Gimme Shelter

Gimm Shelter with Jill Sullivan Grueter and Drew Davis
Jill Sullivan Grueter

This year, millions of innocent animals will be saved by struggling animal rescues and shelters within the United States. These facilities are busting at the seams and on the verge of closure from a down economy and donations that are steadily decreasing as surrenders are drastically increasing.

Even though these amazingly caring animal rescues and shelters are full of selfless volunteers who would give anything for these innocent animals — loss of donations often lead to failing facilities. Leaking roofs, crumbling foundations, lack of adequate power, space and electricity are all symptoms that the majority of rescues in America deal with. And, they are in desperate need of a solution.

We have experienced several situations where animal rescues were praying to stay open, but their lack of funding was making it too difficult to imagine. With limited donations, their number one focus is always on taking care of animals in need. But, the burden of their decaying buildings make it difficult to remain open. Project Pawsitive has helped animal rescues on the verge of closure remain open and saving animals in desperate need. By repairing their facilities, we are able to help them focus their funding on where it is most important – the animals. We try to take the worry away from a deteriorating building.