2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog "Humbly Claiming Our Power" *LINK*

2011-2012 Ken Carey Starseed Dialog "Humbly Claiming Our Power" *LINK*
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Thursday, September 08, 2011 08:07 pm

Humbly Claiming Our Power

Posted: 08 Sep 2011 03:57 PM PDT

            [ OLD LINK REMOVED ] The intelligence, insight, and honesty contained in the letters I have been receiving in response to this blog, represent some of the finest individual expressions of truth I have ever read.  And it is fitting that our writing now rises to meet its subject.  It always does when it is 100% honest, real. Our ability to electronically communicate at this critical juncture of human time is now a blessing for which I will never stop being grateful.  For it is a blessing with the power to change outcomes.

          These words, these paragraphs, these pages that we share precede a wobble in earth-time stability.  The transitions of this period of uncertainty are not set in stone, though it will change our world so much from its present state, those who pass through the portal to our new and ever more beautiful planet will be like newborns, looking around them, recognizing nothing but the face of their true Earth Mother, holding them, gently rocking them back and forth, singing softly.

    In time we may choose to remember the ages before, but it will be a long trail of joyously unfolding exploration until then.  Here in the present, we experience ourselves surrounded by the Presence of God, and know our innermost spirit as the same brilliant power that is God. Soon we see that we ourselves are everything that surrounds us.  We will recognize our features in each location, our caricatures in the features of each cliff face upon which we turn our gaze.

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]   The pole reversal in human motivation from fear-centered to love-centered will take place in October of 2011. [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

    For those who have not already experienced it, the pole reversal in human motivation from fear-centered to love-centered will take place in October of 2011.  The power and circumstances of how that message reached me makes it difficult to dismiss.  But please do not assign the same sacred value to those words or to any words that I write in this blog as you might to what is written in the books of the Starseed Trilogy.   Instead of looking to me as \"the Source\" please just consider me \"an informed source.\"

   When I was younger I would pray earnestly, asking God to return to this earth without further delay, to alleviate, to end, the terrible suffering that so many people endure here, and throughout the world.  As I grew in spirit, God would tell me, —just one more day, Ken, one more day and more people will grow into the intensifying love fields surrounding the earth, every day that we wait more people will be saved, more will shed their shells of programming and accept the Great Love that is being offered into their hearts.  Every day more people will invite me to live among them—.

    [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]Then suddenly with the new century conditions changed.  Those who instigated wars prospered.  Entire countries were added to the list of nations that already lacked the food needed to feed their populations.  Ethnic wars spread.  Resource-wars soaked up the bread meant for the mouths of children.  There were unprecedented climatic catastrophes, financial chaos.   The media promoted every bit of this, they made sure people knew of every horrible event.  After 9-11 they convinced Americans it was irresponsible not to live in fear.  At that point, it was not at all certain that further delay would result in a more love-centered global population. 

    It was clearly time for the shift.  In my meditations I saw the Creator\'s attention become aware of this.  The signals most of us are picking up are that it is coming this year, next at the latest, but more and more the signs are pointing to The Starseed Transmissions originally appointed year of 2011.

    Although the central event of this planetary upheaval is now but a short time before us, since December of 2007 we have been feeling its growing tremors.  Because the connections among them are not obvious, their significance and interrelationships are most often overlooked.  Consequently, the media has underreported them or not reported them at all. 

   While it is best not to assume that every unusual event this year is related to the approaching \"nanosecond of non-time,\" it strikes me that the sheer number of strange, unusual, record-breaking weather and economic events during this momentous—and still incomplete year—cannot all be dismissed so easily. Some kind of wake up call is in the air. 

   Maybe our higher-frequency friends among the angels and extraterrestrials are letting us take out our pre-awakening cleansing on the installment plan, rather than in a single cataclysm that would surely overwhelm us.  It wouldn\'t surprise me.  The Mediterranean has more countries balancing on a razor\'s edge between destruction and creation than ever before in human history.  And let\'s not forget that this includes Spain, Italy, Greece, and Turkey, as well as the Arab nations. 

    I had not quite completed the preceding paragraph when extreme solar flare activity knocked out our electrical power for two days.  When it came back on I turned on the TV to learn how widespread it had been but every news station was devoting all of their resources to the 5.8 east coast earthquake that had just occurred.  The first reports said it was the east coast\'s worst earthquake since record-keeping began.  Later reports called it the \"worst quake since WWII.\"   In any event, that was the last we heard of it.  By the next morning, Hurricane Irene had captured all the news.  It was interesting to note that the same area shaken by the earthquake was now having the worst flooding since 1927. For three full days, the weather-maker prevented all other news from being reported.

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]Worldwide insured losses for disasters in the first three months of 2011 were more than in any entire year on record except for 2005, when Hurricane Katina struck.[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

    If anyone in our growing blog family here knows of other unprecedented 2011 events (on any topic or in any field), please do share them with the rest of us.  In the weather department 2011 has set more records than any other year in recent memory.  Here are just a few of them.   One morning earlier this year, it was colder in the  Oklahoma Panhandle (-31°f) than it was in Antarctica (-27°f).  Not to be outdone, Oklahoma\'s summer struck back with the hottest month (July, 2011) ever recorded in any state since record-keeping began.  Fairbanks, Alaska, experienced an all time record high of 97°f on July 11.  Newark, New Jersey set an all-time record high of 108°f.  For 24 days in August, citizens of Houston, TX suffered temperatures in excess of 100°f.  But Texas is in a league of its own.  Their continuing record-setting drought is now said to be worse than the dustbowl drought of the Great Depression.  Even as I write, the fires that have been consuming Texas all summer continue.  Fires are currently burning in 95% of the State\'s Counties and are said to be the worst fires in Texas history.  It\'s a good thing we will soon have a Collective Human Conscious link with the Earth.  While she provides us with ecological insight, we, in turn, can help her understand how much some of her activities impact (what will be) our newborn ability to heal her and repair the damage of the subconscious humans who preceded us.

    [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]There\'s no getting around it, Humankind\'s earth-centered Collective Unconscious is finally awakening a Parallel Collective Conscious.  The Earth senses this impending event, and it may be she\'s just getting a little excited.

    Some have felt the approach of this critical moment earlier than others, some later.  Teilhard de Chardin wrote extensively of it in the 1930s and \'40s—his emphasis, like mine, is on the spiritual and evolutionary dimensions.  He wisely did not mention a specific date; he merely stated that the event was both imminent and inevitable.  The prophecies of the people indigenous to North, South, and Central America were not so timid, stating in no uncertain terms that time would stop in the year 2011, as it will indeed during the nanosecond of non-time.  I felt its approach in the \'60s, pulled our electrical breakers in 1970, and in 1979 completed my first book, The Starseed Transmissions, on the spiritual and historical momentum behind the coming 2011 Mayan-predicted planetary awakening.

    We have entered that time of \"historical compression\" the Native (North) Americans call \"The Great Day of Purification.\"  Many traditions—cultural, scientific, secular, religious, all emphasize different facets of the same occurrence. The various written, oral, and mathematical accounts of these traditions call it by different names, but each is rooted in the same archetypal mythology of worldwide death and rebirth, rippling swiftly through the earth to touch and transform all living things. 

    It is well documented that the shifting of the earth\'s geographic poles (and resulting rotational pattern) has occurred several times during the earth\'s history.  But this will not be the case now.  Such total devastation would be neither in the physical nor spiritual interests of a Creator who has patiently waited this long to awaken inside Creation.

    One or more shifts of the earth\'s magnetic poles, on the other hand, are possible, maybe even probable.  These have occurred much more frequently over the centuries, bringing changes (and encouraging superstitions), but producing little lasting physical or geographical damage. Today, however, they would be damaging.  Pole reversals would have serious consequences.  And not just for navigation.  They will cause the disruption of both satellite- and earth-based communications systems.  This may have already begun.  While the magnetic poles are always drifting about, the drift-range has increased dramatically in 2011.  I quote from an article in the Articles of Interest column, titled, \"Shift in Magnetic North Pole affects Tampa airport:\"

    \"The movement of the earth\'s north magnetic pole towards Siberia is caused by rapid changes in the magnetism of the planet\'s core.  The latest changes are the most dramatic in a century.  The pole had begun moving to the northeast at about 9 miles per year in 1904 but since 2007 has been racing towards Siberia by at least 35 miles each year.\" 


[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]Whether magnetic polar shifts are to accompany the coming planetary cleansing and revitalization remains to be seen.  But magnetic pole reversals of the past do give us a strong precedent for instantaneous planetary change.  There is no precedent, however, for the occurrence of such an event at a time when the earth is experiencing an exploding and ever more electronically-dependant human population.

    We are currently living through a short, maybe three-or-four year period, when the True Prophecies of virtually every culture and spiritual tradition is being fulfilled.  These prophecies are often ancient or previously unknown. 

                                                                      EXTENT OF CHANGE[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]    Addressing the fine line between how much time we devote to spiritual preparation vs. physical preparation is the question of the moment.  To me the answer is to first understand as specifically as possible the spiritual changes we must now make in regard to our own habits of love and fear.   And then make them in the shortest time possible.  If the spiritual changes you must make in your own life are not clear to you, The Third Millennium outlines them most clearly as does the second half of Return Of The Bird Tribes.  Once spiritually prepared, we will go about the task(s) of physical preparation without anxiety.  This is important.

    Taking action that is tainted by anxiety of any sort, even for the best of purposes, could make the overall situation worse rather than better, and it will take such a heavy personal and emotional toll on us that our energy will rapidly diminish.  We will become uncertain, and physically too tired to go on. 

    So we pause a moment to retrain our compass on the Creator\'s Star, which can, with practice, be done in as little as 5 minutes.  A good start is to find a comfortable place, sit down and do nothing.  Maybe reminding ourselves of the Tao Te Ching\'s proverb, \"He who does nothing leaves nothing undone.\"  The lifting of anxiety will show us once again that even our thoughts cannot stray too far from Our First Love.  For soon those thoughts will bring us once again into the Great Spirit\'s Domain.

    Calmly centered in Eternal Love, we will look at the facts, and know from within exactly what physical preparations are needed.  If any.  This thing is so big, and will be so pervasive, our best bet is to embrace it, knowing that in doing so, God \"will give us this day our daily bread.\"

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ] When the global financial system collapses, and electronic communication is silent, know that the non-time is near.[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]


     Shortly after Teddy Roosevelt broke up the corporate monopolies that produced the Gilded Age and deposited most of America\'s wealth in the hands of a few families, wealth distribution became slightly more equitable, and we saw the beginnings of an American middle class.  This ended in 1929 and did not re-emerge until slightly after World War II.  The war had shown us how rapidly goods could be manufactured, and the post-war years demonstrated the mind-numbing power of advertising on radio and television.  Americans did not need much coaxing, they plunged head over heels into the cult of materialism…  Until one morning in December 2008 when they woke to find their home equity sliced in half, and the larger part of their accumulated goods (including many of life\'s necessities) piled on the off-shore doorsteps of their Masters.  This opened some eyes. 

    For the first time, average Americans are beginning to question things, like: Why do the top 1% of all U.S. income earners earn almost 25% of the country\'s income?  Why do the wealthiest 5% of the people in the U.S. own 95% of its assets?  Why do a mere 140,000 people now own over 10% of America\'s net worth?  Why has homelessness surged while 28% of American homes remain empty?  Why does one out of every 5 children in the U.S. go to bed hungry each night?

    Not until Americans lost their jobs and saw half their lifetime\'s earnings disappear overnight (while corporate profits skyrocketed) did they begin to realize just how serious the situation was.  Looking into it, they found that a few major banks had used multinational corporations as a front to bribe (with their massive off-shore accounts) fully 80% of House and Senate members.  Our representatives were literally bought and paid for.  Among the first of the tasks assigned to them was the repeal of all banking regulations. 

    These banking regulations had been introduced by FDR during the Great Depression.  For more than half a century they had done a more or less fair job of keeping U.S. capitalism from preying on its own citizens.  Moreover, the regulations had succeeded in their primary mission: to make another Great Depression impossible.  With the repeal of these laws during the last decade, banks—using insurance, energy and other financial sector corporations deliberately stole the above mentioned funds from average, working-class Americans.  They did so quietly, over a period of many years while working closely with a complicit U.S. government, the same government that (because of all the repeals) was now actually owned and managed by a handful of global banks.  The richest 144,000 Americans struck while the iron was hot and ordered the Supreme Court to remove the ceiling on how much money could legally be contributed to their policy-makers in Congress.  The Supreme Court took one day to deliberate the complex ramifications of this issue and to rule in the banks favor.  

    Meanwhile, out on the street, people realized that their life-savings, often representing three, four decades—sometimes generations—of hard work, had been intentionally stolen, often along with their homes, jobs, and vehicles.

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]                The  most mind-boggling  theft  in  world  history would  not  be  investigated,  the President said.          [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]

    Who, they wondered, would go after the criminals and recover the monetary lubricant that made the American wheels turn?  (However inequitably, at least they turned.)  When the President\'s speech came, and I paraphrase, we were told that —The matter was exceedingly complex, and could never be resolved.  In proud and noble rhetoric that probably only Obama could pull off, the American people were told to look to the future, not the past; for the future was where the answers would be found if this wasn\'t to happen again.  Why waste our energy spending the next 20 years and one-third of the Justice Department\'s Annual budget to ferret out a few bad apples when our nation was threatened with \"a double dip\" that might plunge us into an even longer recession with Depression-like conditions in many communities—.  The most mind-boggling theft in world history would not be investigated, the President said.  It was now a matter left in the past, and that was that.  The media reported no controversy or public argument about this unprecedented (and probably unconstitutional) presidential decree.

    This announcement of the new Ruling Elite might have been news to the average American, but it has long been an accepted fact of life throughout most of the world.  Those who inhabit the less affluent nations know they are being kept in economic slavery. Hundreds of millions of people are now starving, impoverished, diseased, lied to, deliberately kept ignorant, poor and in fear, for no other reason than to ensure the continuing flow of wealth to the richest few families in the developed, industrialized nations.  There are some who are calling for wars and revolutions to rectify the situation. 

    But those who think violence is the answer are forgetting something.

   The Creator has made us a solemn promise to return, and personally bring healing, higher consciousness and a fountain of unlimited Love to replace the fear/greed-based suffering of the world.  This is the same promise that was made by Christ, as well as by the First, Christ-like Quetzalcoatl, both of whom were so in tune with the higher frequencies of \"The Word\" that they were able to speak freely on its behalf.

    Those who make their decisions based in fear provide the fallen world with its energy.  Stated more accurately: Human and ecological suffering is caused by every person who is following the dictates of a very small number of people who will not \"go quietly into that good night.\"

    But go, they will, and their involuntary removal from this planet will be final.  I once speculated that there would be great suffering among those who clung to their material possessions and maybe we could help ease it in some way.  I saw the transition as supremely joyful, yet not without a component of tribulation.  Then meditating with an incarnate friend, the truth behind the proverb \"Where two or more are gathered in my nature,\" hit me like a mighty rushing wind, and in my mind a voice said, \"Aren\'t you forgetting the nanosecond of non time?\"  And indeed I was.  The arriving presence of God could fill human hearts staccato, solo, rhythmically or randomly.  It was the manifest breath of Life touching all who had not yet consciously encountered it.  To them it came all at once, but all at once (for those primarily motivated by love) could seem a moment or a year during the suspension of time.  How beautiful!  How sacred and respectful of our individual free-will to respond or dissolve as we so choose.  God does not judge us, we judge ourselves when confronted with God\'s presence.  There is no hiding.  With the brilliance of a nuclear blast all within us is exposed.  In the burning brilliance of divine light all will be forgiven.

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ]      But will God solve all of earth\'s problems?  Of course not.  The solutions to those problems will be apparent to a God-centered human race.  How will God bring this about?  There are many possible scenarios.

    One scenario:  A sharp and unexpected decline in the stock market on a Friday will leave investors jittery and on edge all weekend as every facet of every Dow, NASDAQ, and Standard & Pours company listed is meticulously analyzed and each analysis repeatedly searched for absolute verification.  Futures will be down when the market opens on Monday (which could well be Calleman\'s October 28th) and there will be a huge initial drop.  Mid-day speeches from the President on down will cause only a brief pause to be followed by what cheerful-faced announcers try to tell us —Looks like we\'re in for a double dip after all.—  Later, they will tell us (resignedly but not too worriedly) —We have now officially entered another Depression that could be nearly as severe as the first one.—Around 3 PM all pretence will be dropped.  Commentators will watch the chaos without narration.  The other shoe will not drop, it will plunge headlong into a bottomless abyss.  Late into the night, a dumbstruck nation will learn that US Federal Reserve Notes have been declared worthless.  The same paper currency collapse will be announced by the other industrialized nations who have followed America\'s dubious lead. Workers who are able to do so will go home to be with their loved ones.  Later that evening the lights will flicker and go out as the power grids fail.  Further solar activity will knock out all electronic communications, both ground lines and satellite.  Time will pass, the duration of the outage presently unknowable, but probably less than 24 hours.  For all of this preceding drama will be no more than a smokescreen to obscure what is to come as all the peoples of the world in every time zone simultaneously fall into a deep and, for most, a thankfully peaceful sleep.  The nanosecond of non-time will come to each one as they sleep.  Many will believe they are awake and living an active life, not noticing how its successive segments are jerky and disconnected like a poorly edited movie.  Most will greet the Creator in joy and jubilation that will last until they wake. The duration and effect of non-time on each individual will vary subjectively, but objectively it will all pass between one click of the grandfather clock\'s second hand and the next.  Any chaos to come will occur entirely in the dream world of the sleeper.  When the loving awaken they will see no sign of those who knowingly promoted human misery.  The Destroyer will go back to its appointed place in the divine order, creating our soil, digesting our food.  Never again will it rule human consciousness. 

     When the last of the non-time is behind us and the dust of this past age settles, the remaining human population will look out upon a planet that appears equally foreign and familiar.   We will see without the filter of language that instantly tells us what we are seeing, naming it and all its known specs while cataloging it by group, purpose, use, then categorizing and dismissing it even as we notice it.  How else could we walk so quickly under the blue sky and drifting clouds, past all the flowers and greening trees on our hurried way to net the dollar?

    No, then we will see our world for ourselves.  No veil of cultural bias intervening between the observer and the observed.  For a brief time, during our re-orientation, historical languages will be unintelligible, and while our attempts at guttural communication by mouth noises will be extraordinarily humorous and the source of much entertainment, our telepathic channels will flow clear and true without a trace of ambiguity.  Eventually, singing will unite us in a new recreational language that is understood by the heart before the brain.  But we will assign it less value as the early centuries of the third millennium pass and a new understanding of our world and its longing to fulfill itself show us how we can blend with those thoughts of new creation and embark on a planetary-wide project conceived by the procreative desires of earth and sun whose terrestrial embodiment we will then be.  The Starseed Transmissions goes into this in great detail. 

     [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]Even after all fear-motivation is fully cleared from our centers of decision-making, our new species (for we will gradually become a new species) will have two or three-centuries living in a world that superficially resembles the world of today.  We will change in increments only as we become comfortable with them; for change that is too rapid is rarely enduring.  A tree that grows too fast in excessively fertile soil will have growth rings too wide to provide it with the strength it needs to withstand a high wind.  Whereas a tree of the same diameter grown in poor rocky soil will have many more densely-packed rings and will be much stronger.  So, after the initial transition, whose duration we pray will be brief, the world might not look that different.  It will be quite familiar to us once we get reoriented, but we will be like children as we learn about it, and as the singularity of our collective and individual consciousnesses grows into that New World.  From our starting point as highly conscious people the rest of this millennium will see us  recapitulate the stages that characterize the growth of a human individual, a child of earth and sun.   




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