Talking With Tobin with Heather Tobin

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Talk Radio Show Program

Talking With Tobin

Talking With Tobin with Heather Tobin
Show Host: 
Heather Tobin

Join host Heather Tobin, on “Talking With Tobin” as she interviews inspiring people globally who are making the world a better, more interesting place. From holistic healers, to life coaches, from shamans to animal activists, from eco conscious business owners to artists, this program is sure to delight and infuse you with hope and much needed positivity! 


Talk Show Program Host

Heather Lynne Tobin, Talk Show Host, Producer, Writer, Researcher, Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Magic Practitioner, Intuitive, Psychic Counselor
Heather Lynne Tobin
NH - USA Facebook - Twitter - LinkedIn - YouTube - Brutal Truth Books, Instagram
Talk Show Host, Producer, Writer, Researcher, Psychic, Medium, Paranormal Investigator, Magic Practitioner, Intuitive, Psychic Counselor

For over 20 years, life coach, intuitive healer, and author Heather Tobin has been producing radio and television programming. She began as a paranormal investigator on regional cable television in 2000 on “ The On The Road Ghost Show.” In 2009, Tobin produced “ Into The Mystic,” an on line radio program delving into the world’s mysteries and unexplained phenomena. In 2011, Heather offered her expertise as an antiques dealer and appraiser on “ The Vintage Vixen Show.” Recently she and her sister Karen Tobin have authored first of their humor series books by Brutal Truth Books. Books can be purchased at or on 

Heather Lynne Tobin was born in Marblehead, MA and lived in a house fraught with spiritual activity. The site of her childhood home had formerly been the Devereux Railroad Station, a true crossroads in every sense of the word. It was here she sensed an unseen world that would change her outlook on life and it’s meaning forever. Drawn to archaeology and cultural anthropology, Heather studied both as a student at Umass Amherst. Cross-cultural examination of shamanic practice was of great interest to her. While at college, Heather also found her psychic abilities developing very quickly. It at first was overwhelming and frightening to her. However, it was when she befriended magical practitioners in the Wiccan community, that Heather learned how to use her abilities and understand them. Heather also credits her tutelage and guidance from witches in the Salem community where she spent many years, for further opening up her world to the gifts of spirit. After college, Heather studied meditation as well as yoga, which enabled her to find the inner stillness to continue her psychic and paranormal studies. She also completed her graduate degree in business communication from Emerson College in 1997.

In 1999, Heather resumed her work in the paranormal field, co hosting and producing “The On The Road Ghost Show,” a New England cable network production which ran two seasons. With a team of writers, researchers, psychic mediums, photographers and investigators, Heather documented various well-known hauntings in New England. The program garnered national attention when the ” On The Road Ghost Show”captured the attention of “Sightings” Executive producer, Henry Winkler. During the course of the program Heather had the honor of working with a multitude of gifted individuals, including world-renowned John Zaffis.

After The On The Road Ghost Show, Heather studied at length in Lily Dale, New York, one of the largest and well-known established towns devoted to mediumship. It was reading Christine Wicker’s Lily Dale, The Town That Talks To The Dead, that sparked her interest to study there. In addition, Heather took many workshops with such phenomenal internationally renowned psychic mediums including Robert Brown, John Holland, and Steven Hermann. Heather has also studied at the illustrious Arthur Findley College. Heather maintains private practice in intuitive counseling, psychic counsel, and mediumship.

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