated soul can do only once a week but in fact every single instant or at least every day for a few hours/minutes. Ascension is only possible as and when we are all able to sustain and hold our awareness in every now firmly anchored in our Divine Christ Presence. It takes effort devotion and dedication to gain an ascended state and not just once a week as we all well know. Having the reach you do I have wanted to tell you this for a long time as our collective work has to come from a place of being the living example of a daily application of all we have learnt.\"

And my reply was:

This is an excellent suggestion and will weave it in as a stand alone permanent recommendation inserted after the current note in the summary section... something like...

Special Suggestion

As we enter the last 2 year stretch before the culmination of years of individual and collective training and clearing to prepare the spiritual ground for the transdimensional shift that is set to happen around the end of 2012, and as we focus ever more intently upon the key goals we have each chosen to achieve by then, it is incumbent upon each soul to make a point to not only dedicate time and attention to a collective spiritual practice such as what is being done during our weekly assemblies to elevate our souls as One in focused communion of intent and purpose around the suggested themes, but also to gradually bring our entire field of thinking and feeling in synchronistic alignment, in every waking moment, with the Higher Will of Creator Source we aim to serve every time we meditate globally, as One with All That is. Thus we shall remain aware that every day, every hour, every minute and every second is a sacred opportunity to further Be-come Who We Are. To facilitate an ever greater awareness of this full-time commitment, you may wish to use the Golden Moment of At-Onement, daily, at the top of any hour, or whenever it better suits you, as suggested in the Meditation Times section below.

TO WHICH LOU REPLIED: \"PERFECT beloved - Thank You!!!!!! So happy you can insert such an addition as it is indeed most pressing at this hour that those of us already awake stay so - long enough - to be the living examples for those still looking for their bearings... Been reading the Ascended Masters teachings on energy exchange, i.e. what we do with what we have been given and it is clear that for those of us working towards ascension in this lifetime, daily application of the gifts they have taught us and in the moment correction of our patterns of thought word feeling and action is an imperative for any sustained progress on the Path... back to LIGHT.\"



Celebrate our ONENESS this New Year for 11 minutes at midnight (locally) on January 1st
EKATAA is an invitation to every individual on Earth to light up the world in celebration of the unity we share as human beings and \'sound\' as one on 1.1.11 at 00:00 hours (or at 11am) of respective countries. Credit 11 minutes of your Thought-sound to the World Account of Human Oneness on 1.1.11. CHECK ALSO World Meditation/Planetary Transmission An Action of Great Love January 1, 2011

Note from Jean: I don\'t usually share the content of my dreams with others - except with those closest to my heart - but I had such a compellingly powerful, quasi prophetic dream at the end of my night\'s sleep, Thursday morning January 30, and it ties up so clearly with what is announced below, that I\'ll make an exception and share with you all some relevant elements from it here. Take it as a foreboding, a most auspicious sign on the year of 2011. In this dream, which in my dreaming feeling was set in the near future in the linear time continuum, the whole planet was in the midst of an almost ecstatic celebration and the mood and deep feeling of nearly everyone on Earth was one of jubilant elation. The yoke of darkness had been lifted. Formal first contact had been achieved and, as I recall, a wise man with white short hairs was speaking on TV to a worldwide audience as one of the representatives of the highly advanced civilizations which had recently come to our assistance and were making good on the promises often repeated through various earthly channels to help us fix the many environmental ills of our world, and do much MUCH more to help us all evolve. That\'s all I wish to share on this dream, but it had such a reality-quality to it and our collective outlook for the future was so buoyant and joyful, as if ascension, in the sense of being lifted out of the morass of deep denial about Who We Are, had occurred or was in the process of happening, that it made a powerful lasting impression on me as I woke up from it.... And I\'m glad I can at least share this part with all of you...


Greetings from Alpha Spaceship!

Truly formidable are the measures that the Galactic Federation have adopted to erode the internal structure of the negative forces and to return the control to the Light forces, who in the past governed humanity for thousands of years.

Possibly, this information I am giving you now will sound to you a little like “Star Wars” – but I can assure you that it is something that is happening these days, and it is as real as the economic crisis you are currently suffering.

In all likelihood, the world economic crisis will seem more real to you because you are suffering from it “in your own skin”, while the advances we are informing you about Ascension are, at the moment, based only on faith you may have in us, on our existence, our common battle (ours and yours, forming a common front) against the dark souls who have been subjugating you.

Well, then, we urge you anew to listen to your heart, and draw conclusions in accordance with the feelings flowing outside from within, from your spiritual heart to your lower mind. Allow yourselves to be led by your intuition, and I assure you that it will serve you well.

You must know that the moment for First Contact so wished for by us and by you advances more and more and will materialize soon, very soon because, as I already told you in the beginning, we have made great global strides, all the civilizations that are visiting you in unison.

The Sirian and Swan civilizations, who habitually work in unison in a common effort to re-establish the light, the peace and the harmony in all the Galaxy, have been the protagonists of a deed that will deal a hard blow to the secret government governed by a few powerful ones and that will destabilize them and cause them to feel disoriented, for they did not imagine that we would act with such swiftness and skill.

Kris-Won, my channel, is asking me telepathically to be more explicit relating the nature of the event; but unfortunately, it is not convenient that I give more details in this respect. Suffice what I told you for your hearts to be happy and for your hope to shine with more intensity in your tired minds, anxious to free yourselves from the dark’s oppressive yoke.

It is a delight for us to bring you good tidings, and we continue to urge you to work, you tireless human beings, towards the prompt establishment of the internal government of the Light of Planet Earth. Work, work, work so that the vibrational change takes place within a short period of your linear three-dimensional time.

The Light Workers of your humanity and our vast cosmic, celestial, angelic, intraterrestrial and astral hosts, united in a common front, will, just like a battering ram, bring down the wall of those who have taken refuge in their own selfishness and who try to oppose the change!

There will be no more space for those with a frozen heart and a greedy mind! The change promised by us will bring about a much more spiritual and altruistic humanity, one who will not be self-centered and focused only on their own well-being, but who will be interested in the betterment of society in general and who will champion for the raising of all humanity to heights unknown to men on this planet.

When our encounter becomes a reality, we will be able to help you to improve and evolve in a few short years, which otherwise would have taken you centuries and even millenniums to achieve if you had not had our help.

None of us know in depth the Plan God has conceived in His Cosmic Mind; but we do know that it will be successful in materializing on the physical plane where you live, and that our struggle against the darkness, which characterizes the dark beings in high spheres of power, will sooner or later be crowned with success.

You can be sure of that because God, being the Creator of all situations, cannot fail, can never fail!

We would like to ‘innoculate’ you with our optimism, which is born from our trust in the happy development of God’s Plans; that is why we would like to pass onto you that optimism so that you go forward with a solid faith and trust. Leave behind all fears and advance, advance more and more each day with a firm step, with your heads held high, and proud to know that you are going to be co-protagonists of the flourishing of the New Era on this planet.

I give you my blessing, given to you by the Supreme Being through me.

Peace and Love

Commander Sohin

(Channeler: Kris-Won)

Check also Is the ET Council 2015 ecology cleanup a prelude to 2025 ‘Paradise on Earth’? \"Spanish author and artist Francisca Blazquez reveals her prediction that the reported 2015 cleanup of the Earth’s ecology by a regional galactic governance council is part of a sequenced preparation for the landing of enlightened unity consciousness in 2023 (‘Sophia/Christ consciousness’) and an objective condition of ‘Paradise on Earth’ in 2025. (...) In her ExopoliticsTV interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, Ms. Blazquez indicates that ‘the coming of Christ’ means the coming of Christic consciousness, or ‘enlighted unity consciousness’. Statement of Francisca Blazquez: \"The Etheric Temple of Archangel Michael is the preparation for the coming of Christ on the hills of Jerusalem in 2023. It opens a new era and considolara from 2025. Science and spirit become one, and Christic peace reigns in the hearts and minds of all people and beings of planet Earth. Darkness will disappear, since the light, love and power create good. You will soon see the reality of this new Earth. Humanity has developed into one perfect union and harmony, and happiness of the inner God reign in all locations. There will be no limits. We will create space platforms with plants and animal life in space. We will use all our mental capacity. Also, the souls who are here may travel to Paradise and those found in other dimensions will come to planet Earth so they so desire. We are walking next to the angels, as brothers of light as we have always been, with powerful divine powers will use for the common good.\"



Slow Me Down, God

Slow me down, God.
Ease the pounding of my heart
by the quieting of my mind.
Steady my hurried pace with a vision
of the eternal reach of time.

Give me, amid the confusion of the day,
the calmness of the everlasting hills.
Break the tensions of my nerves and muscles
with the soothing music of the signing streams
that live in my memory.

Help me to know the magical, restoring power of rest.
Teach me the art of taking minute vacations –
of slowing down to behold a flower,
to be and talk with a friend, to comfort an animal,
to contemplate a few lines from a sacred book,
and to listen to the song of birds...

Slow me down, God,
and inspire me to send my roots
deep into the soil of life\'s enduring values,
That I may grow towards the stars
and unfold my greater destiny.

- Wilfred Arlan Peterson

(Version adapted by an unknown source from the original version HERE)


Karl Anthony - One Prayer
(Suggestion: listen to this wonderful song and sing along with the help of the lyrics provided below)

If I had one prayer, I\'d pray for people who hate
Maybe I\'m out of my mind ...or deep in my faith
A man grows old ...when his soul\'s in pain
Only love can loosen that chain

But if I offer you grace, will it cause any change
And do I appear weak, if I calm my rage
I think of revenge, but will I become
The thing I despise, when a heart goes numb

I\'ll say a prayer, hoping it finds ...people who hate
I send it now, to heal the hearts ...of people who hate

If only one song ...could silence hate
And end all the war ...before its too late
If a cold mind ...could begin to feel
Then the fear in our world ...has a chance to heal

I\'ll say a prayer, knowing it finds ...people who hate
I send it now, to heal the hearts ...of people who hate
......pray for people who hate

All of our thoughts ...can set the stage
For the power of love ...is larger than rage
When we take revenge ...we will become
The hate we despise ...as our soul goes numb

I have One Prayer ...for the world to hear
It\'s a cry for mercy ...the last of our tears
Let hate dissolve ... let the past reveal
That love has shown us what is real

Prayer: Angels above, quiet the pain ...in people who hate

I\'m sending One Prayer, to heal the hearts ...in people who hate

One prayer.....Pray!

Prayer: May all be loved, may all be blessed, may all feel peace .... pray for people who hate

I’m sending Love, to people who hate
I must be out of my mind ...or deep in my faith


Cedar\'s Eleven : Flourishing in 2011

with Cedar Rivers ([email protected])


2011 begins a new decade, and promises to be a year like no other.
It looks set to be marked by extremes at many levels.
Spiritual epiphanies will bring remarkable revelations, clarity and perhaps changes in activity,
while arduous challenges may require you to be inventive and pro-active like never before.
Contemplate the following sub-headings and brief examples
and make of them what you will to have an exceptional year.

1. RESPECT YOURSELF: Everything that matters begins here.

2. REMEMBER: Who you are, and live it; what you are here to do, and do it.

3. SIMPLIFY: Live lightly, share what you have, and give what you can.

4. FEARLESSLY EMBRACE CHANGE: If necessary - attitudes, career, home, lifestyle, relationships.

5. BE RESPONSIBLE: Balance your spending, whether an individual, business or government.

6. SELF-RELIANCE: Initiate. Grow your own food, extra for others, and for the animals and birds.

7. BE STILL: Use fewer words. Listen. Receive. Enquire. Review. Respond.

8. EVOLVE: Filter everything you think, say and do through your Heart and Higher Self.

9. THE SACRED: Raise your vibrations. Honour your purpose and your Divinity.

10. CREATE: Follow your passions and find solutions.

11. FREEDOM: Explore your wildness, skills, adventures and experiences.

Bright blessings to you all for a truly memorable and magnificent 2011.
Let\'s never miss an opportunity to be loving, resourceful and creative this year.
2011 asks for our kindness and thoughtfulness from the very depths of our hearts.

* Shine On and Dazzle, Radiant Lights *

(Taken from [ OLD LINK REMOVED ])



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