2008 Financial Crisis in Progress in 2009/2010 *LINK*

2008 Financial Crisis in Progress in 2009/2010 *LINK*
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Zany Mystic
Sunday, April 19, 2009 01:21 am

Timing is \"everything\", and no \"thing\" happens in isolation, without being connected to many webs of inter-dimensional consciousness. True, these may be words consisting of billions of electronic \"dots\" spewed onto a plasma (or antiquated cathode ray tube displays), or perhaps quantum fields of which we know little, if any. Regardless of the methods we use to communicate in truth, a receiving station is \"required\" at the other end in order to receive the gist of this (and many other) communications. Is that simple, or what?

In the \"mean\" time, even though time does not exist in the forms we think or believe, and regardless of the fact that this message originates from a loving and hopefully impartial space, rather than being \"mean\", we do try to convey deeper \"meanings\" which transcend all words, written languages, forms, symbols, and et. cetera. Just go within and listen very care fully to your OWN inner wisdom, which transcends all that others claim to possess. Listen to your own Self, knowing that there MAY be a few misguided beings who do not possess the greatest treasure there is: a Self.

And, if there is confusion, know that \"confusion is a high state\" and YOU, my dearest friends and family, since we are all interconnected inextorably, are in a higher state of consciousness in this very moment. Don\'t worry, be HAPPY! Beyond the above, follow your own intuition, guides and \"team\". Do not follow any individual fragments or \"sparks\" of your self, unless this is what has been \"set up\" prior to this incarnation for the experience of inevitable growth. Otherwise, do feel free to set your own Self FREE at any time, regardless of what seems to be going on \"outside yourself\". Just learn to trust, love and cherish each moment.



2008 Financial Crisis in Progress

The current plunge and turmoil in the world\'s financial markets should come as no surprise to the readers of this website. We have been warning the public about these events for over five years and advised all of you about the simple measures you must take to insure that you can weather the huge storm that looms over us. This is only the beginning.

There is one simple reason why these giant towers of finance are crumbling: They do not serve humanity. This is why no government or central bank bailout will work, even if they justify such actions as necessary to help the general public. We must call a spade a spade. These banks and financial institutions function for their own self-interest and the public are the pawns which they blatantly exploit.

The cycle has ended for these institutions, and their CEO\'s, directors and employees will now be given the opportunity to mull over the damage they have caused human society and rectify their actions. We can only hope that these very talented people will now take time to rectify their thinking and turn their greed and self-interest into a genuine desire to serve mankind.

All the rhetoric and verbiage about bailouts mask a wholesale panic sweeping through the financial world as the insidious 400 to 500 trillion dollar derivatives market begins to crumble. There is no stopping the crumbling of this house of cards. The first signs of this collapse are already manifesting in the implosion of the multi-trillion dollar credit default swaps market (See Fortune Article). This will be followed by the collapse of other derivative market sectors and the whole financial industry will be forced onto its knees until permanently quieted. This will take place within the next five years and the world will groan and gnash its teeth during this tumultuous period. But you, as lightbearers in this sea of darkness, must understand these events to be a necessary karmic episode that cannot be stopped for not until these centuries-old karmic debts are paid can the first seeds of the New Age be sown. (See Volume 1 of the Sanctus Germanus Prophecies)

But be forewarned. Ironically, the Dark Forces structured the financial markets in such a way that for every loser there is a winner. These massive \"losses\" we witness in both the equity and derivative markets are flowing into the hands of the hardcore dark forces, who although they cannot stop the crumbling of their institutions, will still enrich themselves during this last and final blow to the system they built. What they will do with this money while the whole world is flat broke?

The classic (and tired) strategy of nations in great internal economic turmoil and in debt to the dark forces is to externalize their problems by creating external \"boogeymen\". Today\'s boogeyman is the terrorist. So a worldwide conflagration is looming on the horizon and the current financial crisis makes this possibility even more imminent.

The dark forces behind finance and warmongering can see that their days are numbered. However, their strategy is this: if they must fall, they will drag mankind down with them. Be assured however that cosmic light forces, the Spiritual Hierarchy, have already defeated these dark forces on the upper planes and the battle is just being played out on the earth plane. The defeat of the dark forces is guaranteed. It is a done deal. This is humanity\'s great hope.

Thus, ET messages flowing in through untrained mediums and perpetrated by their gullible audience promise help and salvation during this crisis on earth. This is just another form of deception being promoted by the dark forces. Solutions from this and that galactic army are pure deception, as their true motive is to thwart the authority of the planetary Spiritual Hierarchy (Brotherhood of Light) and take advantage of earth\'s present chaos to mount something akin to a planetary coup d\'etat. It is the Spiritiual Hierarchy on earth that is in charge and that has already settled this problem with earth\'s dark forces once and for all.

All of you chose to be here at this time to witness these great and important events that signal our entry into the New Age. Therefore, you cannot take the role of a victim in this crisis. Instead each of you has a role to play in understanding why these events are taking place and in alleviating the pain accompanying these events. The more understanding and light you shed on this worldwide situation (as opposed to your personal distress) the faster this karmic episode can be dispensed with. Search deeply in your souls for what role or project of service you must undertake and take action. Use this opportunity in turmoil to serve mankind.

The Amanuensis

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