2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World *LINK*

2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World *LINK*
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Thursday, March 18, 2010 10:40 pm

                           Pre-positioning for Armageddon?

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Certain \"Christians\" should be careful what they wish for and pursue (they could get WWIII instead)...Armageddon takes place within the borders of Israel.   Are the Israelis suicidal or have they attached themselves to a homicidal maniac?...

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                                   2010: U.S. To Wage War Throughout The World


In this still young millennium American soldiers have also deployed in the hundreds of thousands to new bases and conflict and post-conflict zones in Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Colombia, Djibouti, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kosovo, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Macedonia, Mali, the Philippines, Romania, Uganda and Uzbekistan.

In 2010 they will be sent abroad in even larger numbers to man airbases and missile sites, supervise and participate in counterinsurgency operations throughout the world against disparate rebel groups, many of them secular, and wage combat operations in South Asia and elsewhere. They will be stationed on warships and submarines equipped with cruise and long-range nuclear missiles and with aircraft carrier strike groups prowling the world\'s seas and oceans.

They will construct and expand bases from Europe to Central and South Asia, Africa to South America, the Middle East to Oceania. With the exception of Guam and Vicenza in Italy, where the Pentagon is massively expanding existing installations, all the facilities in question are in nations and even regions of the world where the U.S. military has never before ensconced itself. Practically all the new encampments will be forward bases used for operations \"down range,\" generally to the east and south of NATO-dominated Europe.  

U.S. military personnel will be assigned to the new Global Strike Command and for expanded patrols and war games in the Arctic Circle. They will serve under the Missile Defense Agency to consolidate a worldwide interceptor missile network that will facilitate a nuclear first strike capability and will extend that system into space, the final frontier in the drive to achieve military full spectrum dominance.

American troops will continue to fan out to most all parts of the world. Everywhere, that is, except to their own nation\'s borders...    [ OLD LINK REMOVED ]


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