2009: The Year of Self Mastery...Predictions By Lou Valentino...(L. Valentino will be the guest on BBS Radio today Station 1..Hosted By M. Quinsey)

2009: The Year of Self Mastery...Predictions By Lou Valentino...(L. Valentino will be the guest on BBS Radio today Station 1..Hosted By M. Quinsey)
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Friday, April 03, 2009 11:55 am

2009: The Year of Self Mastery
Written on December 3rd, 2008
By Lou Valentino

2009 is anything but dull. The individual spirit is tested. Choices must be made as the old ends and the new begins to manifest in the consciousness of man.

Governments all over the world will go through a dismantling process and anything hidden that has been suppressed will manifest. CEO\'s will not be able to hide themselves or their money as we move into a deep recession over the first six months of 2009.

Family and the one\'s we love the most will become the priority as the priorities change from gaining fulfillment from outside to a simpler way of life. This full process will continue throughout 2010, 2011 till the end of 2012.

For the last two years the date April 15th, 2009 has been shown to me to be a turning point for a more productive energy within the family of man. I am predicting a forgiveness of debt from the international banking families around this time.

I see this being at least 50% of all credit cards, student loans, auto loans and mortgages. The reason is the system of Capitalism is falling apart to the point that the families who started this type of system in the first place some two hundred years ago realize that this system of loaning money and gaining it back through high interest has reached its maximum point of expansion.

The dismantling of the financial system is due to intergalactic intervention of a higher vibration which putt\'s into place a much needed matrix of energy that supports simplicity as well as advanced technologies.

Interdimensional beings such as the Pleiadian\'s, Serians and Arcturians are just a few of the advanced races that will be overseeing a new economic system in place. This new system will be based on small family groups taking care of one another through bartering and good karma credits of service.

You will see a dependence on your family group dentist, doctor, plumber, farmer, mechanic and whatever else is needed to live life without the worries of how to survive. The old system of giving power over to others to take care of us will end by the end of 2012.

UFO sightings will be very active throughout 2009. President elect Barack Obama will most likely release government information that has been held back on UFO activity to the public.

I see UFO activity being active around the Pacific Ocean because there are bases under the ocean where Lemuria is. Hawaii will report sightings as well as rural areas in America such as Iowa, Kansas, Utah and other areas in the Heartland.

I am also seeing new innovative technologies being introduced so that everyone can have wireless technology in their homes so education is free. Family groups will work together along with parents to educate their children and keep the stress levels low with four hour a day school program\'s and emphasis on holistic healthcare which includes daily studies in Yoga and meditation for the children and adults.

There is also danger in the air of 2009 from terrorist groups in the Middle East and security needs to be high in America this year. Hillary Clinton will need extra protection when traveling internationally. It is not a great time to be traveling internationally as the oil industry is being taken over by men who are angry at America for pulling away from oil and large countries like India and China wanting more of it.

I see a decline in activities related to entertainment as people will not be able to spend money on sporting events and rock concerts as they did in the past. This we will see more as we head into the spring of 2009. Violence through entertainment such as football, hockey and wrestling will diminish by the middle of 2009 and will fade away over the next three years.

The energy matrix surrounding men and women is going to change over the next few years. There has been an imbalance between these polarities over the last 10,000 years. A male patriarchal world will give way to a softer expression of life as women become more recognized for a more compassionate approach in healing the world. Leadership positions in both political and religious institutions will start to allow more women to express their intelligence as well as their beauty.

Barack Obama has chosen a security team that is half men and half women. He will try new and innovative ideas out in all areas but he will feel stressed as the financial struggles are high which means his ability to spend money on many of his ideas will fall short due to lack of funding. He is a leader of new ideas in an old system that supports old ideas. He will get frustrated and start to consider some of the ideas surrounding community support rather than big government support. It takes a village will be more of his direction by July of 2009.

If we are ever going to solve the problems of war then women need to be put into positions that allow a more feminine expression of leadership. Both men and women have been at war with one another both in the bedroom and outside in the world of daily living.

At the basis of this inner conflict in relationships has been money. People fight over it, use others for it, will kill, talk about it till their brains fall out and eventually end up with broken families where children are torn apart inside as adults act like teenagers who have lost their sense of what is most important within the family unit and what marriage is supposed to mean.

That being the welfare of their children which is the backbone to society. The interdimensional cultures which will introduce a new economic system know and practice many things that earthlings have forgotten. One of them is a complete dedication to their children who deserve tender loving care.

Most addictions in the world are caused by one thing: Humans need to be loved and hugged on a regular basis to keep the light energy of the universe transmitting into the cells of the body. BUT WHY BOTHER DOING THAT? After all we could all be making money and live a life of total freedom. This is limited thinking from up above. THE GOLD IS IN THE CHILDREN.

2009 can be anything that you want it to be. This is a year to thank the intelligence of the universe for all you have so the energy surrounding you is based on thankfulness rather than spending time on cursing the very energy that has given you a chance to live life to its fullest.

This is a year when people will want to take life into their own hands more and more. Educate themselves. Provide their own sense of home and family. Get back to the basics of needing each other to form a more reasonable life.

So, as the old falls apart don\'t worry. It is just a huge sack of old things we have been carrying on our back that has just about destroyed the very social fabric of our families and the family of man. Capitalism and any form of large government bodies trying to provide an organized system that takes care of the health and well being of humanity is a waste of human time and inner resources.

Look forward to a new intergalactic government that reminds man to work in small family groups. Keep it simple and use advanced technologies to make your life easier not harder. Keep the work day to four hours so you can spend more time with your children and personal enjoyments such as exercise and spiritual practices like Yoga.

2009 is the start of a new dance. It may feel awkward at first but soon humanity will be better off without the control factors forced onto us by something or someone outside of us.

The weather may continue to rumble and the earth may continue to shake but love will never be destroyed. It is written in the stars and in your hearts.

Keep your smile and don\'t let anyone take it from you. Just be. Then be thankful. Then share that energy with others. Remember, this is your opportunity to dismantle that which is not working anymore. Rejoice. Laugh. Hug daily. For the inner child in all of you have been crying out for love. Don\'t sabotage it anymore with money or anything else. After all- Love IS FREE.

And if you need to cry then why not. After all sadness and grief are a part of God\'s gifts. They help to release and open your hearts to a better version of you. It helps to heal first then open up to more of what you already are.

Whatever you need create a space for it. And when everyone around is saying your too old to dream anymore or your not good enough for that person or you can\'t live the life you used to because your body isn\'t good enough anymore just laugh inside and understand that people love to fill their space with junk and then try to fill your space with it also. They put so much worth into judgments about their mind and bodies it starts to stink after awhile.

After all, wine gets better with age and many young adults are looking for better wine to drink. But before you can pour the wine into a glass you need to prepare and provide a glass. A space for love to live in.

I hope my knowledge helps all of you who read my articles. I wish you all the best of blessings for 2009. Pluto, Neptune, Uranus and Saturn are key players in 2009. The last few years of the purification period are here and the dawning of a new time for humanity is here. Are your ready? Are you set? Then go...............

From our lovable comrade Lou Valentino from the Pleiadian star system.

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