2011 Summer Solstice (BHClow) and Lisa Renee's June 2011 Article *LINK* *PIC*

2011 Summer Solstice (BHClow) and Lisa Renee's June 2011 Article *LINK* *PIC*
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2011 Summer Solstice

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Here\'s Barbara Hand Clow\'s 2011 Summer Solstice report.



June Solstice: June 21, 2011

1:17 PM, EDT, Washington, DC

 \"The Summer Solstice has arrived north of the Equator where it is time to breathe, relax, be sensual, and to become fully embodied. South of the Equator, it is the Winter Solstice where it is time to assess what you\'ve created during the year, especially to consider your Spring Equinox intentions made during September 2010. [This site is written for readers who live north of the Equator, so those down south will need to switch your comprehension of the influences of the solstices accordingly.]

For those of us living in the north, our spring coincided with the opening stages of the Universal Underworld on March 9 (hereinafter the Universal). Experiencing the Days and Nights of the Universal during only 18 days is causing great changes in our personal and collective lives. Thus, letting go and relaxing will be difficult this summer. For most people, it\'s been hard not to be totally distracted with so much going on, so it could be easy to miss this summer\'s potential to flesh out and deepen what we\'ve been creating since March. Yet, remember, you create your own reality, and the events in the outer world are deeply connected and inspired by what\'s in your minds. Please take a look at your Spring Equinox intentions to assess how you are doing now, and also take note of the things that are popping into your life that you didn\'t even plan on. During such intense time acceleration, chaos is breaking out everywhere, since chaos is always part of new creation: The reorganization of the fractal fields creates exceedingly unexpected new things in your life.

We are in the middle of three eclipses from June 1 through July 1, 2011. The June 1 eclipse occurred during the Day Three sprouting phase of the Universal. In the reading for the June 1 Gemini New Moon—which was an eclipse during Day Three—I summarized the progress of three key events that were seeded during Day One of the Universal. I will not be constantly repeating this material as I follow it through to October 28, 2011, so you should print out or save a copy of the reading for the June 1 Moon in Gemini to make it easier to follow the unfolding events.

Events since the Gemini New Moon have continued to verify the critical nature of these three themes: a crisis over the use of nuclear power, chaos in the Middle East, and global financial instability. During this Day Three sprouting phase, three Fukushima reactors are in meltdown, Syria is afflicted with a civil war, and the Americans are opening a fourth war front in Yemen. Regarding the financial crisis, on June 1 (the first eclipse), the European Union Times published an astonishing story about the real reason the president of the International Monetary Fund, Dominique Strauss-Kahn, was arrested by the Federal Security Bureau in New York on May 14 for supposedly having attacked a hotel maid. Apparently, Strauss-Kahn discovered that Fort Knox has been emptied of all its gold bars, which are the basis of US drawing rights in international banks, and he was trying to fly back immediately to Europe to meet with the German President, Angela Merkel! The real story about what he was doing from the European Union Times is posted on ;

My reading for the March equinox suggested that the Universal would unfold amid an explosion of chaos: The equinox Sun in 0 Aries moved right to Uranus in 1 Aries soon after the equinox. Many planets were in Aries throughout the spring, so this hot astrological influence was right in tandem with the Mayan Calendar as usual. Many of you are feeling quite disturbed and distressed right now, and during such great change, I find that deep reflection on personal growth in light of events in the collective world is essential. As humans, we keep our sanity by maintaining some kind of logical explanation for what\'s going on in our world, and Carl Calleman\'s thesis on the Mayan Calendar certainly helps. [I, for one, cannot imagine comprehending our times right now without Calleman\'s idea! I\'m going to continue this site through the Winter Solstice 2012 mostly to reflect upon the nature of the new world that will be emerging after the end of the tun-based Calendar, October 28, 2011.] Right now, we are in the end of Night Three (Day Four opens June 25), and we are beginning to see the real implications of the Day Three sprouting: The Middle East is being totally reshaped by revolution; many countries, besides Japan, are seeking ways to shut down their nuclear reactors; and the world\'s financial systems are tottering. Arresting one key player after another for sexual peccadilloes will not hide the truth.

Meanwhile, the only thing that matters is how you live your life. Who do you love now? Are you faithful and devoted to each person you are connected to? Are you ready, at a moment\'s notice, to go right to those who need assistance from you? Do you trust the grand plan that is unfolding no matter what will happen in your personal life? During times like 2011, heroes are made. Or, are you sitting around groaning and waiting for the end of the world while you are doing nothing in your own life? I suppose if I could make a film that would characterize the current scene, it would be titled Waiting for Nibiru. Ironically, in the middle of silly apocalyptical fear, a popular film is popping up titled Tree of Life, and my dear friend Brian Swimme has announced his monumental film, The Universe Story, which premieres in September 2011! Surely we are living in a time of miracles! We are all invited to observe in wonder, breathe deeply, and enjoy the show!

This Summer Solstice chart is very musical, like an early medieval madrigal; when the theme of one planet is played, all the other planets sing along. This is because many planets are in a 0 to 10 degree range causing many more multiple aspects than usual. The Sun in 0 Cancer, for example, is exactly 30 degrees from Mars, while sextiling Jupiter; squaring Uranus; trining Neptune, Chiron, and Moon; and opposing Pluto! Quite a potent entry into summer, wouldn\'t you agree? The other notable character in this chart is its director-Saturn; he stands alone by the rising of the Washington, DC chart, while the other bodies are in a wide \"bucket\" with Saturn as the handle. Saturn directs the field of an impressive Grand Square involving Mercury/Sun in Cancer, Uranus in Aries, and Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn went direct on June 12 and is now moving forward to cross the 1776 USA Saturn on August 28 (see the USA chart at the end of this reading).

In late August, the world will be deeply immersed in the Night Five, the destruction phase of the Universal. I have to wonder who set up this game? Often I wonder if the US could have avoided being central player in the National and Planetary Underworld game called Empire? But, it\'s not really about the US during the summer season—it\'s about a global emotional-body cleansing with Saturn in 10 Libra exactly quincunx the Moon in 10 Pisces. The Moon passes over Neptune/Chiron just before the Solstice, which means that we all will be experiencing acute emotional healing crises while the structures of the last 5,125 years crash and burn. Since Saturn is in Libra, this is the grand balancing, the grand culling. What could this be? For me, if we are in our hearts and coming from our hearts, we will exist in universal peace and joy. Those who are hard-hearted will be part of the culling. We are moving out of Homo Agressus into Homo Pacem; you are either a warrior or a peacemaker. It is each person\'s choice, it always was, yet now the field is shifting to peace and harmony.

We begin with the Sun moving into Cancer as a focus. Engaged in multiple aspects, its agenda is to seek comfort, joy, security, and nurturance. Mercury is 10 degrees just past the Sun, and so the Sun in Cancer comprehends itself and knows it wants total and enveloping nurturance. The Sun feels its power because it resonates freely with Mars in 0 Gemini, and the Sun is expanded and stabilized by a sextile from Jupiter in 3 Taurus (exact on June 25). Jupiter in Taurus is grounded and wise, so this sextile to the Sun (with Mars activating their midpoint) is like the song, \"Don\'t Worry, Be Happy\" by Bobby McFerrin. Yet, as the Sun in Cancer sextiling Jupiter in Taurus lilts along, the Sun is kicked in the butt by a square from Uranus in 4 Aries (exact on June 26). Since the Sun in Cancer opposes Pluto in 6 Capricorn (exact on June 27), Uranus sits at the top of a T-square to Sun opposite Pluto. This tense T-square occurs while Uranus-square-Pluto is in close orb, so this summer will express the early stages of seven Uranus squares to Pluto that will come in 2012 and last until 2015. Described simply, this T-square suggests that this summer is when everyone on the planet will realize that the classic old ways are not coming back. Then Saturn in Libra opposing Uranus in Aries makes this T-square into a cardinal Grand Square, which anchors the shift into new realities. The exact aspects to the Sun and other planets go off like time-released capsules through June 27, so the new themes will be complex as well as very apparent-since Mercury is a strong player in the Grand Square.

As our species evolves with new cultural ways, old security blankets have to go. The most amazing thing about this Solstice chart is that it even indicates what the new patterns may be. The Sun in 0 Cancer exactly trines Neptune retrograde in 1 Pisces, which is close to Chiron in 5 Pisces; and the Moon in 10 Pisces has just passed over Neptune and Chiron. This is an exquisitely subtle planetary and lunar dance, like a sweet little Irish jig that dangles our future right in front of our noses. This Cancer/Pisces trine says it\'s time to heal (Chiron) our separation from spirit (Neptune), and the way to do it is to open our hearts (Sun/Mercury trine Moon). The most profound Cherokee teaching is in the stories about the \"Two-Hearted\'s.\" From these stories, I learned that my people (Cherokee and Celtic) have endured because we live in our hearts no matter what the two-hearted ones—the conquerors—did to our people. We have endured; they never penetrated and split our hearts. And now, during this beautiful summer season, the end of dominant cruelty is coming for all of us.

No matter where I go in this marvelous Solstice chart, one theme just resonates with the next one. Using the Moon in Pisces as our focus, notice how she conjuncts Chiron/Neptune; exact trines Mercury in Cancer; squares Venus in 14 Gemini (exact about 8 hours after the Solstice); is exact quincunx Saturn in 10 Libra; and sextiles Pluto in 6 Capricorn. What does all this mean? Aspects to the Moon modulate our feelings, our hearts. Thus, the Moon with Chiron/Neptune means we are healers of the spiritual heart, and the trine to Mercury and the Sun in Cancer says our sense of self-knowing (Sun) is highly intelligent and evolved (Mercury). The lunar square to Venus in 14 Gemini may indicate this summer will be a time of female revolt in the bedroom. This may be the ultimate moment when men have to stop \"warring and whoring\" because the goddess refuses any more male-dominant abuse. Knowing the goddess, this aspect may also be played out through weather, such as with hurricanes. Finally, the Moon\'s exact quincunx to Saturn in Libra and her sextile to Pluto in Capricorn is simply stunning, repeating what I said before: the structures of the National and Planetary Underworlds are going out of form because nobody believes in them anymore. This message will be even stronger when people realize the gold has been stripped out of Fort Knox!

Using Jupiter as the focus, this great god of abundance sextiles the Sun in Cancer and Neptune/Chiron, and trines Pluto in Capricorn. This is a really dynamic configuration that offers great physical support for the great process of letting go of everything we have ever known or experienced. Grounded and solid Jupiter says our belief in ourselves as a species (Sun) is the source of our survival, and we can do this by activating our healing heart. With Jupiter in Taurus trining Pluto in Capricorn—two earth signs—we are reminded that the biological structures of Earth have gone extinct and then rejuvenated many times, and life has continued to evolve. This time is no different, yet because of the sextiles and trines to Neptune/Chiron/Moon, the human heart is the survivor this time. Trust in your feelings this summer, since they may be all you have! Also, Jupiter sextiling Moon/Chiron/Neptune forms a Yod to Saturn in Libra, and this empowers Saturn to balance and structure our feelings, so that we can utilize all of their great potential.

Now it is time to see things from Saturn\'s view, and suddenly we really see that this is a Grand Square Solstice. Saturn in 10 Libra opposes Uranus in 4 Aries, and they are in Grand Square to Mercury/Sun in Cancer opposite Pluto in Capricorn. Saturn in Libra exactly squares Mercury in 10 Cancer, which may be the most intriguing exact square in this chart. I left reading the Grand Square until now because I wanted you to feel some of the other aspects before putting the exact Mercury square Saturn into focus. Grand Squares are my favorite configuration because they always get the job done. Like the exact aim of GPS, they have amazing powers to alter the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual fields forever. This Grand Square during a seasonal shift means that after the summer of 2011 (which winter 2011 down south), we will think of history as before and after this moment. This Grand Square says: Our search for comprehending (Mercury) safety and nurturance (Sun in Cancer) occurs amidst radical change and disruption (Pluto), which is triggered by shifts in the fractal fields (Uranus), that all formulate into cellular homeostasis (balancing by Saturn\'s laws). Then the exact square of Mercury to Saturn shines the light on our human mentality, which means it\'s time to nurture the exquisite powers of our intelligence. Because the Mayan Calendar has been revealed just in time, its message is to trust Nature and the workings of the World Tree, our magnificent guide through the Universal Underworld.

Finally, let\'s note that we have clever Mars in 0 Gemini—in exact square to Nepture in Pisces—telling us how to act! Neptune is in retrograde and will move back into Aquarius in August until February 2012, when we can be sure the 2012 apocalyptical fools will be predicting doom and gloom. So, with Neptune in early activation of his role as the ultimate high spirituality (Gnosis), Mars moves into Gemini and quickens Neptune to the max; and Uranus is in sextile within the square, making sure that transformation is total. I would strongly suggest you review all of the successful spiritual tools you\'ve already garnered because you are going to need them. Mars exactly squares Neptune in this chart, which means waves of enlightenment will be sweeping the fields of our planet. Remember to sit in lotus and accept this joy, and then you won\'t care whether the gold is in Fort Knox or floating in the atmosphere of Nibiru!\"

Barbara Hand Clow

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Lisa Renee\'s June 2011 Article

Denise | June 15, 2011 at 9:34 AM | Tags: 5D, Ascension Facilitator changes, bridging timelines, changes, Gridworkers, Lisa Renee, Lisa Renee Showdown, Starseed Lightworkers, transitions, transitions of June 2011 | Categories: New Humans, New Earth | URL: [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]





June 2011

by Lisa Renee

\"It is now time to get down to the real business of true authenticity and transparency! The multiplicity of players that have returned to play out the ancient final conflict, such as the Atlantian “war over power” archetype, will start to be revealed and be seen clearly by those of us who have the “eyes to see”. We will see these archetypal roles and their dramas gaining clarity by playing out in our personal life and in the world center stage. We can actually see “who is who” as the masks are finally taken off in this master game of polarity. When we are able to finally “see” the actor wearing the mask in these archetypal games, we cannot be controlled by these false masks of perceived identity any longer. (How much longer will humanity choose the mask of the enemy patterning and need to play the war game archetype?) When we have the “eyes to see” the masked actors we stop allowing them to push our karmic buttons that spew out the same destructive programmed pattern in the collective, over and over again.

In order to have the “eyes to see” one has to be willing to be free of mind control programs and ego personality thought addiction. To be released of ego thought dependence is a soul body (4D-5D-6D) function. A true embodied soul starts to listen to itself through inner senses, rather than the ego function of its personality in external senses. This is why the controllers have worked hard to remove the soul function access from the 3D human being through external mind enslavement methods.

As circumstances and people in our environment become further revealed to us by showing their “true colors” it makes our life so much easier to navigate in transparency. Transparency makes deception impossible to float as a reality. What a relief! However the byproduct of transparency is that any “illusion” we may carry is shattered, which if we take personal, (especially in deeply bonded relationships) can become emotionally difficult. Do not take anything personal during these times, learn to observe neutrally and apply unconditional love and forgiveness to emotional pain. We have many angelic messengers to soothe and support us if we allow ourselves to receive comfort.

The requirement of living in true authenticity and transparency means that the restoration of balance is returning. (The Cosmic Sovereign Law of Living Liquid Light, The Natural Law of God is entering structures and places on the Earth it was not previously in the dark cycle.) Free will choice was granted to all entities even the ones who decided to manipulate humanity away from their own free will by enslaving their minds in order to steal their energy-liquid light bodies. This usurping of another’s free will by interfering with soul access cannot continue and is being returned back to human beings in this “restoration” period of the Ascension timeline now.

Although there are wonderful levels of progress from our recent successful anchoring of the “Eucharistic” (Krystal) body on Earth (see last month’s news), we are heading for a “Showdown”. This is a showdown of power between the forces who think they are in dominion of the Earth plane and are resistant to the change required for the next stages of planetary evolution. These beings do not want to take off the mask to reveal their true identity to themselves. Through their fear and confusion, and fight to control and suppress others, many continue to resist the inevitable change. Various Dark Overlords and their controller groups are being pushed to the corner to make a decision and that decision will necessitate a direct action by God Source and its true representative vessels. As in “Checkmate!” shouted in a game of chess, this final grueling game is being played on a “phantom” checkerboard time matrix for those that have the “death to the finish” reptilian mentality. Those staying in that “reptilian” station of identity continue to suffer greatly from their own mental torture. Those that have transcended the base ego identity will have greater experiences of expansion, connection and ease.

The Gridworker

This showdown in the game is the “volcanic” tension between these forces that are experienced mostly by those working in the collective consciousness field by doing planetary gridwork. It is this group (we are addressing specifically this month) whose accepted responsibility is to not allow a fracture to occur on the planet surface and to prevent the manifestation of massively destructive events to be seen in the visible light spectrum by the 3D human being. If this fracture manifests physically into a timeline, it creates a fracture in the masses of people that are not mentally, emotionally or spiritually prepared to handle this radical change in their individual perception of reality. Those in this spiritual family (that have been prepared to understand this change in reality by committing to our God purpose) are being utilized as energy placement holders and “consciousness power” directors and are being assigned new tasks for these reasons. We are being asked to stabilize and support the grid and the human beings in the radius areas. These tasks are simple tasks of “show up” and observe an area, person, place or circumstance. You are needed there as an energy placement holder and are being asked to “show up” and at whatever level you are capable to interact with the field. The ability to trust and listen to your assignment as its given (without personal ego) is the marker of your ability to be trusted to further progress to higher spheres of influence on the planet. To progress in your purpose is to serve the harmony of the larger group rather than serve your personal agenda. The Guardians are monitoring people at various levels to reposition recruits to higher levels of public awareness as a part of the coming cycle of the “changing of the guard”.

Right now our group goal is to prevent this showdown of force from being manifested in the beast machine timeline and its related destructive agendas being pushed by the controllers. These are agendas of surface devastation and war, and they absolutely do not have to be played out if we override the artificial structures supporting and “feeding” them. It is possible to do this through the purity of consciousness and by absolutely commanding your space as a Sovereign and Free God Being. Do not allow any vampire or parasite to use or direct your consciousness power.

Bridging Timelines

The next grid project focus is the necessity to bridge timelines that have been feeding off and replicating other false (destructive) timelines or stuck in the mire of massive superimposed artificial structures ( i.e. circulatory feeds and siphons) that are used by the Negative Alien Control groups. Once “Aurora Bridging” and Mother Arc trans-gateways are opened the false systems start to collapse and are unable to continue circulation feed of reversal polarity systems or other destructive circuits of energy. Without these reversal feeds circulating it releases many soul bodies that have been impaled for use in these systems as a battery source. One major focus of timeline repair is the False Ascension Matrices and the various 5D Ascension programs that have been feeding into these replicated and inorganic systems. Many of these inorganic systems are responsible for the reincarnation programs used on the low astral planes to recycle human souls. These inorganic systems must fail and are being dismantled at both levels of the human 3D programs and its 5D contact groups. These groups are also going into briefing and reassignment of their previous mission as this timeline has gone as far as it is possible.

There is a fracturing occurring in the collective consciousness fields of the planet that requires a reassignment of our consciousness power and energetic direction. There has been immense polarity amplification in the field that creates an acceleration of descending and ascending frequency hubs on the planet surface. When massive levels of higher frequency are exposed to the planet it amplifies the energy polarity existing between forces and certain areas of the planet either “lift up” or decline”. This is a byproduct of the recent Unity Source Code architecture that is the foundational platform required for the use of directing the Aurora bridge projects and the re-encrypted Krystal bodies. (The Ascension prototypers are embodied humans working within these fields of frequencies to create stabilization of the “Krystal” body platform) The last few months we have been in a training period to reach this new platform by attuning to new frequency levels and their accompanying abilities. Our mental focus, cellular telepathy and inner knowing grows stronger as our body is becoming more attuned to function as an “optic lens” for God’s Source Code. Re-encryption of source code into declining energy architecture in specified locations on the planet surface are a part of our bridging timelines assignment. Guardians/God Source will be directing us to those locations at the time we are needed, and as usual, we operate on a need to know “now moment” awareness only.

Training for Re-Assignment

These training exercises have come with a new caveat and that is to be disciplined to exert effort to learn how to be ego integrated between your mental and emotional bodies. In this new cycle to progress and flourish in the spiritual arenas, ego tantrums will not be tolerated nor supported. To align to your purpose and mission (and be trusted with the higher abilities, power of influence and public access) we must transcend the ego’s vulnerability to dark force manipulation and control. Know who your authority IS and command your space to serve God! Many of us (formerly teachers, speakers, healers, session workers) are undergoing integration template (polarity integration) training and completion levels in order to be prepared for next level group or public missions as facilitators. (Basically all it takes is a humbling of egos grip in controlling our lives.) Some of us in this Galactic Family are still working with integration training even with high level studies, prepared modalities for Ascension curriculum and having remote viewing capability and/or other superhuman senses. Until the psycho-emotional integration transpires and we are not energetically vampiric to others, we are being limited in access to the higher field at this time. This means if you are an established spiritual teacher or ascension facilitator you will be cut off from progressing in the old energy and will be required to update the frequency of your work to the new “unity” platform. The reduction in clients or workshop attendance is not the economic terrain - it is the necessity to upgrade the body of work to the next level frequency of “unity source code”. Do not take this personal. This is the learning curve we are operating in now, as we must learn to manifest with the unity source code, and not the old energy reversal systems used by the controllers.

Ascension Facilitator Group Collaboration

With higher frequency and a new platform of which to exchange with them (without having so much of our direct energy and our work being siphoned or hijacked) we are getting stronger in our “Krystal” bodies. This is a direct result of the open architecture of the unity source code that once positioned and anchored, allows an exchange to occur in “trinity” or tri-wave orbital fields. We are learning new abilities that come spontaneously in the moment when it is required for our collaborative mission and fieldwork, and not for any other purpose of amusement. Conservation of resources is a part of the discipline of understanding the direction of consciousness power only comes when directed by God Source, and no other. Our energy, our group resources, our light bodies cannot be wasted or used by Dark Forces. We will be having more fun to collaborate together in light hearted exchanges both professionally and personally, however destructive or addictive habits will be removed as being labeled as “fun”.

Those of us that are disciplined and have committed fully to serving our God Spirit as our primary focus and mission are being prepared for the next stages of our group mission and “Ascension” collaboration assignment. This is the beginning of the Unity Bridge Projects which allows many of us that have been hidden to come out publically to be recognized and acknowledged by their extended Spirit and Star Families. Some of us will be assigned to each other, meaning that we will be asked to work with other Ascension workers, or projects with other groups or leaders. Some of us will be asked to integrate all of our knowledge and clarity with as many people as possible without the fear of copyright or greed. All of our trust must be working in full presence with our spiritual connection first and foremost. Ego cannot be present in these interactions, if so they will explode and be removed from any further collaboration immediately. These are interactions being orchestrated and designed for “re-encryption” of frequency loads to be re-gridded into the Aurora Lattice. The Aurora Lattice connected through the 12 D shield encryption is what allows the Guardian contact to be possible, re-directed and circuited into an orbital exchange with God (Eternal Living Light) Forces. Once the Aurora Lattice is gridded into a holding container, a living entity, living body is created for exchange with the Living Liquid Light of the Guardian/God Forces that can be utilized for a multitude of collaboration projects.

Many of us that have been quietly doing this Krystal consciousness work behind the scenes are being presented with new pathways to become more seen in the “public view”. We are being asked to focus our attention and our consciousness “optic lens” on more diverse projects and expand our sphere of influence – as directed clearly by Source. There is no active force behind these projects – the individual person exhibits no personal desire, curiosity or analysis – It just exists as it Is.

To be an Ascension Facilitator is a large energetic responsibility that holds consequences, so a testing and re-training period is transpiring before it will be energized to manifest fully. In these next cycles there is no tolerance for twilight masters or negative ego representing the God Source as nothing can be hidden in ego any longer. The Real (organic and authentic) will become extremely clear in the presence of the False. (inorganic and inauthentic) Many of us have been in the “boot camp” of living fully in transparency to ensure our integrity and clarity with what we choose as our ultimate authority.

5D Timeline Galactic Bridging

One major focus of timeline repair since May’s spiritual activation is the removal of False Ascension Matrices and the various obsolete 5D Ascension programs that have been feeding into replicated and inorganic systems. The 5D inorganic systems being manipulated by negatives must fail and are being dismantled at both human 3D program level and their 5D “higher ups” that channel to them obsolete Ascension information. The other Planet timeline groups and their 3D human contacts are being intervened with at this time to stop inorganic and obsolete methods that are feeding destructive timelines that the Reptilian contingents have been using to power their “Armageddon software” systems. Both human and ET groups are undergoing Guardian Team briefing and the reassignment of their previous “Ascension” mission as it has gone as far as it is possible. This is transpiring here on Earth as well as multiple dimensions with a focal point on 5D timelines.

This is a huge development as it means there is a change in leadership transpiring at multiple dimensional levels where previous “galactic” federations and their arms of council are being disbanded and re-educated from Guardian level contact. These are intervention contacts being made from outside our Universal Time Matrix from the neighboring Universes through direct Source Liquid Light.

As we move through this paramount shift, we may see many human ego casualties misinterpreting this change required of their “ascension” or spiritual work. The frequency of the spiritual ascension material given to the Indigo and Lightworker as it is made available to the public must change and be upgraded to Organic Ascension Models. Starseeds that have been working as Ascension teachers must upgrade to facilitator support and be trained into new frequency modeling without guru/disciple or ego corruption. Those that have been teaching Ascension falsely (Reptilian Plants) will be removed from the roster and energetic support will be withdrawn and re-assigned to those that have polarity integration training. 5D intermediaries will not be possible any longer unless they have been re-assigned to Universal Ascension modeling authorized by Guardian consciousness (Unity Intelligence of the Krystal Star Matrix) in No Time.

Ascension missions and its related code, language or body of work will be systematically redirected to new levels of Indigo/Starseeds that have demonstrated integrity through self mastery. These beings will be given the authority from Guardian “unity source code” alignment and those without authority will be dismantled from access to their previous contact and energy channel.

Asian Grids and False Dragon Lines

Another Guardian bridging project coming to the forefront has been the rehabilitation of the architecture of fallen grids in Asia feeding a large circuit along “False Dragon Lines” back to the United Kingdom. China and Tibet are the original planetary Stargate locations for Orion (8D) and Andromeda (9D). The galactic wars recorded the blood and genetic discrimination (Orion Wars and Draconian history) and their distorted male-female archetypes (Vesica Pisces harness with Twin Monad Splitting) into the Asian grids. These grids have been shown to feed back a massive power structure to the main headquarter reversal hub, the Nephilim Reversal Grid ( NRG) which is active in the United Kingdom. In order to dismantle the NRG, the various hubs feeding it from all over the planet need to be dismantled systematically while freeing the soul enslavement used to power these grids. This has been transpiring in the Guardian teams since my awareness of them in 2008.

The “NRG” is responsible to break apart hybrid genetics by reversing any synthesis of alchemy that happens organically between the male and female principle (electron-proton balance) as well as repelling any healing for reptilian based genetics. This is desired by the Reptilians because their human representatives that are bred as Nephilim (genetic hybrid between Oraphim and Reptilian) are easy to possess and mind control for their negative alien agenda. The Reptilians do not want to heal thereby integrate into human society as an equal, they want to rule it as an absolute authority. (The False King of Tyranny) The illuminati plan and the infiltrated monarchs are based within these genetically controlled factions. The NRG is a massively complicated structure that has interfered with true spiritual marriage and/or “Ascended Divine Union” as a possibility for human beings on the planet. This year we are working on embodying the unity template of Spiritual Marriage in No Time, which requires these false systems fail. The NRG system keeps electron distortions feeding the patriarchal domination archetypes of tyranny as assumed by males and females as within their “accepted” roles of identity. This results in a bevy of highly destructive mental belief systems and emotional body schisms. These schisms are highly dysfunctional to the point they create genetic damage in the 2nd and 4th chakra layer functioning. These archetypes were once “creational myths” to play out in the polarity game but became a massive source of food for the controllers. As these archetypes were then used to negatively control people, the person digressed (then societal behavior patterns digressed) into aggressive anti-human, robotic and disconnected behavior.

The name of the game for the NRG is propagating and feeding highly destructive addictions and deviant sexual attitudes and behavior within the global human population. Its first priority is designed to relegate all sexual activity laced with guilt and shame into the lowest forms of human expression and perversion possible. Depending on accepted cultural attitudes it will use the perceptive level of access to serve the current societal paradigm into distortion. (In Muslim countries it can be the legal killing of raped women by being left in the desert to die by their own husband, or the selling of little girls to prostitution in Thailand, Catholic priest pedophilia in the Vatican, Sadistic or masochistic fetishes in Germany. These harvested energies all feed back into the same NRG matrix.)

This NRG matrix starts out looking on the surface like its “harmless” based on open sexual attitudes (what are you a prude? Are you jealous and possessive? Don’t you know that polyamory is what we were designed for?) It’s designed to suck you into addiction and nonstop base instinct desire of the second chakra, so all that is craved is “plugging into” the next “outlet” or in its deeper levels - getting relief from addictive anxiety. The promiscuity design is to crash your human genetic code so you lose your “real” sense of divine human connection, which is the deep desire to be truly intimately connected and experienced as the divinity within. Unity intelligence (God force) is created between the male and female principle at highly developed consciousness frequency such as within the union between equals in Spiritual Marriage in No Time. (This is what it is like on advanced planets. This is when unconditional love is shared in a safe emotional haven and the full transparency of trust to create divine union is made possible.) Most of us engaged in the sexual act forget that the human design to Ascend into God Source is a part of the union of equals existing in perfect love. We need to remember this again in order to heal ourselves and return true unity in spiritual marriage to the planet.

In order to separate humans from divine union the NRG grid promotes disconnection through all means sexual, such as internet porn, the sexualization of inanimate objects and the belief the grass is always greener with another sexual partner. Once a person becomes addicted to the bait of this rapidly descending pathway, the architecture of this control system hooks into all of your lower centers to capture your vital force. When something vampirizes your vital force ( sexual chakra) all you instinctually want is to get it back, so you seek the next “seduction” to vampirize someone or something else. Never succeeding in feeling satiated, you become addicted to all things external. The mind becomes fixated on latching into another outlet, sex, food, drugs, clothes, or any object or person. In its advanced stages the fixation becomes obsessive compulsive in order to relieve the discontent to the level of anxiety experienced, courtesy of the NRG grid.

As an example, the Asian grids are feeding “princess code” female principle distortions as well as “sexual robot” fantasies. Hello kitty products (princess code) and Anime cartoons (sexual robot) had extensive architecture powering into the NRG as a battery source. This means huge Asian populations are feeding distortions to power this NRG in some way the reptilians are using, this does not mean these items in itself are “negative”. It means these items are being exploited into some massive deviation that is far from balanced and healthy to the human being –who is unaware they are being negatively manipulated through these systems.

As we become aware of these systems of manipulation that lead humans into unbalanced and destructive behavior we can correct them. Most being manipulated have no idea they are being mind controlled to feed these systems through advanced addictions that are not even organic to their personal free will choices. The more conscious we become, we elevate the planet and have the power in the authority of God to remove these false systems from abusing ourselves and others. It is the purpose of comprehending how humanity has arrived at this current state of being, so we are consciously able to direct ourselves to higher expressions in order to bring freedom back to the human race. We represent freedom for the human race and through accepting responsibility for ourselves and aligning to God purpose we can transform the world. Thank you to our Asian gridworkers who have been clearing and working with these negative systems, now and in the months to come.

Until next, stay in the luminosity of your Avatar Heart Path! Be Gentle with your hearts and each other.\"

Love Always, Lisa

© 2011, Lisa Renee

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Calleman\'s 2011 Days/Nights

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               2011 Mayan Days/Nights 

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