2011 Reckoning: Earth Changes / Social Unrest / Divine Destiny

2011 Reckoning: Earth Changes / Social Unrest / Divine Destiny
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Saturday, March 12, 2011 05:04 pm

2011 Global Reckoning
Earth Changes Commence, Ready or Not;
 Social Unrest, Confronting Worst Fears;
Divine Destiny of Unity in Our Diversity.

Some times it takes global crisis for global reckoning...
a \'recon mission\' for pure intention as will pay attention
 to evolutionary ascension of our collective
  at the heart of our personal and planetary divine destiny.

by the \"Reluctant Prophet\'



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Earth Changes Commence, \'Ready or Not\'

The magnitude 8.9 earthquake which just devastated Japan was the biggest one to hit the country since officials began keeping records in the late 1800s.  Word is that this may be
the world\'s fifth most powerful earthquake in the past 110 years.

As I wrote to list members the day before this huge disaster, 2011 will see \'unprecedented Earth changes\'. That link explains why.

I explain the \'cosmic context\' for this at: \'Final 9th Wave of the Mayan Calendar Commences\'. 
It began March 9th and culminates October 28th, 2011. According to the leading Mayan Calendar authority, Carl Calleman, this 8 months in 2011 will be the most intense period of planetary evolution in human history.  This is quite an understatement if you factor in the taboo subject of Planet X which in 2011 is doing its 3,660 year fly-by of Earth.

Live with the truth or die with the truth... I still prefer the truth of what\'s coming rather than succumb to cherished illusions and willful ignorance.  And the truth is, the disaster in Japan
is mere prelude to accelerating pole shift symptoms... like the birth pangs for a \"new Earth\'.

This is the beginning of what the Hopi prophesied as \'The Great Purification\'... and the Bible prophesied as the \'Time of Tribulations\'... the time of \'Revelations\'... and truly billions of Netizens worldwide share a new instant-everywhere and interactive Net reality with all knowledge potentially available at their searching fingertips.  Revelations indeed!

If you really want to know the truth of what\'s coming, \"Search and ye shall find\" has taken on new meaning.  Just beware that you may find what you are searching for, and it may be disruptive to your \'comfort zone\'.

If you\'re ready to stand, face and conquer you\'re worst fears, see the ongoing in-depth blog on the \'2011 trends to pole shift\'. See also, the YouTube video: \"Nemisis\" (aka Planet X) is on the way, and N.S.A. is censoring the fact: .

Social Unrest, Confronting Worst Fears

The politics behind social unrest - from Mid-East to Mid-West -- are a bottomless pit of human solutions to human problems which have compounded the problems.  Heaven knows, there are only divine solutions to human problems.  Faithless fear is merely the inversion, subversion and perversion of fearless faith in the transformational power of love.

The deeply entrenched politics and economics of big government collusion with giant corporate interests has led to an inordinate centralized

love of  power (for profit and monopoly control) which has suppressed and depressed the ordained decentralized power of love (for Constitutional representation) in the hearts and minds of people worldwide. 

In the West, social services for \'We the People\' are severely cut while Wall Street returns to giant bonuses for their captains of commerce who continue stripping trillions of dollars out of the economy via new computerized micro trades which profit from both up and down moves of the orchestrated commodities bubble.

Have you noticed that the same banksters who created the market meltdown are not in jail, and in fact are running the \'economic recovery\' into global economic collapse?  Should we be alarmed that the driving force of ambitious greed has cannibalized the economy beyond bankruptcy? Are you aware that trillions of dollars, stripped from the economy, have been diverted into hundreds of \'Deep Underground Military Bases\' (DUMBs) since Planet X was discovered in 1983?  It was reported in mainstream media then, and covered up every since.

This stealth \'survival of the rich and powerful\" -- without a corresponding public civil defense program -- is unconscionable.  The parasitic paradigm of wealth transfer form Main Street to Wall Street has made many Americans homeless, created debt slavery to banksters who created the problems, and is responsible for the \'Supreme Coup\' in our own government whereby giant corporate interests have bought-off Congress at the expense of the public they vowed to serve.   Virtual suspension of basis Constitution rights with the \'Patriot Act\' has led to wholesale betrayal of honor.  The truth of imminent Earth changes is suppressed -- to continue false-flag normalcy -- while the power elite prepare.  The public will be left dangling without a safety net until the last minute when it\'s too late.

The politics and economics behind the creation and management of poverty, war, disease and mass dying for profit and population control are inseparable from the prevailing oxymoronic \"value of scarcity\" (scarcity economics), and only the abundant currency of Conscience will reboot the Next Economy.

The chief architect of the Constitution, James Madison, established the standard for core Constitution freedoms in just a few words:

\"Conscience is the most sacred of all property.\"

Divine Destiny of Unity in Our Diversity.

The remnant who survive following the PX fly-by will have a clean slate upon which to establish that golden rule/law language at the heart of a new civil infrastructure for a New Earth. 

A new unity-in-diversity will define, refine, combine and shine our \'Conscious Co-Creation\' (as above, so below) on Earth as it is in heaven; \"

Unity Conscience\" (LOVE) without end.

From love we come and to love we go, as only one in God knows.
Lack of love is actually the cause of evil, and why it grows;
quick to judge, easy to anger, slow to understand...
prejudice-fear-ignorance go hand-in-hand.
But this too shall pass as we\'ll see,
change in which to believe;
birth of a new world
conceive ...
An emerging vision
of, by and for a Golden Age
is the necessity of 2011emergency,
the disintegration of social services in the
face of imminent destruction of global corruption,
and the reconstruction as will reinvent global civilization
along more enlightened \'lines\' of one universal common love.

As the big shift accelerates with the final 2011 9th Wave
those with great love in their hearts are awakening
to the realization that little else matters now.
The end of the world as we\'ve known it
is the beginning of a new world
 that promises a return to

full spectrum

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