2-9-12 David Wilcock, "Financial Tyranny, THE FINAL SECTIONS" ARE OUT!

2-9-12 David Wilcock, "Financial Tyranny, THE FINAL SECTIONS" ARE OUT!
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Thursday, February 09, 2012 01:30 pm

2-9-12 David Wilcock, “Financial Tyranny, THE FINAL SECTIONS” ARE OUT!

by kauilapele

[ OLD LINK REMOVED ][ OLD LINK REMOVED ]This is big, folks. The new parts, Sections 8, 9, and 10 (10 = comments), are out.

NEIL KEENAN: After months of hard work, you have constructed a masterpiece. For this everyone thanks you. Call it a classic in the making, if you wish, but this will be the mantle everyone reaches for when writing about such a difficult subject as the collateral accounts. You have mastered the impossible -- and this is no less then a Work of ART.\"

Click here to go to David\'s website to view. As with the first Financial Tyranny piece, David will be updating this from time to time until it is finished.

Here is a link to Financial Tyranny, Sections 1-7.

I am still in the process of reading this, and post a few highlights. I found the discussion between David and Neil Keenan, at the very end, to be most moving this morning. This is big, folks. I\'ll likely be updating this post as I read more, or post more highlights later, after I\'ve surveyed the whole new document.


  • Even more insiders are coming forward
  • Everything is coming to a head... Rapidly
  • ON HIS DEATHBED WILSON STATED: \"I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country.... We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world.\"
  • DAVID WILCOCK: As we were nearing the end of this incredible process, I had an additional dialogue with Neil Keenan... NEIL KEENAN: After months of hard work, you have constructed a masterpiece. For this everyone thanks you.
  • NK [Neil Keenan]: A further note to make is that Christine Lagarde, Chief of the IMF, has already made it clear that the IMF, a FED creation, will no longer launder the FED’s money. This is, in effect, her telling the Cabals that their day in the sun is over with.

Again, I have saved this new web document (all pages of sec. 8, 9, 10) in four forms, and uploaded to my own storage area. Here are the links. (NOTE: the date-time format I use is yymmdd_hhmm HST).

Complete article (all pages of sec. 8, 9, 10), with all links, images, and comments (zip folder):
120209_0837_1026-financial-tyranny-final_all_pages_complete_files.zip (7.5 MB)

HTML only version (formatted, working links, no images):
120209_0837_1026-financial-tyranny-final_all_pages.htm (345 KB)

Text only version (no images or formatting):
120209_0837_1026-financial-tyranny-final_all_pages.txt (213 KB)

PDF version (note: in different font than David\'s) (use to download to iPhones, iPads, etc.):
120209_0837_1026-financial-tyranny-final_all_pages.pdf (5.7 MB)

[Why do this? 1) Download it to your computer or portable device and you may access the information even without the internet, and 2) if David\'s site would ever go down, you still have it, 3) it ensures that millions of copies of this will go around the world and continue the apocalypse (unveiling) of this information.]

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