2010 The Year We Make Contact.( A MUST READ...A MUST SEE..this is very Intresting!!!) *PIC*

2010 The Year We Make Contact.( A MUST READ...A MUST SEE..this is very Intresting!!!) *PIC*
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Saturday, August 01, 2009 06:58 pm

Now.......here is a little something I would like to share that I have been reading about....

I have been following this link on GODLIKEPRODUCTIONS.COM about what has been happening real recently on Jupiter. Just click on the link below and read all about what has been discovered on Jupiter and what the blogers are saying as well as the actual photos of the BLACK HOLE on Jupiter. Now here is where it gets REAL INTRESTING!!!!! Tonight a friend was watching a movie made back in 1984....Called \"2010 THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT\" I started to watch along....and what to my amazement did I see but a movie made way back in 1984 and it\'s all about the BLACK HOLE on the side of Jupiter and what it is and what happens. Hmmmmmm....So...first to really understand this whole thing read the blog at the link below from GLP and you will also be able to see the pictures of Jupiter and the BLACK HOLE on the side of Jupiter...right where it is in the movie \"2010 The Year We Make Contact\" Could they have been telling us this in this movie from way back in 1984...of what is happening right now?????



Now...here are the links to the Movie \"2010 THE YEAR WE MAKE CONTACT\"

The Year We Make Contact.
Movie Link and discription of movie below......

2010 is a 1984 science fiction film released by MGM and directed by Peter Hyams. Its full title is given on posters and DVD releases as 2010: The Year We Make Contact, although the subtitle does not appear in the film itself. It is based on the novel 2010: Odyssey Two by Arthur C. Clarke. The film, like the novel, is a sequel to 2001: A Space Odyssey.
The film is set nine years after the mysterious failure of the Discovery mission to Jupiter, depicted in 2001: A Space Odyssey, in which four astronauts died and another mysteriously disappeared while investigating an alien monolith orbiting Jupiter. Dr. Heywood Floyd (Roy Scheider, taking over from William Sylvester who played the role in 2001) who was Director of the National Council on Astronautics during the Discovery mission has been made the scapegoat, and has since left the NCA to become a university chancellor.

Amid growing friction between the U.S. and the Soviet Union, both nations are preparing to send missions to Jupiter to determine what happened. The Soviets suggest a joint mission: their ship Leonov will be ready one year ahead of the American ship, but they need Americans to help investigate the HAL 9000\'s American-made computer systems. The U.S. government reluctantly agrees, as recent data shows Discovery is slated to crash into Jupiter within years because its orbit has become erratic.

Floyd feels responsible for the failure of the mission and volunteers for the mission himself. He recruits two colleagues: Dr. Walter Curnow (John Lithgow), an engineer and the original designer of Discovery, and Dr. Chandra (Bob Balaban), creator of the HAL 9000 computer (voiced by Douglas Rain). Their mission is threefold: to find the reason for the Discovery mission\'s failure, to investigate the Monolith in orbit around the planet, and to find answers for David Bowman\'s disappearance. They hypothesize that much of this information is locked away on the now-abandoned Discovery craft.

On arrival in the Jupiter system, Floyd is awakened from hibernation early by the Russians, because they have detected chemical signatures of life on one of Jupiter\'s moons, Europa. They send an unmanned probe to explore the surface of the icy moon; it glimpses something suggestive of life, but is inexplicably destroyed in a burst of light before photographs can be taken. The Russians blame this on electrostatic build-up, but Floyd believes its a warning from someone—or something—to stay away from Europa.

Discovery is found abandoned but undamaged in a decaying orbit around Jupiter\'s moon Io. Space walking over from Leonov, Curnow reactivates its on-board systems, and the two spacecraft rendezvous with the monolith. Dr. Chandra then restarts the HAL 9000 computer, but learns only that HAL had been deactivated before the monolith was found. The huge black monolith is then discovered in the Lagrange point between Jupiter and Io. Commander Kirbuk (Helen Mirren) sends cosmonaut Max Brailovsky (Elya Baskin), in for a closer look via space pod. But a huge burst of energy from the monolith destroys Max\'s pod and then heads towards Earth.

A series of scenes follows the explorations of David Bowman, who has been transformed into an incorporeal entity. The avatar of Bowman travels to Earth, making contact with significant individuals from his human past: he appears on his widow\'s television screen and has a conversation with her, and he brushes his ailing mother\'s hair.

After tests, Chandra discovers why HAL malfunctioned: the National Security Council had decided that neither Bowman, nor Poole, were to be informed of the true objective behind the Jupiter mission. HAL knew the truth, but had been told not to tell Bowman or Poole. HAL became paranoid because the order to keep quiet was in direct conflict with HAL\'s basic design: accurate processing of information without concealment or distortion. Floyd is disgusted with what the NSC did and denies any knowledge of the secret directive.

Meanwhile, political tensions between the U.S. and the Soviet Union have become \"technically a state of war\". Floyd, Curnow and Chandra are all ordered by their government to leave the Leonov and move to the Discovery, which still belongs to the U.S.

On the Discovery, an apparition of Bowman appears to Floyd, warning him that they must leave Jupiter within two days because \"Something wonderful\" will happen. The huge black monolith suddenly disappears, and a black, growing spot appears on Jupiter\'s surface. Telescope observations reveal that the Great Black Spot is in fact a vast population of black monoliths, increasing in number at an exponential rate, shrinking Jupiter\'s volume and increasing its density with each passing minute. Since neither ship can reach Earth with an early departure, the two crews work together to use Discovery as a booster rocket for the Leonov. HAL is not told that Discovery will be left stranded in space, and Chandra worries that this may cause his neuroses to return. During the countdown Dr. Chandra tells HAL the whole truth, and, much to everyone\'s collective relief, HAL understands that he must sacrifice himself for the good of the mission.

The Leonov makes a hasty retreat from Jupiter\'s orbit just in time to witness the swarm of monoliths engulf Jupiter. The monoliths eventually increase Jupiter\'s density to the point that the planet achieves the high temperatures and pressures necessary for nuclear fusion, becoming a small star; a ball of burning gas erupts from the body, destroying the Discovery.

As the Leonov left Jupiter\'s orbit, HAL had been commanded by Bowman to repeatedly broadcast the message:


The film concludes with images of two suns in the sky of Earth, and Floyd, in voice-over, explains that this miraculous occurrence inspired both the U.S. and Soviet leaders to end their standoff. On Europa, the satellite gradually transforms from an icy wasteland to a humid jungle crawling with plant life (and likely animal life as well, given the primemordial sounds emanating from the trees). As the camera pans across the jungle, it settles upon a lagoon... and a Monolith standing upright, implicitly waiting for intelligent life forms to evolve.

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