2 hours time to repent? That's great for those knitting with a hot needle!

2 hours time to repent? That's great for those knitting with a hot needle!
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Thursday, February 11, 2010 04:01 pm

Sorry, with me double-spacing still there. How come?


Two hours time for proof-reading. That\'s valuable.

Long enough to repent and correct or improve. Very professional, considerate and tolerant (the way you are).

Nobody is perfect. Sometimes we mistype something and realize it only a few minutes later,

sometimes we write something in the \'heat of the battle\' what we had better taken back, and so on.

Thanks for this great opportunity. But, referring to Drumspirits wish, is it possible to have the previous headline,

the one that is responded to, written above, for example below Subject: field in full length?

I know, the previous headline within the thread is in the text field Subject: automatically replicated but as with me, for example, when I start to regurgitate (LOL) first I put in my name and then a fitting headline of my choice and then, sometimes, when I have written for a while, funny as it may appear,

I ask myself: What\'s actually the issue I\'m replying to? What was it exactly in the headline I relate to?


Well, just my 2 cents and provided it would not be too complicated to add this info.

But then I have another idea (hear me Drumspirit?)

I could just copy and paste from the field Subject: and put it as a first line into the text frame ... makes even more sense

and has the advantage that it\'s within the message block.

So I\'ll think about it one more time.








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