The Great Awakening

The Great Awakening...You Ain't Stoppin' It! Hosts, Jay Matta and Rob Lee
The Great Awakening...You Ain't Stoppin' It! Hosts, Jay Matta and Rob Lee

Welcome to The Great Awakening...You Ain't Stoppin' It!
with die-hard spiritual truth-seekers and long time friends,
Jay Matta and Rob Lee.

!!WARNING!! This is ONLY for those of you who want the NEXT LEVEL of enlightenment. If you are open to truth and want facts without fluff --then 'The Great Awakening' will become an addiction for you! The Great Awakening is on a powerful mission to wake up as many people worldwide and help them on their path to spiritual freedom and global peace. Exploring and exposing controversial truths, myths, theories, and religious dogma surrounding the spirit world.
"Together We Will Awaken A Brand New World & Create A Universal Utopia"

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Patreon also serves as a means to support 'The Great Awakening' mission in an effort to wake up as many people worldwide and help them on their path to spiritual freedom and global peace. Your support is greatly appreciated and contributes to the 'Great Awakening' movement towards the Age of Aquarius, powerful energy shifts currently happening, and personal enlightenment.

Special guests range from Psychic Mediums to Catholic priests and everyone in between. Be prepared for a cataclysmic collision of energies! We work super hard to bring our listeners top-notch, entertaining, and enlightening content with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to helping people usher in The Great Awakening.

We're bold and brutally honest with a savvy sense of humor, and not biassed one way or the other. Just inquisitive minds searching for answers like everyone else. Together they are a powerhouse of high energy tapping into the divine collective consciousness. Creating balance, prosperity, and success.

Tune in often, tell all your friends, and always have the most fortunate day!!

About the Hosts:
Jay Matta
Founder of Mission Rich Marketing, SpirituallyRAW, and Author of Secrets To Radio Riches & Secrets To Interview Riches. Jay has interviewed over 1300 people from around the globe with a straight forward, no-nonsense approach to getting to the debatable facts. Jay is an extremely evolved soul blessed with a witty personality. His tenacious viewpoints and uncanny nature to verbalize brings forth entertainment and enlightenment.

Robert T. Lee Jr.
Transformational & Spiritual Coach, Intuitive, and Energy Healer.
Rob gets to the root of the issue and lays it on the table. Literally! With a larger than life personality, he has a unique 'bold and to the point' approach to getting to the root of the issue. Rob utilizes an array of Tarot and Oracle cards, as well as crystals and pendulums for divination, and taps into his empathic intuition to provide answers, clarity, and peace of mind. Rob has a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Central Florida.

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